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  1. I wis never unhappy to begin we, but at least noo the folk who insisted on storing it on it's side despite keyning it wid leak will be happy Seriously though, I really hope that more folk will support wir local milk noo
  2. They get their whole wedding paid for Hecor's House
  3. Greenman I completely agree which is why I posted this topic a few months ago: http://www.shetlink.com/forum/viewtopic.php?t=13077&highlight=
  4. NCG Builders Ltd have just aboot finished building wir hoose - brilliant job, really happy we it! I keyn dat dey also go to da isles. e-mail info@ncgbuildersltd.co.uk or phone 07824480188
  5. cdboy2002 (and onybody else for dat matter) you can phone da sspca man in Tingwall if you are concerned aboot ony animal. His number is 840321.
  6. Unlinked Why on earth should the council provide dog owners with poo bags?? If someone wants to own a dog surely they should be prepared to buy poo bags for it.
  7. On a more positive note the Sarmile is as excellent as always. The staff are friendly and polite on the phone and in person and the food is super tasty I like the fact that you can watch them preparing your meal too!
  8. Midgate, just checked the Sarmile menu and they serve garlic chilli chicken, not sure if that's the same dish you're meaning? As for Flames, I have been there many times with young people I work with and found the service to be pretty appalling. The manager is rude and appears very arrogant. It's a shame as the food is good value for money and tasty(have to say i've never tried any of the meat dishes as I like to be sure where my meat comes from!). The restaurant and toilets are grubby looking too.
  9. I've never seen the big fascination with drinking. I find pubs boring unless you're with a big group of friends and even then people usually end up splitting up and most of my friends end up going to Posers which is a big no no for me!! I do enjoy the odd glass of wine with a meal or while watching a film at night but am happiest spending my time doing other things hangover free! I find it frustrating when people complain about being skint yet they're out most weekends drinking and paying for taxis. Personally I would rather spend my money on things that last!
  10. Paul B try keeping the butter in a cupboard rather than the fridge which keeps it softer. I am 100% for supporting the Shetland dairy despite the problems that I too have experienced with leaky bottles. I know that they are working on these problems. It bothers me when people complain about 'Sooth' milk being a bit cheaper - it's not much extra to pay to support your local dairy and as Mag said it's less food miles. I do worry that the dairy will end up closing due to people supporting 'Sooth' milk and then i'm sure those people would be the first to complain that there is no dairy here.
  11. Just a peerie poll for interest to see who buys Shetland milk. Reasons for or against would be interesting too!
  12. Of course it should be legal. Who has the right to say it shouldn't be? I think it's ridiculous in this day and age that people don't have equal rights regardless of whether they are straight, gay, bisexual, transgender etc. Surely it should be their choice.
  13. There should be a sale on this Saturday. They are usually held every fortnight. Bids can also be placed on the viewing night if you can't make the actual sale.
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