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  1. Its been a while but as far as I can remember AM and SSB CB transmissions were/are already illegal in the UK. The licensed frequencies were FM, meaning they were much restricted in range. Initially lots of the AM and SSB sets were around, probably imported from states, but latterly most people used the "legal" units. Still have a home base, mobile set and a handheld ! The whole point of CB was that there were lots of people "on" . Not much point if you are the only one on and prepared to talk. Many people "earwigged" but never said anything no doubt hoping to catch some gem of info, but not contributing to the CB community. CB radio served its purpose well in the pre mobile days, Shetland even secured a special dispensation to be allowed to play live music over the CB after an extended campaign. If you are interested in radio comms probably now best to opt for ham radio. 10.10
  2. I suppose it would be possible eg the subject of a FOI request. However unless a specific budget code is attached it could be a costly process in terms of time at least to arrive at a cost.
  3. Do check about included bandwidth. If you are a heavy user this could be a very expensive option. If you are in town Shetland Broadband may be able to offer alternative options.
  4. Surely once this is all sorted or perhaps before there has to be an SIC investigation into this. Something is wrong and it needs sorted. If policies need to be changed or guidance spelt out more clearly then that's what needs to be done. I shudder to think what the eventual cost in wasted man hours this insanity will ring up.
  5. Windows is well named. Microsoft can see you coming
  6. Soon the Scottish "superfast" broadband of 24Mbps will become less than average broadband and may be such already looking at the figures. See figures from OFCOM via ISP review below. * February 2015 = 22.8Mbps (+21.93%) * October 2014 = 18.7Mbps (+5.06%) * April 2014 = 17.8Mbps (+21.09%) * August 2013 = 14.7Mbps (+22.50%) * March 2013 = 12Mbps (+34%)
  7. A Unix based OS in any form is the way to go people.
  8. As someone who is into film I managed to spend around £200 at screenplay last year attending nearly all the film screenings and workshops that were available. This year after responding to customer demand the screen card gives you the "all you can eat buffet of film" £90 gets you into all films, workshops etc and even an invite to a drinks reception I've arleady bought my "screen card"(available on Shetland Box Office) If you a serious film buff I suggest you get your ones soon before they realise they have priced them far to cheaply !
  9. As thule mentions please remember the standard BT product is not really fibre its copper connected to a cabinet which is connected by fibre. It is not the same as real FTTH . Depending on your distance from the cabinet you may or may not get faster speeds........
  10. Was using SIC guest network at Mareel tonight. I did a speed check for interest it gave 10.15 Mb down and 53.86 Mb up, ping was 34.
  11. I'm afraid the link to the Fetlar website shows the present situation and was updated only a week or so ago. Keep an eye on the website for any updates or use the contact info on the site to get the latest info.
  12. Anyone who is or has been involved in film production even on a very small scale understands the challenges and the time it can take to bring an idea to fruition. With the current state of the economy not helping I for one am not surprised it's taking time. It might never get made but then it might ! To put things into perspective I suggest you read about the struggles and the time it took for a Sir Richard Attenburgh to make Ghandi. It sort of puts things in perspective. http://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Gandhi_(film)
  13. There is more going on than you would think, judging by the amount of locally made films that are aired at screenplay each year. I think those replies above have given you a good start. Kathy Hubbard who is now retired but is heavily involved with the film festival would be the person who has the best overall view I would suggest. Good luck. Now where did I put that camera...........
  14. Anyone remember this? A tunnel could be built now without impacting on the aspirations of LPA, albeit with some common sense being applied to location. All we need is the cash. Messrs Scottish Exec and EU ready your cheque books.
  15. If the EU refuse to accept Scotland I fore one will be delighted.
  16. http://www.speedtest.net/result/3763825517.png Just checked my speed here and its looking better than normal. Download usually only around 9.5
  17. I think we are better of with the variety. Apple is generally high end and expensive, but spends a lot on R&D which then filters dow(or is copied) to others. PC's generally allow a lower cost option, available to many more people. However the debate now really needs to move on. Linux PC's probably offer a better option than ones running some version of windows as they are generally more secure. But now we also have the phone debate as eluded to earlier AND the tablet in its many forms. Strangely as a very long term Apple user i only got my first iphone very recently, having previously used Blackberries. But possibly encouraged by my purchase of an iPad around a year ago. Now I have devices which can all speak to each other via iCloud and occasionally share dodgy pictures of me on the net (only joking !!!!) I more often though use Dropbox for my cloud computing, although i still treat cloud computing as a disaster waiting to happen. However i like purchasing apps online(subject of course to a decent connection speed) as it has reduced the cost of software drastically, which can't be a bad thing. What the future holds I am not sure, except for the fact that there will be a LOT more to talk about than the now slightly obsolete Mac V PC debate.
  18. Did you ever watch Yes Minister if so you would understand. If not it must be on YouTube and you need to watch the classic sitcom to fully understand.
  19. Brian thanks for that comment. I think this is a fact that some "Sir Humphreys" in a place not to far away don't get
  20. I would be interested to know how you view iconic shops. Are they merely places to buy milk and groceries or have they in some cases risen to become a "destination" or "attraction" in their own right. I suppose it is a question of perception. In the local and national examples I have put forward, I believe they are both far more than "just shops". I would love to know the opinions of others. I should make it clear I have no family or business ties with either establishment. Other than having on occasion been a customer of both. Thank you in advance for your assistance
  21. Have used these in the past with semipro video cameras, never had any problems as such.
  22. There is now a website at www.ni4cb.com it would be greatly appreciated if as many people as possible from the North Isles completed the short mapping survey. Link is on the front page. There is also a page showing you how to test your broadband speed as that info is needed for the survey.
  23. You could use it as a starting point for a conversation with Community Broadband Scotland - http://www.hie.co.uk/community-support/community-broadband-scotland However unless we are all prepared to actually do something about it, there is very little chance anyone else will. Although letting your SIC councillors know wouldn't hurt either. Check out www.ni4cb.com where the North Isles are trying to do something to help themselves. Feel free to PM me about this.
  24. BT will do what they normally do ...nothing or as close to it as they can get away with. Have made enquiries through a few routes to get the info for Shetland on basis of BT's comments during there evidence.
  25. For information the 1am ferry also goes to Yell. Come along for a grand day out ! There will also be a chance to brush up your Hnefatafl skills before the championships next week...
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