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  1. I really like the south mainland, around hoswick, but really, I'm only going to be renting so anywhere on the mainland is fine for me!
  2. I'm hoping to move to the islands next year, but don't entirely know how to go about it. I'm defintely in a renting stage of my life, I have been told it is possible to get a council house (I'm 25 and have been told that being young helps). Where are the best places to look for rentals? I work in reprographics at the moment and in the past worked in cafes and museums (and have an archaeology degree), but also have my own weaving business which I hope to continue. I will need a new job though - where do you go to look for such a thing??? I've definitely left part of myself in Shetland, and just want to get it back!!! Thanks for any help!
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