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    SLF at Mareel July 27

    Not quite! But close enough
  2. I've called DITT, Hays and LBC - non of them delivered it or knew anything about it. That's why I put it on here.......
  3. Possibly not the right spot for this but...... A load of wood was delivered to me in Tingwall and I haven't ordered it - for a wonder. If you think it is your's pm me with particulars then we can arrange for you to come and get it! Cheers
  4. Yep, a 12 million pound webpage.... fair point at the moment, I've been in Mareel, it is going to be brilliant!
  5. ASK! They hide information like this inside the heads of the people who know - also there is the whole freedom of information act........
  6. The Tall Ships cost Shetland more than Mareel, that lasted all of 4 days, yes it was good but it does put things in perspective. Mareel has not been as expensive as the non existent Bressay Bridge or Anderson High. At least this time we have something to show for the money.
  7. Tickets still available for tonight's gig in Brae at High Level Music, Brae Hotel or pay at the door.
  8. Haha, I think you'll find there are a few more than that (at least 10x) although they are going fast!
  9. Have you ever been to a gig outside of Shetland "Lerwick"? Most start around 7.30 and are finished by 11.30, the punters go to a club after.........
  10. Contractors should be announcing a handover date in the next week or so. This thread isn't about Mareel though, SLF will not be playing there.
  11. http://www.facebook.com/group.php?gid=140349339803
  12. I've seen SLF 8 or 9 times noo, used to go through every year to Paddy's day gig at Barrowlands, the last time I saw them was in Edinburgh about a year and a half ago and it was the best performance so far. Different line up, no Bruce Foxton and I preferred Dolphin Taylor's drumming but the current band are far tighter than any incarnation I've seen. I keen I have a biased opinion but I really canna wait and fingers crossed (heehee) we can get a suitable venue!
  13. I was hopin to come an flash me globes at it so will be bitterly disappointed if it goes breasts to the ceiling!
  14. Perhaps they want to do gigs that people will actually show up to......
  15. Would be delighted to but our vocalist is moving to Gibraltar for six months in a couple of weeks so this will be it for a while............
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