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  1. Spurs' Sam Ward is joining former Mossbank player, and his best mate, Nathan MacDonald at Delting next season. Ward has been poached by several members of the BIS workforce, who are heavily involved at the Brae club.
  2. My sources inform me Jordan Webb is signing for Spurs
  3. Pay some taxes, then we'll talk.
  4. GK: Danny Reid (Delting) LB: Lee Baflour (Delting) RB: Jose Antonio Gonzales (Spurs) CB: Laurence Abernethy (Whitedale) CB: Darren Thomson (Scalloway) LM: Sam Ward (Spurs) RM: Callum Clark (Delting) CM: Ally Graham (Spurs) CM: Justin Watson (Celtic) ST: John Jamieson (Delting) ST: Jordan Webb (Celtic)
  5. 06/04/10 Friendly Result Mossbank 11 - 0 Yell
  6. The representatives from PL Lerwick did a good disappearing act during the AGM last night. Can't see that mob making the start of the season.
  7. Former Inverness CT(2002-2008) and Lerwick Spurs(2008-09) player Sam Ward has signed for Mossbank FC in the Works League for the 2010 season.
  8. I have it on good authority that Sam Ward, the former Caley Thistle starlet, is signing for Lerwick Thistle this season.
  9. There was me hoping for a good fishing trip. Any Kilmarnock supporters about?
  10. Looks like being a very exciting race to avoid relegation to the First Division for Falkirk, ICT, St Mirren, Kilmarnock and Hamilton. Now I can see St Mirren and Hamilton surviving, especially as St Mirren are away at Inverness next weekend where the Saints have 3 points waiting for them. Now I think Falkirk have to be seriously worried. Yes, they blew Caley away 4-0 last weekend. But they must be sh'tting it. Not just for the prospect of playing first division football next season, but down to the fact that their money woes will become more apparent and they will struggle to survive outwith the SPL. Currently under construction at The Falkirk Stadium is a 3rd stand, which to be fair is being paid for by some stupid dimwitted supporter. However the money that club has thrown down the pan the last couple of seasons on building that stadium in partnership with their council and paying wages to deadwood such as Neil McCann, Lee Bullen, Steven Pressley and the thug Jackie McNamara will surely see this bunch of crooks go up the spout. Falkirk financed themselves to finish in the top 6 this season. Instead they could see themselves potentially facing the likes of Meadowbank and Greenock Morton next season. To be fair, Scottish football will be a better place without this disgrace of a club and bunch of inbred fans respresenting it. Falkirk to go down. Thats my prediction.
  11. http://www.trainfortopdollar.com/trainfortopdollar/wp-content/uploads/2009/02/canofworms1.jpg
  12. These players are playing for Mossbank because Delting turned their backs on them. The boys who came to Mossbank from the 18s are here because they want regular first team football at a level which suits them. These are some talented players which Delting have at their disposal. It's up to Delting to offer them good terms next year; we arent going to deny any of them the chance to play in the A league. However they arent going to accept warming the bench for Delting B's all season when guys who are well past it and are only in the squad for sentimental value are getting a game. However, Delting would rather see their established squad continue to grind out results rather than their youth team be bleeded into the first team set-up and become future Delting stars. It's Deltings fault.
  13. County Shield Prelim Round Whalsay 4 - 0 Mossbank I also hear Thistle beat West Linga Ramblers 17 - 0
  14. Scorers for Shetland were Scott Henderson and Jamie Duffy(2). Today's result; Shetland 14's 2 - 1 Dundee Utd 14's Scorers for Shetland were Glenn Henderson and Jamie Duffy
  15. Ahem.... I couldnt hide my shame any longer
  16. We had one on Monday at our house in Sandveien around midday trying to sell stuff. When we said we werent buying, they asked if we had anything we could give them!
  17. Dave Ferrier is a man of many talents. Seems he's going to be running the line in the DITT Cup Final AND Shetland match at the same time tomorrow.
  18. DITT Cup Semi-Finals Mossbank 3-2 CF Cosmos Wrultizers 3-0 Malakoff ?? not 100% sure if that score is accurate should make for a good north derby though in the final!!
  19. DITT Cup QF Sandwick 4 - 5 Mossbank
  20. The screen had been on all day and failed right on kick off apparently Anyway, these idiots shouldnt have even travelled without a ticket. It's their own fault.
  21. nah it certainly wasnt a malicous challenge. it was just a 50/50 ball which was there to be won.
  22. a note from this game, Mossbank's Michael Owers is currently in hosptial in Aberdeen after snapping both bones in his leg after a bad challenge.
  23. The Dundee Hibernian fan is just trying to stick up for his 'brothers'
  24. We are a superior team this season than what we were last. Losing Broadfoot was a loss, but it was also our gain when we signed Mr Michelle Marsh to replace him. Anyway Killie are also below us, we have also earned a draw at the Tattiebowl this season. Back on to the OF - that list of players who they have bought isnt even half of it. However I think Smith saw something in Broadfoot to sign him. If he was buying him to reduce the quality of opposition only, Broadfoot would not have been seen since last August. Anyway I dont care. FTOF.
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