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  1. Vunk Fest This weekend. Friday 9th July at Voe Hall for over 14s Saturday 10th July at Norscot Angling Club, Lerwick Over 18s (ID required) Have you got your tickets yet?!! On sale at High Level Music, Islesburgh and Clives. Only £10 Lot of Awesome bands coming up as well as the local talent. Get yours hands out of your pockets and buy them now!!!
  2. Garage blues rock band Dirty Ride from Orkney and Shetland groove metal/heavy rock band Ten Tonne Dozer live at the Mid Brae Inn, Friday 9th April. Kick off at 10pm. It'll be Ten Tonne Dozer's last Shetland gig before the band heads off for another UK/European tour in June. The band will be playing a batch of new songs as well as have their latest live CD & live DVD release on sale. Both bands will also be appearing at this year's Vunk Fest in July. Go along and support good original music, it's FREE! It's also Clubby's birthday, shout the man a pint or two.
  3. Just to let you know that the new edition of So What is on sale now featuring various non-traditional artists from Shetland and Orkney, some of which will be appearing at Vunk Fest in July. (For more details check out the vunk fest site www.myspace.com/vunkventures) So What vol 3 currently available at Clives in Lerwick and Grooves in Kirkwall. LINE UP SO FAR FOR VUNK FEST 2010 -BANDS- A Thousand Lies (England) Monstertone (Holland) The Dangerfields (Northern Ireland) Stolen Order (Scotland) Deafening (Holland) Semperfi (Scotland) Dirty Ride (Orkney) Bitumen River (Shetland) Xylophone Race (Scotland) The Brothel Corpse Trio (Scotland) Chugg (Orkney) Poison Popcorn (Shetland) Ten Tonne Dozer (Shetland) Sick Twisted Fate (Shetland) Pets In Jars (Shetland) Swamp Donkey (Shetland) Hidden Agenda (Shetland)
  4. Dave loves himself enough already so the praise just makes him worse. But I will admit he does do a lot of work for Shetland rock. Dont forget poor Karen who did a lot of the behind the scenes organising and driving around the bands while they were here.
  5. (** thread merged with existing Vunk Fest thread **) I thought Vunk Fest was a brilliant night and well done to Karen (especially) and Dave for all the hard work they put into it. I just hope everyone appreciates what they did
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