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  1. I was trying to but a small heated pad on ebay. A seller, hittime_3c stated the "Doesn't post to Scottish Islands" Their location? Hong Kong (or Singapore), and they state that they post worldwide! I emailed them and got this reply: "dear friend, thank you for your interest in our product , since the customs problem , we could not ship the item to SCOTTISH ISLANDS . sory to you have a nice day ! Best regards " Customs problems???
  2. The term 'Brits' was also used as a form of abuse, most recently by the ira (no capital letters). It is now taken on as the norm. Listen, if you must, to ©rap music, the word <uuh uhh anality!! moo! sproot!> is used time and time again. Fighting fire with fire springs to mind. As for Reginald D Hunter, I think he is one of the best 'off the cuff' comedians of modern time. I never realised until today that he was black! Can I say that? Coloured? Non caucasian? One of my best friends is .... etc etc
  3. Loving it! http://www.shetlink.com/index.php/classifieds/item/3210-poet/
  4. Yell, this morning http://i28.photobucket.com/albums/c208/Nortius/Speedtest_zps53225fb6.png
  5. Apehanger

    Da Quo.

    I'm waiting to go to their 'farewell' concert. Just a mo, I've already been to a few of them Couldn't afford to go this time but I do enjoy their concerts so maybe next time.
  6. Apehanger


    Thanks, I will try and find her. I did try the clarinet a couple of years back. At the end of my first, and last lesson, my tutor asked me 2 questions; 1) Did you pay for your clarinet outright? 2) Have you tried the saxophone? Did my confidence no end of good!
  7. Apehanger


    Are there any Saxophone teachers in Shetland? Self teaching is okay but I need professional help to 'point out the error of my ways' Thanks.
  8. A very very sad day Lost count of the times I have seen him play. To me he was the sound of Deep Purple.
  9. I, too, would be very interested. I can glue 2 bits of stainless together but it usually looks like bird S**t Add me to your numbers
  10. Swap English with Norwegian and you may see mine
  11. Yes, it is: In 2007 a Shetland Flag Day was introduced on Midsummer Day, 21 June. The SIC hopes the day will be used to "celebrate all things Shetland" http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Flag_of_Shetland
  12. Nice to see an improvement in internet speed up here in Yell: http://speedtest.net/result/1920064157.png
  13. Dear Bug, The voices are refusing to talk to me anymore!
  14. I post on all forums using my real (nick)name
  15. Linux: "Because re-booting is for installing new hardware" "No I won't fix your computer again. Use Linux"
  16. I'll certainly do that. I like the time lapse video/pictures. Will have to give that a go as well. So far the only 'other' type photography I have done is pictures of Saturn through my telescope. I got my self a small webcam last year to stack images through Registax, but not had an opportunity to try it out yet. First attempt at Saturn; http://i28.photobucket.com/albums/c208/Nortius/IMG_0761.jpg
  17. My biggest problem was that my standard lens would only open up to F4.5. I have just bought a 50mm lens that opens to F1.8 so that should help. Yes, I'll be varying the ISO as I shoot. That's one of the things I like about digital - you can mess around as much as you like with the settings and you're not wasting money on film. Now all we need are clear skies and plenty of CMEs
  18. Fortunately I was 'on terms' with one of the CID officers and he sorted it out for me. HE found it highly amusing
  19. Oh, and I was also a murder suspect in Grantham! (Innocent, of course. Just looked similar to the felon. Who was never caught)
  20. Was interviewed on Fox News during a visit to Texas to meet up with other members of our motorcycle club http://i28.photobucket.com/albums/c208/Nortius/ez-rider-fonda2-avatar.gif
  21. Thank you for that. Gives me a rough guide to work with
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