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  1. I was trying to but a small heated pad on ebay.

    A seller, hittime_3c stated the "Doesn't post to Scottish Islands"
    Their location? Hong Kong (or Singapore), and they state that they post worldwide!
    I emailed them and got this reply:

    "dear friend,

    thank you for your interest in our product ,

    since the customs problem , we could not ship the item to SCOTTISH ISLANDS . sory to you

    have a nice day !

    Best regards


    Customs problems???

  2. I don't know if any of you are aware of a comedian called Reginald D Hunter, if you are you'll know he is an African American and he was brought up in Georgia in the 1970's, the reason I bring him up is because he probably has a lot in common with Lemn Sissay, a black man brought up in the 1970's who has probably been a victim of genuine racism. Reginald though has taken his experiences and used them in a totally different way than Lemn. When talking about people using the N word at him this is his take on it




    The term 'Brits' was also used as a form of abuse, most recently by the ira (no capital letters). It is now taken on as the norm. Listen, if you must, to ©rap music, the word <uuh uhh anality!! moo! sproot!> is used time and time again. Fighting fire with fire springs to mind.


    As for Reginald D Hunter, I think he is one of the best 'off the cuff' comedians of modern time.

    I never realised until today that he was black!  :shock:  Can I say that? Coloured? Non caucasian? One of my best friends is .... etc etc

  3. I'm waiting to go to their 'farewell' concert.



    Just a mo, I've already been to a few of them :shock:


    Couldn't afford to go this time but I do enjoy their concerts so maybe next time.

  4. Thanks, I will try and find her.


    I did try the clarinet a couple of years back.

    At the end of my first, and last lesson, my tutor asked me 2 questions;


    1) Did you pay for your clarinet outright?

    2) Have you tried the saxophone?


    Did my confidence no end of good!



  5. I'll certainly do that.

    I like the time lapse video/pictures. Will have to give that a go as well.

    So far the only 'other' type photography I have done is pictures of Saturn through my telescope. I got my self a small webcam last year to stack images through Registax, but not had an opportunity to try it out yet.



    First attempt at Saturn;


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