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  1. I am just going to leave this very interesting reading material with you. Make use of the translate button, it is well worth it. Every fact mentioned is verifiable and in the public domain. http://inproportion2.talkigy.com/ https://www.rubikon.news/artikel/120-expertenstimmen-zu-corona?fbclid=IwAR3n9RvS_ElojjXevAAkqSA9kclbSwWJBktJu6EFU-6FNXk9oLOIYpYw014 https://www.heise.de/tp/features/Von-der-fehlenden-wissenschaftlichen-Begruendung-der-Corona-Massnahmen-4709563.html?fbclid=IwAR2qsqyEjNK3fSg2SQZy5dTrXrupbvNyZVNpegHsu7dNer8uxXAG4fsZfSs
  2. VHEMT is a very diverse bunch, some have arrived at antinatalism through a misanthropic stance, some from a philanthropic stance and most (like me) came to it through a mix of both. Schopenhauer, Cioran, Ligotti and Zapffe can be hard going but if you are looking for something that explains the age old concept of antinatalism in a clear, concise and rational format that is easily understood (as opposed to the more personal essays and observations of other writers) than there is none better than Benatar. He has written a few books on the subject.
  3. I'd suggest looking at VHEMT if you seriously want to understand the view point clearly and maybe reading a bit of Schopenhauer, Benatar et al.
  4. I am far from upset. I am actually highly amused and entertained. I am a bit surprised and disappointed though that you haven't called me a troll yet. That's the usual response, after all. I am used to the mainstream having a different opinion and frankly couldn't care less. That's the misanthrope in me.....sigh.
  5. well, there wasn't much point in answering it and just repeating what Ghostrider and Sufferer... had already clearly stated! Do you want me to repeat the whole thing again? and no, I stay as far away as possible from dentists and doctors thanks very much. My my, this has rattled your world view all right! Can't handle that somebody has a different perspective? Why is that so important to you that we all buy into the mass hysteria? Does your fear need validating so much so you know you are not the only one turdting bricks at the prospect of shuffling off this mortal coil? We don't all subscribe to the pro natalist bs you know..... just accept that some of us have a very different attitude. and surprise surprise: it doesn't make it any more or less valid than your own views either!
  6. If the virus induced stress and anxiety gets so bad for you that you can't handle a complete stranger's point of view on the internet than maybe it would be far better for your personal well being to switch off? Or alternatively hit the 'ignore' button? Sorry I can't hand you a tissue and pat your hand comfortingly. Life comes to an end sooner or later and is full of suffering and misery for most of us. It's a cruel business, whether that is for humans or for animals. You will have known that all along so there's no point in stressing yourself out now. I just look at it from a detached, unemotional, dispassionate and philosophical angle, that's all. *shrugs shoulders*
  7. It isn't a big deal because in the end we will all die anyway. You can scream and fight and wail all you want but the end result will still be the same. It's the natural order of things. People live and people die. So what? Accept it for what it is. While people selfishly breed even more people they ultimately condemn them to a sticky end. Tough turd but there it is. (I realized that at a young age and opted out from repeating the misery.) It is an entirely self inflicted problem. We literally breed more human suffering. Don't want your kids to suffer? Then do them a favour and don't have them! The ecosystem and nature simply has no use for unrealistic and sentimental human ideas like 'lack of humanity' or ethics. If nothing else, humanity is a plaque on this planet. And of course the bottom line is that Doctors are already in the situation where they have to make decisions about which patient has the better chances and gets the ventilator. That's what happens when there are limited resources and too much demand. Better get used to it because with continued population growth there'll be even more of a squeeze.... (am I glad I never bred and condemned another human to this!) In the end nature will have the last laugh. It is already showing us how quickly it can recover and heal without humans continually polluting and destroying. We are part of a much bigger system and all we care about is our own comforts. There are things on this planet far more important than humans. We are only a tiny part of it but act as if we literally own the place. This isn't just about us! Maybe this virus is only the beginning and there'll be many more and it's finally payback time. The domino effect of the virus will have massive consequences for the human race but will hopefully turn out to be beneficial for the environment. Humans have the unfortunate tendency to take themselves far too seriously and think they are more important than other life forms. This virus is teaching you the opposite.
  8. Hm? What question is that? I don't really have any questions, I see the whole 'life' thing quite rational and realistically. I don't go in for all the drama. Call me cold hearted, but I am just a realist.
  9. so what? Nature is fighting back against the human virus that has overrun the planet. It is simply biology in action. Maybe humans are not the master race after all? As a misanthrope and antinatalist I see the whole thing very relaxed. We are part of the natural world and people better accept that. I am still not going to loose any sleep over this. When I pop my clogs, I will. (and I have DNACPR and a nice dotted line with the words 'Cut here' tattooed on my chest to give the pathologist a laugh in case you fear I become an unnecessary burden to the NHS!)
  10. With a world population of near 8 Billion this virus is nowhere near deadly enough to make a dent or thin the global human herd significantly anyway. What is the big deal? People die all the time and far more people in underdeveloped countries die every single day of preventable diseases and/ or hunger, but I don't see anybody making a song and dance about them. I really don't understand the collective panic.
  11. ^ This! With the horrors of a Corona Virus induced nasty end dangling over them I hope everybody in that age group / risk category has taken the trouble of arranging an Advanced Directive and has informed their family of their wishes. Yet another good reason to change the law and allow a dignified exit in the form of assisted dying. As a side note, I deal with at least 1 person each day who tells me 'I am 70 / 80 years old and I am so scared.' It is heartbreaking.
  12. ^ it appears that article was from 3 years go?
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