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  1. I miss the burn of the plastic handles digging into my by-then lifeless fingers. I shop Tesco online for the simple reason that I think it saves me money despite the charge. You can view all the BOGOFs and the like at the click of a button and you're not tempted by 'browsing' through the isles. You also know exactly how much you've spent. In Lerwick, I dunno, there probably isn't the demand for that sort of thing - it's a pity because I think alot of ppl would use it as it really saves time and you avoid the queues. Also, Tesco have a bad rep, but they forgot my milk once. Not only did they refund my money but they also gave me £10 off my next shop. Not bad for missing one item off my list.
  2. I agree with this completely, although I wouldn't say the equipment is 'state of the art' - if you mean the stuff in the Apex, and for £4.50 a pop, it's unbelievably expensive. The rest of it is fairly good though for a place Shetland's size.
  3. This trend is set to continue though, and it's hardly suprising. With more and more Shetlanders completing univeristy degrees coupled with hardly any professional job opportunities relevant to their qualifications, more and more of Shetland's youth is going to leave for the mainland. Teams with players in Shetland for the long haul are more likely to succeed from now on until Shetland can accomodate more university graduates, which they clearly can't. It's a problem in the bigger context but it does have an effect on bringing youngsters into the senior team.
  4. I suggest "Fist of the North Star"
  5. Whatever you think of Walter Smith, the Scottish FA have every right to not only look for compensation from Rangers, but sue them as well - Smith was contracted to the SFA to do a job, and I think we can be damned sure Rangers' approach to him was not done through appropriate channels.
  6. Didn't the Romanov revolution try to spin that line in the weeks after Burley left Hearts? ... He does constantly have a sort of tipsy sounding slur in his voice, so it really wouldn't surprise me if it was true. "Abandoning" is a bit of a strong word. Just ask yourself what you would do if someone was willing to treble (or more) your wages, they say everyone has a price. Walters career looked like it was over after getting sacked from Everton, I'd say he was due another decent contract before pension age. And anyway, you seem to be holding against him the success that he himself has created, that's not fair. If he leaves the national team completely, he is abandoning us. At the moment, it seems he is quite happy to leave us managerless for his beloved Rangers. I hope the SFA seek adequate compensation so we can get a top quality manager in the interim. In some ways though, I'm glad he's leaving if he values the national team with such low priority. Good luck at Rangers Walter, I hope you can clinch that UEFA Cup spot!
  7. 8O - well that's one way of looking at it.
  8. As a kid, I def loved UHA, maybe because I was addicted to fire and that much fire and burning did make me look in amazement. There is still some magic at Xmas, I mean, everybody gets a present of some kind. Put it this way, I've never been turned away from dinner because I wasn't in the Xmas squad. St. Patrick's day is a bit out of control as everybody believes they are Irish, which of course isn't true. However, I just don't like the exclusive aspect of UHA. I think it's the people that take it too seriously that get to me. I mean, if I want to dress up in a cool viking outfit like the Jarl squad, I think I should be allowed to - regardless if the Jarl knows me or not. Still it is a spectacle for the tourists, but personally that novelty wore off on me at 8 yrs old.
  9. Whilst I agree with most of what you've said there, this I certainly do not. UHA is NOT about this - it's about getting drunk and acting out silly acts. Fair enough, but don't dress it up as something it's not. Your idea actually sounds good. I would go if it was like that. I doubt 90% of the UHA procession knows anything about Norse/Celtic mythology. Hence, why it's become about dressing up as women etc. The procession is fine an' all, but why bother having squads? Why can't everyone get dressed up as Vikings, kinda like a St. Patricks day - everybody is Oi-Rish for the day. I certainly don't need to be in a squad for that and I normally have a great time! UHA has it's committee and it's rules, why not just make it a free for all with events everywhere that anybody can go to?
  10. The lad fell about 4 ft onto grass. I was struck my bemusement at the Neighbours 'crisis' music. Brilliant. What a spiggin' hufter
  11. That's a complete joke Gaffer. The under-9s have a great structure in place.
  12. I urge you all to watch the first few mins of Neighbours today! It's magic! One of the funniest things I've ever seen!
  13. You could say the same of the bloody bowls hall! What percentage of population really uses that? maybe 5%? You are always going to have outlying areas that aren't going to fully benefit from a service in the town but really, there isn't much you can do about that. Certainly, there could be Saturday showings which would allows Yell, Whalsay, Unst people to come and watch films. So I would say, yeh - that is an easy task. As far as the popularity goes, I think it's safe to say that almost all people like movies, maybe not avidly so but then alot of people hate exercise and yet we continue to fork out on the Clickimin - which I am not complaining about. Even if the CMV isn't financially sustainable, it's certainly a worthwhile loss. The music side will pull in alot of interest from tourism and also help boost the profile of Shetland's music. Compared to what the council do waste, money on, this would be one that people really wouldn't complain about. At the moment we're losing money on endless consultation about the bridge, branding of Shetland etc.
  14. You're right Vailron, I think Shetland's young people have plenty to do at weekend - standing at the cross blootered being a perfect example. I, as a kid of the 80s, was actually around when the North Star was a cinema and even though it was crap, it was something to do. I have no idea why you think kids would be loud and abusive in the cinema - in fact, it would give them another alternative than going out and getting drunk outta sheer boredom. I s'pose you're not happy to see any sort of development in Shetland. This has been a long time coming. Shetland is one of the bleakest places to live at this time of year. A CMV will quite frankly ease the boredom, dullness in winter, and give us a great venue to showcase acts the whole year 'round.
  15. Personally, I believe that UHA is only good for one thing - getting the Wednesday off work. Whilst I believe the procession itself is quite the spectacle, and I loved it as a kid, I think the rest of it is the weakest excuse to get totally mashed. If that's your thing then fine, but I don't need to plan a year/a few months in advance to do that, or spend all the cash on outfits for the occasion. I'm more than happy for it to continue but I think as far as our viking heritage is concerned, I think something has been lost over time.
  16. Funnily enough, I find the most dangerous sleep is had with a female. Involuntary movements of the knee have left me crippled in pain on a few occasions. I have also been victim to one female trying to crawl underneath me, as if burrowing like a rabbit.
  17. Where do you get them Mario? I think everyone should have them too. That would weed out the sort of folk Peerie Bryan is speaking about who are accidently over the limit on a one off occasion. Then they could seriously up the penalty. Reason I said that is I was shopping for xmas pressies and saw this: http:// http://www.boysstuff.co.uk/product.asp?id=11982
  18. You can get in car breathalysers for a very low price. I think everyone should have one.
  19. I would if I was sticking around here for that long. I'm fed up with our downtime and the downright ignorance of the staff.
  20. Just when I thought this bout of BT incompetency was finished... Received a phone call at 9am this morning (not pleased). ------------------------- BT India: "Hello Mr Mario, we are calling about you BTBroadband problem" Me: "Yeah, it's already fixed.. thanks for that" BT India: "Are you at your computer?" Me: "Errr no, but I could be". BT India: "Have you checked that your ADSL line is plugged into your router?" Me: "Yes. but it's all working fine now" BT India: "Ah I see, can you please make sure this is the case and tell me if there is any problems.." Me: "There isn't any problems, nobody in my area is having problems anymore - your engineers must've fixed the problem" BT India: "Hmm, ok is your ADSL line plugged into your master socket?" Me: "Yes!! It is and everything is working fine, there is no problem, the connection is fine!" BT India: "There should be two screws in your master socket, unscrew them and plug the line directly into the socket. This could be the root of your problems" Me: "Listen, I have NO problems. The connection is fine." BT India: "Are you near your computer? Check that the ADSL light is solid.." Me: *hang up* ------------------------- What an absolute joke.
  21. I do think that's a good idea. I mean, it is a sports complex. I think Lerwick many a boozer already - and yes, the bowlers bar is dormant. It really would be a good idea, so don't expect it to happen. Maybe I'll put it in their suggestion box
  22. I don't know about you nice chaps but my BT connection seems to have gotten back on the rails after being totally awful for a week. Obviously I have exchanged kind words with Rajeesh and some random lass. Marvin, it's not electrostatic problems you silly sausage OR anti-virus. It's your firewall and your microfilter! You see. ALL our microfilters have broken down at exactly the same time. Rumour has it the microfilter fairy is on vacation and has stopped protecting the Shetland microfilters for the past month. So yes, there's nothing BT can do. We can just hope that changing our settings entices the fairy back - even if that means physically moving your router around the house
  23. I spoke to Rajeesh last night too! We've spoken a few times, we're like old war buddies now. I agree totally, I normally start my call off with "I know exactly what I'm doing, I work in IT". Then when they ask me to do the inevitable I come back with, some fancy jibberish and then they put me on hold. I bet they get to the point on their list where it says - "Can I get away with BS'ing to this customer?" and have to go with the no path. Classic though, on Sunday I phoned. I was given possibly the most useless pieces of advice and then told me to 'leave it and try in 2 hrs'. Knowing that this was nonsense and realising that the 2 hrs would take me to the point where their lines would close, I just hung up. That's shocking customer support. He also decided that many users, in my area, having similar problems, at exactly the same time was mere coincidence. Last night, after saying this, I was told I had a faulty microfilter - which I knew wasn't true. I don't mind when people admit they don't know what's wrong, that's fine. My problem lies with insisting it's my fault and then blatantly lieing. Also, they ask for a contact number and NEVER call u back. I await to see today's developments.
  24. Forgot, Wifey, I've tried using the "Home Hub". It is an awful contraption. If you have spare cash, I suggest investing in a diff wireless router. Unless that is you're really just gonna use it for surfing. Port forwarding etc is a complete nightmare.
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