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    Parkgate Pizzas

    Lj's have stopped at sullom due to lack of buisness, parkgate cannot continue until the hydro cables are buried but they need a way leave from the landowners for that but they won't give the permission for that to happen.
  2. Whit stops the bottom of the bin blowing oot and being unhooked fae da walrus clips idder dan a streechy bit o string?
  3. We have locally made plastic windows in the original part of our house and they are poorly made rubbish, draughty, noisy, we have to put cardboard under the catches to get them to close tightly as bits have broken off, and if you leave them on the first catch and someone opens the door they blow right open, we have slightly newer plastic windows upstairs which are alot better but i opted for alu clad Nordans for the extension and will be replacing all the other windows with these over a period of time.
  4. A few 20mph road signs could of saved nearly 300k that could sort a few potholes!
  5. Are you sure it has anything to do with the people who built it?? And not an issue with the design or structural calculations that were decided on? A company building things normally have to follow a spec which has to be signed off, and if the work is meeting the specs you can hardly blame the contractor, look at the balls up that was made of the Sumburgh runway extension, it could be seen it wouldn't work but people were following designs and specs laid out which had to be followed, or look at the moorfield hotel, built by south company's and the tiles blew off and it leaks!
  6. suds


    Oot o interest how much of the fishing grounds do we actually still own? If Brussels have sold it off it might explain why foreign boats are left to please themselves! Aboot 98% of faroes income comes from fishing and their boats seem to be left to fish away! We'll either have to compensate them or buy a few gun boats!
  7. I did hear it appeared to be getting used as a speed camera van?
  8. Sounds like a job for Hurson!!!
  9. I'm not 100% sure but i think that if the employees with disabilities are paid over a certain amount it can have a negative effect on the money they can receive for their care.
  10. Hi Ness Engineering fix some makes of doors under contract for one of the door manufacturers I think! They might be worth asking, you could try them on 01950460714!!
  11. Hi you could try F&J Ratter they are based in Brae and are very good and sensibly priced, though they may be quite busy!!!
  12. You could try Adam @ Shetland flooring contractors on 07748785209
  13. JRJ used to fit studs not sure if they still do or not
  14. Is there not a camera that looks out on to the pier? that might have picked up the incident!
  15. Garage in Quarff? whars dat at? Has do no been aware o it, It canna be far fae d!
  16. Hi you could try spencer at the garage in quarff! He has vagcom and is sensibly priced!
  17. Ten pin bowling! Which i think was thought about but the council decided not to bother with!
  18. I've heard of quotes around £1200 per sqm
  19. I think you'll find that a regatta is a series of boat races! whether with or without sails!
  20. Hi yes a friend of mine saw it when he was driving through quarff, he said it was heading west and was very bright!
  21. Hi, I just travelled from lerwick to brae and the roads were not to bad. Just have to take it easy!!!!!!!!!!
  22. Is it not about time that the people in britain looked at how others cope in this kind of weather? If you look at scandinavian coutries they seem to manage every year will a hell of a lot more snow and ice than us, Even before they can sit their driving test they have to practise on a skid pad. They also by law have to have snow tyres fitted for driving at this time of year.
  23. We had a splendid time on saturday but again the bar setup wasn't great, would it not be better to sell cans instead of pints there would be a far better turn around at the bar and less spillages!
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