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  1. It's not the ignition, and it's not a backfire from the cylinders, the real reason is a probable de-cat and/or straight through exhaust. When coming off the accelerator from high rpm the intake vacuum is still high but with the fuel cut off, you get a lean mixture that doesn't ignite in the cylinders, that unburnt fuel will make it's way into the exhaust, when enough builds up, it ignites on the hot exhaust surface and you get that tell tale pop and crackle from the exhaust and the much prized flaming. Some cars do this on purpose from the manufacturer, obviously the more sporty models but still from the likes of Ford and VAG, e.g. Ford STS 24V6. Still, quite illegal to de-cat but not to remove a silencer, and has been for quite some time, but if this does not get policed in an urban environment, which I can state that it does not except for when the rozzers are using it as a tool to disperse supermarket car park meet-ups, other than MOT checks, then I think you're on a hiding to nothing here in Shetland. I used to live many years ago for a time in a town centre near to the police station and county hospital across from a major dual carriageway and so now have nothing to complain about nowadays other than rabbits sneezing and the sheep yelling at each other. I have also typed a lot more waffle than I originally set out to do...
  2. For clarity, can confirm it was the English variety that I think the conspirators go on about, not the current Scottish one, well, at least I think that's the case but who knows, I'm sure someone right now is typing away on some forum post somewhere...
  3. There has always been the eccentric tin foil hat wearer, handing out pamphlets in the market square on a Saturday to anyone that will take one, but now they have the Internet. With the Internet a small minority can suddenly make a disproportionate amount of noise. It's still noise of course, Elizabeth I was a man, flat Earthers, anti-vax, anti-<insert random pet peeve>, mind altering con trails, Lizard people etc. Now the crackpot is no longer harmless, they can now spread misinformation at an alarming rate, and that is always going to be the worst aspect of the Internet. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=laHpN7-FBLs&list=PLLhOnau-tupSLiQbq8OXBFh3MCPyuXT8g
  4. Sweden took the course that you have consistently proposed of letting it "rip" through communities, Sweden changed direction due to the sheer volume of of deaths that the policy was causing. Some advice, if the cap fits, wear it, just sayin... Sources: https://www.thelancet.com/journals/lancet/article/PIIS0140-6736(21)00885-0/fulltext https://www.thelocal.se/20220110/swedish-government-expected-to-announce-new-covid-restrictions/
  5. 1. Database developer referencing 2020 2. Youtube for the far right that have been kicked off Youtube 3. Danish newspaper known as a sensationalist media outlet, pretty much The Sun 4. Lord Sumption, well known retired high court judge with some insane views, such that some lives are more valuable than others 5. see 2. 6. Data that is two years old 7. At last something credible, though "...frequent Covid-19 booster shots could adversely affect the immune response" is fairly meaningless, as in I frequently worry that I could drop a pound coin on Victoria Pier trying to pay for the car parking and trip and fall into the sound chasing after it. Anyway, they do go on later on to state that leaving "...more time between booster programs and tie them to the onset of the cold season in each hemisphere" would work well. No more waves of hyperlinks please, specially old, far right populist hyperbole or not fact checked. If you have a point, make it, debate it, provide a relevant source. In the mean time, what restrictions that have been put in place have helped many lives to be saved, and only the actions of a minority of red faced covidiots that refuse to work together for the well-being of society have been bar to that.
  6. Well, there's always one. The weight of opinion suggests that his opinion is wrong, as there is nothing scientific in that outpouring, it's all rhetoric. I've been avoiding Covid like the plague and will continue to do so.
  7. I can no longer login with my screen name but found that I can (clearly!) with my email address.
  8. Used them for many years, they get to places that other broadband's don't/won't reach with community wifi etc. Absolute lifesaver when they did the Fetlar links, and Ian Brown is a fascinating guy to have a technical chat with.
  9. That's the winner of an idea, I had not thought about that angle at all! Even if sold at cost it will only owe me a months insurance and the fuel. Now I need to find some dry storage, time to ask around.
  10. Got a Triumph Dolomite engine and gearbox from Sterling sent that way for just £60 about 5 years ago using the pallet network, so good call, I hadn't considered that. A lot of the stuff would not fit on a pallet though, so probably still looking at a box van.
  11. I need to move a lot of stuff up from down south, trying to work out the best box van hire method, hire one locally (Star?) and drive it down and back, or hire a van down south and then off hire in Aberdeen somehow? Just trying to keep the (mostly ferry) cost down so grateful for any advice.
  12. You're nearly a decade out of date...
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