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  1. That's the winner of an idea, I had not thought about that angle at all! Even if sold at cost it will only owe me a months insurance and the fuel. Now I need to find some dry storage, time to ask around.
  2. Got a Triumph Dolomite engine and gearbox from Sterling sent that way for just £60 about 5 years ago using the pallet network, so good call, I hadn't considered that. A lot of the stuff would not fit on a pallet though, so probably still looking at a box van.
  3. I need to move a lot of stuff up from down south, trying to work out the best box van hire method, hire one locally (Star?) and drive it down and back, or hire a van down south and then off hire in Aberdeen somehow? Just trying to keep the (mostly ferry) cost down so grateful for any advice.
  4. You're nearly a decade out of date...
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