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  1. Only a matter off time until Wills makes up the difference.
  2. Its very sad to see this but i think people are naive if they think Shetland does'nt have racist people here, hopefully it is declining though.
  3. Electric cars: What will happen to all the dead batteries? https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/business-56574779
  4. Co-op Own brand beans 0.32p Co-op honest value beans 0.25p, not 0.22p but not far off it.
  5. Depends what your buying, many CO-OP own brand products are cheaper though some country shops also carry CO-OP brand stuff but i am not sure if its at the same price point, with the CO-OP you only get clubcard money back with thier own brand stuff where with Tesco its done on the total spend.
  6. I do, that's the main reason i buy them, saving on better value things allows more money to spend in other area's and to save a bit for the future.
  7. Why would the brand name tin be better in every way ?
  8. Some things may be lower quality but the likes of pasta, cereals, rice, etc there aint much difference. I am pretty sure the BBC TV show "Eat Well For Less" highlights the difference in products with many brand names being unhealthier as they are packed with more flavourings and sugar compared to the supermarket own brand.
  9. I am for both developements for me Supermarket shopping is essential for low income families in communities, I believe the doomsday scenario is being over played especially by the number of Tesco van's you see delivering shopping, If anything i reckon it would hit Tesco more than the local shops as most weekly shops are done there. I would like to see a set of traffic lights on the east voe road and an pavement put on the sea side of the road plus a reduced speed limit from the view point above the Scord to 30mph.
  10. https://www.shetnews.co.uk/2021/04/23/what-sort-of-community-do-we-want-mp-asks-while-urging-planners-to-reject-plans-for-two-new-co-op-supermarkets/ What sort of community do we want? MP asks, while urging planners to reject plans for two new Co-op supermarkets
  11. Totally agree, Even if you look at only brake pipes, why after over a 100 years of making cars are they still made of a material that can corrode
  12. Will it end up going to a vote by the council or can the decision be made by the planning department only ?
  13. There ca'nt be much in it when you factor in the new housing that's coming to Scalloway. Tingwall would be a good option though as there is plenty of space there and you pick up trade from north and west, but that would effect the westside shops and the one in nesting.
  14. Maybe if this gets turned down it might make Blydoit Fish and the Sandwick Shop expand a bit to offer more products.
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