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  1. https://www.mirror.co.uk/news/us-news/inside-donald-trumps-crumbling-empire-23321833
  2. Trumps empire is on shaky foundations as he's financed to the hilt.
  3. Slavery: Scotland's Hidden Shame David Hayman explores Scotland's role in the transatlantic slave trade Filmed across three continents, it demonstrates the many and intricate ways in which Scotland and the Scots were embroiled in the trade. https://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/b0brjnkq
  4. Your points are all valid, but they are also 'whataboutery' That kind of logic would dictate that folk shouldn't protest about anything unless they're going to protest about everything. Just trying to raise the issue Davie that many are totally unaware off as they are about to buy thier latest gadget. But fair point your right the logic is flawed.
  5. Is your smart phone powered by child labour ? Read the link below if your interested in modern day slavery and oppression of up to 40,000 young boys and girls working in Cobalt mines for 12 hours a day earning 1 or 2 dollars some as young as seven, who live in the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC), central Africa. https://www.amnesty.org/en/latest/campaigns/2016/06/drc-cobalt-child-labour/
  6. The focus should be on the real racism and oppression of people living today, not mob rule pulling down statues and monuments with links to slavery off hundreds of years ago. What about all the atrocities going on around the world today, the Saudi's, Child labour, plundering developing countries of thier recources and the rampant capitalists making a fortune out of the low paid workers in sweat shops with little or no rights. The removing or changing off statues or monuments should be done but in a civilised and democratic way.
  7. He was murdered. Where are you getting the gangster label from ?
  8. Huge economic impact still to come world wide.
  9. Ha ha brilliant As long as we can have a good laugh over it that's the main thing.
  10. Would the Faroe Islands Premier League be any interest to you, on live tomorrow, no prima dona's guarantee
  11. If anyone is interested or have kids that are bored. Live football is back on the BBC website today from 10.50am from the South Korean K league with Jeonbuk Motors vs Suwon Bluewings
  12. There have been many good acts from football during the pandemic. Players calling supporters, delivering food parcels, donating to foodbanks, donating to the NHS, clubs producing kits with 5 pound of the sale going directly to the NHS, buying PPE etc etc. Like most things in this world if you dig a bit you can find a bit of scandal but its important not to group every person who plays football and stereotype them in a negative light, good n bad in all walks of life. And there is actually an argument that if you give them all wage cuts then you generate less tax revenue.
  13. @Windwalker, fair enough it maybe did come across that way but not intended. I totally agree that the money spent on players and paid to players at the elite level is ridiculous, though this is what happens when big TV companies get involved offering billion pound deals such as the one covering the English Premier League. I dont buy any of those TV subscriptions and to be honest i am more interested in the lower league Scottish Football and the local amateur game. But Football like so many other aspects of the world is all about the have and have nots. There could well be some of the l
  14. Claadehol Which part of my post led you to the conclusion that i was angry ?
  15. Claadehol & Tarsus Football is a community sport and it brings a lot of people together, its great fitness for children and give's them many key social skills to take forward into thier adult life even if they dont continue to play the game. Its also an industry in itself, on the mainland all the people going to games spending money benefits a huge amount of industries, from travel companies to local butchers and food suppliers, transport, hospitality, It employs thousands of people and generates a huge amount of money for the country. Suggesting that all footballers are over paid pr
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