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    XAM7102 reacted to Colin in HEROIN/DRUGS.   
    I wouldn't have quite put it that way but, if the cap fits, wear it.
    It might also be worth noting that just outside of living memory, the British Government fought a war with China in order to gain a market for Opium.  Ho hum...  Pick your poison..
    it is obvious (to me anyway) that the so called 'War on Drugs' has failed.
    I have thought for years that the best way to deal with addictions is to put the same substances (clean) in the hands of the NHS.  That way, registered addicts are taken out of the hands of the drug 'overlords' and into the community where they can be supervised and maybe weaned off the stuff.  This approach should(?) cause the dealers to be faced with a shrinking market for their poisons and, if there is no money in it, they will move on.
    If that fails, just build a bunch of padded cells and chuck the addicts inside them. 
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    XAM7102 got a reaction from Muckle Oxters in Proposed Co-op Stores in Scalloway & Sandwick ?   
    Co-op starts consultation to allay fears over supermarket plans

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    XAM7102 got a reaction from Roachmill in Scottish Independence Referendum 2021   
    Only a matter off time until Wills makes up the difference. 
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    XAM7102 reacted to Muckle Oxters in Racism in Shetland   
    I'm no sure there's very much o it dat is convincing. I think racists shoot demselves in da foot when dey irna able to mak a case and joost repeat da same old bruck and come across as ignorant knobs!
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    XAM7102 reacted to Rasmie in Racism in Shetland   
    There are very clever (racist) people on social media drip feeding their bile. Some of it is very convincing. Of course it happens on this platform too with anti-English comments.
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    XAM7102 reacted to George. in Proposed Co-op Stores in Scalloway & Sandwick ?   
    No, it's not far off it but I'm not a multimillionare so I'll buy it at the best price that I can - after Tesco have delivered it to me. Great, especially when the last bus comes in to me at 18.20, six days a week coz there's none on a Sunday.
    But not far off it, or so I've been old
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    XAM7102 reacted to Ghostrider in Scottish Independence Referendum 2021   
    ^ The fat lady hasn't sung yet on the 'rona.
    An awful lot of folk worldwide have done and said things they may well yet live to regret (or die regretting) before its all over.
    New Zealand, and Scotland may yet see 'bodies pile high in their thousands' and there be nothing they can do to stop it.......just like 1918-20.
    While BJ's remark and attitude may well be 'ill-considered' given his position, it could also be argued that he is just being a realist and that he is being no more 'irresponsible' than those relying on closed borders to keep the virus out of countries and away from populations, or on so-called 'vaccine', which is not a vaccine at all, but a pre-emptive 'treatment' which may knock the sharpest edges off it for anyone that catches it.
    Both of the latter are completely ignoring that should the 'rona mutate in a similar manner to the 1918 flu and return in a far more deadly wave, it was the populations who'd been most heavily affected initially that in the end had the lowest fatality rates, as having had the initial version that give them a level of immunity against the later deadly and untreatable version that populations unscathed initially didn't have. New Zealand is fooked *if* a more deadly later version comes along and gets in........
    At least BJ has thrown the idea out there, that bodies piling high and there being nothing anybody can do about it is still a very realistic possibility. Unlike some others who have no other output than 'we got this', which anybody taking even a speed read of the history and basic mechanics of viral infections and pandemics can see is so much bull. Its smoke and mirrors leading folk in to a false sense of security.
    I much prefer realism and straight talking, aka. honesty, than sanitised platitudes and implied promises that you know fine well are far and beyond the power of the person or entity making them being able to deliver. Since it got out the 'rona has never been under the control of anyone or anything unless itself, different governments have done what they felt 'best' and its tweaked around its edges from time to time and put us where we are now, whether that's a 'good' place or not, time will tell, and whether those that are being hailed as having acted with sage wisdom in the present will still be so, or be branded fools in the final analysis, and vice versa, again only time will tell.
    Wherever it ends, one thing is pretty much certain, which characters and nations history judges as the sages and the fools, will be everything to do with luck, and damn little to do with design, as the damn lot are making judgement calls and acting based on something they don't fully understand or ever could.
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    XAM7102 reacted to Spinner72 in Proposed Co-op Stores in Scalloway & Sandwick ?   
    This brings back memories of the old Chris Hodge debate years ago.
    Yes, if you can afford it, value for money is where it's at, but sadly more and more people and households are in the position, as I have been and have no shame in admitting it, where they know the brand name tin of beans would be better in every way, but it just isn't an option.
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    XAM7102 reacted to hakama in Scottish Independence Referendum 2021   
    Yes let a referendum happen but if it does the SNP will then spend many years trying to rejoin the EU and will not be focused on rebuilding Scotland. They have been in power for many years and if the figures etc are to be believed they have wasted billions ruined the education system etc but yes let us get away from the nasty English. For all the time that they have been in power their main objective has been independence, they could have done so much better.
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    XAM7102 reacted to Ghostrider in Electric Vehicles   
    Private car ownership would be a far less bad thing for the environment if cars were made to last much longer. There's no practical reason why cars aren't built to last longer other than financial - makers don't want to lose the pay cheque of selling a complete new unit every time one of their previous ones racks up the theoretical 10 years/100,000k 'lifespan'.
    The shell is the only thing that has the potential to end the life of a car, usually from corrosion, everything else it 'bolt on'. Make the shell from minimally corrosive metals and a car has the potential to last several human lifetimes only requiring parts that wear out are break replacing when necessary.
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    XAM7102 reacted to Urabug in Proposed Co-op Stores in Scalloway & Sandwick ?   
    The truth is our country shops and wholesalers are struggling to compete with supermarket prices and I would bet that any "add ons " in the country shops are probably well justified with extra delivery charges. Why would any shop owner in the face of strong competition charge more than they have to and chase away there customers.
    Just take an assistants wages ,say £300 they would probably have to take in about £1500 to cover that plus all the other overheads ,electic ,heating ,phones ,insurance etc,etc.
    The small local shop is a god send but if it is to remain we will all have to be prepared to pay extra for our errands, because they have to pay extra to get them as well. 
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    XAM7102 reacted to Colin in Proposed Co-op Stores in Scalloway & Sandwick ?   
    All fair comment, but like yourself, I do not want to pay any more than I have to.
    I have noticed that some country shop charge a 'premium' on some items, and it is not unknown to be charged a whole £1 extra for a packet of ciggies.  I don't like price gouging anywhere, and I only get burned (sic) once, preferring to go without until I can get into co-op/tesco.
    Strange really, because the country shop then loses out on the other stuff I might have bought at the time.
    As for 'price marked' goods, there are still plenty about, but at the same time, I know of country shops that refuse to stock them!!!
    The moral is that some country shops need to try and meet their customers halfway instead of treating them as a resource to fund a comfortable living.  If they were to do that, then they might stand a better chance of surviving.
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    XAM7102 reacted to peeriebryan in Proposed Co-op Stores in Scalloway & Sandwick ?   
    For reference:
    link to the Sandwick planning application and comments https://pa.shetland.gov.uk/online-applications/applicationDetails.do?activeTab=summary&keyVal=QQ3S9ROAGZ400 link to the Scalloway planning application and comments https://pa.shetland.gov.uk/online-applications/applicationDetails.do?activeTab=summary&keyVal=QQ2S63OAGYY00  
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    XAM7102 reacted to Muckle Oxters in Proposed Co-op Stores in Scalloway & Sandwick ?   
    I tink dirs a lot o folk who privately would love a Co-op in dir area but dunna want to admit it publicly for fear o bein seen as disloyal tae dir local shop. Dirs been a few folk to me who have said how bad it is dat da Co-op wid be takin ower da village, but at da same time dey get Tesco home delivery.
    I tink becuase Sandwick is dat bit further awaa fae da Lerrick shops, and da Sandwick shop is peerier dan either o da two Scallowa shops, it's a bit different.
    But baith communities are expandin and haein a peerie supermarket might be joost whit dey need. Dirs a lot o folk on low incomes and withoot cars in baith places dat wid benefit.
    Dependin on whit happens, it wid be good if da Sandwick Bakery was able to carry on. Dey seem to supply a lot o local places. And as far as I ken, da Brae Post Office is in da Coop so hopefully dat wid continue tae.
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    XAM7102 reacted to Roachmill in Proposed Co-op Stores in Scalloway & Sandwick ?   
    It's a bit of a mixed bag in that larger stores will bring more jobs, more choice and, on the back of that, reduce the number of trips to Lerwick. I can't help but feel it'll mean the end for the smaller shops, however. I'd certainly hope the Sandwick bakery would keep going... but the PO must surely be tied to the shop's fate.
    I just hope the Scalloway one doesn't sink!
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    XAM7102 reacted to Nigel Bridgman-Elliot in Electric Vehicles   
    > Pay just 4.5p per kWh during off-peak (12 am to 5 am GMT every day)

    I notice on the EDF site prices are even lower now !

    > the life span of batteries are approx 8yrs

    I wonder if these will last longer ?

    > New Battery technology that lasts decades,
    > Lithium Titanate Oxid - LTO
    A battery with a lifespan of a human being? Yes, with up to 30 000 cycles, it may serve you 82 years (one cycle per day).

    I want to use these in my next EV, since they can be charged @ -30c, so no worries when its cold outside.
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    XAM7102 reacted to MuckleJoannie in Proposed Co-op Stores in Scalloway & Sandwick ?   
    I wouldn't consider building on the the land between Frank Charleson's and Blydoit as it very poorly drained. It used to flood regularly before the road was raised.
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    XAM7102 reacted to rum_beast in Proposed Co-op Stores in Scalloway & Sandwick ?   
    Da word on street is coop have bought the park opposite the sandwick bakery and atween frank charlesons and blydoit  anybody else heard this?
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    XAM7102 reacted to shetlander in Scatsta Airport   
    Folk are quick enough to come up with ideas about what should be done but as usual the expectation is that somebody else and/or the council should be funding them.
    The hard truth is that any use that is found for it needs to be commercially viable. I just can’t see anything on the scale of what has kept it going for the last 40 odd years ticking that box. There just aren’t enough locals or visitors flying in and out and tourism is never going to grow to levels that make a second airport viable. Use of it by the much-lauded Space Centre might be one glimmer of hope but IMO there’s still a lot to be proven on that front before it will bring the economic benefits we keep hearing about.
    Yes it’s devastating for the North Mainland but the boom was never going to last forever and we’re all going to have to plan for and get used to oil and gas playing a shrinking role in wir economy and way of life here.
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    XAM7102 reacted to Davie P in black lives matter   
    Yes, 'he has a point' if you think that a far right group flying a banner as a countermeasure to an equalities campaign is a good thing.
    To add to the 'point', it was flown during a brief anti-racism protest over a stadium hosting a sport which has been blighted with endemic racism.
    Folk might think that 'White lives matter' is just an innocent phrase used as a reminder that white lives do indeed matter, as do all lives, but like it or not the phrase has been adopted by the far right and has a context beyond just the semantics of the actual words. If folk don't want to be associated with that ideology, then best not use the phraseology. There are many ways to express support for equality but using 'white' or 'all' 'lives matter' is obviously an objection to the 'black lives matter' movement. 
    However, if folk want to add far right underpinnings to what they're posting, then go ahead.
    It would be a helpful time saver if folk would just admit to being racist and give up with the 'yes, but, whatabout....' farting around.
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    XAM7102 reacted to Ghostrider in black lives matter   
    I have no problem with people protesting, but rioting and wanton random criminal damage/vandalism is not legitimate protest and only serves to devalue the message of the protest rather than enhance. Pandering to the wishes of those whose protests include rioting and criminal damage is reacting to mob rule and performing appeasement, both anti-democratic acts.
    There are legitimate and accepted methods of going about effecting change, and breaking windows, helping yourself to other folks property and destroying whatever monuments/constructions take the whim of the mob on the street at a given moment are not on that list.
    A distinction needs to be made between 'whataboutery' that is introduced as a means of deflection/dilution and that which is introduced as a means of pointing out that while the prime subject at hand might well have valid complaints about being discriminated against, just because they are shouting loudest and making the most fuss it doesn't mean they are the most discriminated against demgraphic.
    This crap all stemmed from one guy who died while being arrested, it shouldn't have happened, I don't think anybody would disagree with that. Out of that has grown a braying mob alleging police brutality and racism against Americans of African descent. I don't doubt there's some truth in those allegations, but are Americans of African descent the most brutalised and discriminated against demographic by US Police. BLM and their supporters are doing their damndest to convince everybody that they are, I'm not so sure.
    Had it been, say, a caucasian drug dealer. or a native Amercian prostitute's neck who was under that cop's knee, would anybody even have bothered to video it.......
    Surely society, to do what it says on the tin, has an obligation to take on board protests, and not just give a knee jerk reaction to them, but assess and research them, and then address the demographic which is being most brutalised and discriminated against first. Its a very poor indictment on what society is supposed to be, if we just accept at face value the allegations of one demographic represented by a rather sketchy mouthpiece and prone to unacceptable behaviour themselves. If it turned out once US society as a whole was reviewed, that their was adequate evidence to support Americans of African descent were the most severely brutalised and discriminated against, then so be it, but until that proof is forthcoming I strongly suspect that while they may suffer their fair share, if not more, there are other demographics within the US that suffer more and have been persecuted more and for longer as well.
    Accepting BLM's rhetoric and pandering to their demands without also examining for similar unjustified behaviours to other significant demographics is not only unfair and unjust, it is in effect increasing the levels of discrimination on all other demographics. No demographic is immune from police brutality and discrimination, it only varies in nature and degree.
    A benchmark of a successful civilisation is the ability to quelll riots as quickly as possible with the minimal damage or injury, a riot has no place where a civilisation supposedly exists. Accepting the unproven allegations and pandering to the demands of rioters, as we seem to do these days, does nothing positive, it just encourages them to come back asking for more. Containment and restriction while listening to their grievances and acting upon those which are legitimate is the only way to broker an uneasy truce all round.
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    XAM7102 reacted to Davie P in black lives matter   
    Fair point, and thanks for an interesting link XAM7102.
    The BLM movement has caused me to research and rethink many subjects related to slavery and human rights issues, and many of these subjects have been raised by 'what about...' comments.
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    XAM7102 reacted to Davie P in black lives matter   
    Your points are all valid, but they are also 'whataboutery'
    That kind of logic would dictate that folk shouldn't protest about anything unless they're going to protest about everything.
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    XAM7102 reacted to Wheelsup in black lives matter   
    While people are allowed to categorise humans as black or white this will always be divisive. Perhaps banning tags on people to describe a race or colour should be banned first. Being of peasant stock I am pretty sure that my forebears were more sinned against than sinning. I for one do not feel in the least bit of guilt for being a 100% British white.
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    XAM7102 got a reaction from Claadehol in The future of Scottish Football ?   
    Ha ha brilliant 
    As long as we can have a good laugh over it that's the main thing.  
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