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  1. But why have HES allowed it to get this far?. Surely, if they were genuinely interested and saw a problem then they should have voiced it from the start before all the time and effort had gone into the project. It does smack of a quango being pushed from behind the scenes to object in an effort to deny Shetland the Space Centre.
  2. So, it seems the Shetland Space Centre is now hanging in the balance. When I heard the news that the Scottish Government wanted to be officially notified of the SIC's Planning decision alarm bells started ringing and I wondered why they were starting to interfere. Now that Historic Environmental Scotland(HES) have appeared out of nowhere and refused the project it's obvious that the Scottish Government are working behind the scenes to steal it and have it moved south. I guess they were waiting to see if the project was a "goer" and now that it is they're moving in. HES are simply doing the bidding of the Scottish Government. As the man said, with a government like this who needs enemies. What the Shetland Space Centre should do is state that if it doesn't happen in Shetland then they'll just move the project out of the UK.
  3. What about the slavery and oppression inflicted on Shetlanders by the Scottish Lairds?. You won't hear about that in the Shetland schools. Or from any of those who "protested" yesterday. Contrary to the Shetland New's biased, swooning coverage the silent majority of Shetland are fed up with all this politics and had nothing to do with BLM yesterday. All these protesters/activists are doing is inflaming hatred.
  4. It's great to see a new New Fair Isle Bird Observatory rising literally from the ashes and it is a much loved establishment but man alive, the new building looks so drab and awful. That treated larch timber looks horrendous after a couple of months of weathering aka the new Anderson High School. Could they not paint it in some kind of colour?. https://www.shetnews.co.uk/2020/02/27/plans-submitted-for-new-fair-isle-bird-observatory/
  5. Well, after seeing this week's Shetland Times I have to say I'm in full agreement with those who are unhappy about the commissions for the culture trail being given to people outwith Shetland. We have so much talent in Shetland which should have been used to create these public works of art. It would have given some of the many creative folk in Shetland the chance to work on an interesting project and it would also have kept the money in Shetland. And at least it would have given us the confidence that something sensible would be created and not more "Lightsome Bouys" or worse. Sadly, it seems those who made this bad decision are defiant and are not willing to re-think it but I live in hope that it will be. And they wonder why we're angry.........
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