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  1. Would you please show some photo(s) how these blocks for employees might look like? And maybe is it too much what I'm asking? At all, could some photos from various places in Lerwick be shown and where? What sport facilities are there specifically?
  2. And probably it would be a good idea to hear directly from the employer what might I expect. The issues that bother me the most are also e.g. if an employee can receive guests from abroad for some time? However, it must be said that I am afraid of loneliness due to the small population of the islands.
  3. Yes, I have. Actually, I'm using the services of an employment agency. Very nice guy explains all my questions very carefully and patiently. He seems very friendly and honest. But some of my friends try to discourage me, they have bad experience with jobs in the UK, to say it openly. (They suggest there is enough interesting jobs in the European Union mainland countries. However what is precious to me personally is just your Islands unique nature, indeed!) I feel very confused, hesitated a lot, seem now not in the position to negotiate and demand further information.
  4. It looks nice like. But, why do they seek staff after tourist season (to redirect the other participant's question)?
  5. Work is in Lerwick. And after all, say something in general, please, about how Lerwick looks from inside... What do you do in the evenings? Are there any pubs, clubs or discos, in the downtown of Lerwick etc.? Please, help a person from a far away to imagine how it is there!
  6. However you've said it's dodgy. What suspicion do you suggest? What danger can you imagine and what kind of evil masterplan?
  7. As we can see, whatever to start talking about it always comes to Brexit Here, in EU mainland, most people sees it as very artificial initiative (without any hard foundation) and share such an opinion common sense will prevail eventually However, if not, it is still an interesting adventure to experience your unusual environment for few months. BTW, I've just seen an interesting TV report from a bicycle trip from Berlin to China. Two brave guys challenged it successfully And your troublesome weather might be seen as refreshing for a newcomer tired with hot summer in her/his country. Probably only after some period it gradually starts feeding up.
  8. I hasitate a long time already, but enough is enough and they require the decision at last! This is why in 24 hours now. So after the summer season, don't tourist come to Shetland hotels? For instance, to admire excellent look of the auroras? And about BrExit yet... I think business runs anyway, trying hard not matter how politicians enjoy their games.
  9. Just received interesting job offer to work on your beautiful islands. The beauty of nature there tempting me so much, however vital information about conditions are very scarce. And must decide tomorrow. So, I earnestly request You, please, explain the key facts about what I may expect? The work is in the Shetland hotels. The employer promise excellent accommodation: every employee gets own house with 3 rooms, kitchen, bathroom (?). However it is not specified in the very contract text. is it really likely? Too cute to imagine There are also some unknown about how oversees newcomer may socialize, I'm going to come alone and bit frighting of loneliness - to say honestly. How do you think? After all, please summarize what to expect? It seems some emotional dilemma...
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