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  1. http://i267.photobucket.com/albums/ii294/Geotours/f98c2128-04c9-4e78-a961-a01ff5decce5_zpse3152d48.jpg
  2. Septic tanks shoulds be de-sludged every two years see http://www.scottishwater.co.uk/you-and-your-home/septic-tank-emptying/your-questions-answered
  3. GT

    Fuel Prices

    Fuel to go up in budget Fair Fuel Poll here http://www.fairfueluk.com/index.html
  4. I booked a flight today for june - no problem.
  5. Really p'd off by Tesco - I had 50p each way on Quarterpounder at the 3.30 at Kempton and it was withdrawn!
  6. SHERGAR FOUND You can find him here: Tesco Own Brand Frozen Food Section Aisle One Tesco Supermarket Lerwick Shetland
  7. ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ The bright spark that allowed the thistle on the national tourist signposts was the SIC because at the time it was the emblem of the Scottish Tourist Board (now Visit Scotland) which is a government department and like it or not we are part of Scotland as far as national and international tourism goes. Having said that I would love to see Shetland with its own distinctive emblem instead of the Scottish weed – but certainly not the poorly drawn snail used by Promote Shetland. As far as VisitScotland is concerned I agree that as a national body they understand little or nothing about Shetland’s distinctiveness and that has been reflected by the clowns they send up to Shetland to speak to the tourist industry. On the other hand I hear nothing but praise for the Visit Scotland staff at the Market Cross who are all Shetlanders and understand and know Shetland well and provide just about the best service possible to visitors to our islands. The problem there is that they are well understaffed and underpaid - especially since the SIC, driven by a fit of pique by the then leader of the Shetland Tourism Association against the chair of Visit Scotland, withdrew their share of local funding to set up Promote Shetland at a much greater cost.
  8. All known fish fossil sites in Shetland, such as that one mentioned, are Sites of Special Scientific Interest (SSSI) because of their rareity and are protected by legislation so you are not allowed to hammer or otherwise break the fossils out of the bedrock. You can look but are not allowed to harm the site.
  9. GT

    Fuel Prices

    The government (of which our MP is a member) will increase the tax on fuel 3p per litre on 1st January - here is your chance to do something about it - follow this link http://action.fairfueluk.com/page/speakout/stop3prise
  10. Sure is, coming from LibDems - the IOM isn't part of the UK and is not a member of the EU http://www.gov.im/isleofman/externalrelations.xml
  11. You could sneak on in the fog - but then the north-boat can't sail because the harbour closes. http://www.northlinkferries.co.uk/OpsNews.html
  12. Unlike soil, blanket bog (peat) cannot absorb oil because it is 98% water. Water falling on our peat covered hills flows down slope through the surface vegetation or through small underground tunnels (peat-pipes). This water accumulates in burns and is carried into the voes. Oil and water cannot mix so almost all the oil sprayed on to the hillsides is carried by the water and accumulated into the lochs or voes – the reason you can’t find what the mitigation plans is, is because they don’t have one.
  13. The same number of Shetlanders support the grind as support the battering of seals to death with clubs or drowning seals in salmon farmer's traps. The same number of Shetlanders support the grind as support the trapping and shooting of otters. The same number of Shetlanders support the grind as support the snaring and killing of puffins and gannets. That number is practically zero
  14. ^^^^^^^^^^^ Headhunting and eating the brains of huumans was also sustainable - (even into the 20th century in Europe) but that dosen't make it right because like the grind it inflicts unnecessary cruelty.
  15. Green Power: Wind power does not help to avert climate change http://articles.economictimes.indiatimes.com/2012-03-19/news/31210516_1_wind-turbines-wind-power-wind-farms
  16. The schools won't need to use the leisure centres because the SIC education dept. is hell-bent on closing most of the schools.
  17. Arthur Anderson expat Shetlander and co-founder of the P&O shipping line guaranteed any Shetland seaman a job on one of his ships if he wanted one. How did he do this? He did it by sacking non-Shetland seamen and taking on Shetlanders at lower wages and on poorer terms and conditions – thus Shetlanders got the name ‘North Sea Chinamen’ because they were prepared to work on ships under poorer conditions than the ‘white man’.
  18. There should be a button from switching from viewfinder to screen and back - it may be labeled EVF/LCD
  19. GT

    Voe Pies

    do they get their stake fae Hays?
  20. Cage Free here http://www.onekind.org/take_action/campaigns/go_cage_free/
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