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  1. I've bought a Esse Ironheart stove with a boiler for heating my domestic hot water and a radiator. I require a Thermal store but not sure what one to get, so I'm looking for recommendations. It has to be Open Vented and a Indirect system. So any advice would be great.
  2. So where do you go to find a job in Shetland? You would think plenty of opertunities would arise for work up at Sullom Voe if your into construction? Personally I'm a self employed joiner, but trying to find work clear of joinery, even labouring would be better. Been working as a Deckhand on various jobs and would like to stay at sea, but finding work isn't easy. Eventually I know I'll find work, but it'll not be in Shetland I wouldn't think. So I'll plod along with joinery until something better pops up.
  3. Do you have to pay to put up a post in Classifieds these days or how do you do it? Every time I try to put up a post then it wants me to pay £9.99. Cheers
  4. How is the Job at Mareel doing, the last time I looked some off the cladding was being taken off leaving the insulation exposed to the elements. I heard also the firm cladding mareel has gone bust. Mareel is a Noose around Shetlands neck.
  5. The man should have gone long ago, he's been taking advantage of his position for years. The council cant improve with people like him involved.
  6. How's everything getting on with the most eagerly awaited building in Shetlands history? It'l be lovely to nip in for a soda when I'm on my way to clive's to pick up a dvd.
  7. All dogs need to have a good long look at themselves, and waken up and realise what dirty animals they are. I walk to work each morning into central town, the mess of dogs poo is unbelievable from Sound along Sanvein and right into town. I'm having to dodge the poo everywhere. I dont see any bins at all for dogs waste, and often see dog owners Pooin there dogs. The diseases you can catch isn't for mentioning, but something would have to be done.
  8. I'm been trying to decide if I should get the new iphone 3GS. I can't decide so I'm looking for a bit of advice from people that already have one. The thing that bothers me a little is that in Shetland you'l not be able to take full advantage of the i phones internet speed since we cant get 3G up here, so using the internet with the iphone will still be pretty slow. Also the camera on the i phone isn't very appealing to me either. But with all the applications that the iphone has, Is the mobile worth it.
  9. Since it looks like the Anderson high is going to move to the Clickimin area, The existing School should have been upgraded into the Music and Cinema venue?
  10. I never catch no fish from the shore, I blame it on the seals.
  11. 1st. The best place I think to get something excellent to eat is on the Northlink ferry, Mv Hrossey. The food is top notch.The service is a lot better on the Mv Hrossey than the other one. On the Hrossey you get the short kinda stoot fellow thats hoorafa mannerly, and he couldn't do his job any better than he does. Everytime I sit down and look at the menu I struggle to choose what to get, because I think I'm going to miss out on something else on the menu. On the other ferry they seem like they cant be bothered with you. 2nd. The Busta House. Want to find a good steak, I would say Busta is the place to go for that. I was stuck in two minds wondering if Scalloway Hotel was better for a steak than Busta, but for value for money I would have to say Busta All the stuff on their menu is quality, and the service is very good and relaxed. 3rd. Scalloway Hotel. The food and service in the Scalloway hotel is something else. Nothing like anywhere else in Shetland. When you have placed your orders for starters and main courses, afterwards they come with a appetiser for you before your starter comes, ours was a prawn soup type thing with fresh rolls. It led to a bit of confusion because we thought we were gotten some one else's starters. The same again happens before your main meal, they came with a light pair cider ice cream thing, which was very nice. The downside though to the Hotel I think is the over powering in your face service, I like just to get on with my meal in peace, instead of being checked on every 5 minutes. On the upside of this service is, if your drink is running low, Its not going to be long until your glass is taken away and refilled, Bonus. The other downside is that it is pretty expensive. A few little changes to the Hotel and it could've easy been on the top of my list.[/b] (*** Mod - Merged with existing thread ***)
  12. Thanks for dat bit of info dare Mr Beachcaster. I'll take you up on that sometime soon when the fine weather sets in. I went for a few casts down at da Sandy face for a bit o practice we da new wand, but I got in a c***in buckle. So I had ta mak for home, me gut jumped into a fuzzy mess on me real. I never had dat problem we da old Craige wand at least.
  13. Which is best for long casts? Also which type of gut do you recommend.
  14. I'm never heard many reports from people. I tried it once,and I'll never be going back.
  15. Lounge was the best Pub in Lk until they messed up the seating arrangements. Its still fine but doesn't have the same feel.
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