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  1. Cant get logged in with email, doesnt recognise password, and email not arriving to reset. Going round in circles, just trying to access contact for advert. 

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      Hi Claadehol, the adverts are hosted over on https://www.njord.market/ so try logging in there

  2. Now that the proposed Sandwick Co-op has been given the go ahead, can we safely assume that all the single track roads will be greatly improved to cope with the increased traffic. I would think the roads, (especially those coming in from the south), will cause some difficulty, due to the close proximity of the existing houses. Even the much used north entrance is single track and I would think the much heavier traffic flow will cause some problems. The increased traffic flow will be evident from early morning till 10 oclock at night and it must be remembered that, unlike Brae there is no major road to cope with it. Still, I'm sure the roads dept. has been fully briefed on the whole project, and road widening plans are already well advanced after consultations with houseowners and landowners involved. Some of these houseowners will I'm sure have some safety concerns and these will be considered in the process. Hopefully. John Laurenson. Sandwick.
  3. Joke continued: from the porn channel to the fishing channel, and it's driving her round the bend. She eventually says: " For Christ's sake leave it on the porn channel, you know how to fish!"
  4. One for the women! Middle-aged couple sitting in the lounge and he keeps flicking the channel over from the fishing channel to the porn channel, from the porn channel to the fishing channel, from the fishing channel to the porn channel,
  5. That's fair comment George re both Gaelic and Norn, if we wish to go that far back. Apart from that I have to commend you on your analysis of good grammar and the excellent example you gave, re "helping uncle Jack off his horse." or other amended grammatical version. Hilarious! Thankyou for that!
  6. Well George Gaelic certainly has its place, and I would like it to thrive but only in the areas where it belongs. Shetland isn't one of them, Norn is, and though some words survive it is pretty well lost, sadly! We don't need gaelic road signs in Shetland, there's more people speaking Chinese here, and Chinese has as much historical significance. The English language is used universally and many people seeking sanctuary choose to come here for exactly that reason. It's a wonderful language and spoken by more people on this planet than any other.
  7. Spelling IS important though George, call it nitpicking if you wish, but unless we uphold standards we will all be at the mercy of modern textspik. Dear God! The very idea is horrifying, and reading as a pleasure would become a nightmare. Spelling of the English language is sadly under serious threat, the threat is real. Too many of our citizens are happy to dismiss it as of no importance. Mainly because they can't be bothered.
  8. It might be an idea if Tarsus learnt how to spell "grammar" before making comment on it.
  9. Irishman taking a driving test. What does a single yellow line mean? No parking at all. What does a double yellow line mean? No parking at all, at all.
  10. Hello again George. My results from Living DNA:- Scandinavia, 18.6% Orkney/Shetland, 31.9% Ireland/Scotland, 22.6% England, 26.9% I'm happy with that.
  11. Well George, I wonder about the original source of your DNA, have you checked that out? You might be foreign too, perish the thought!
  12. I see Durham police are looking at fresh evidence re Dominic Cummings, with possibility of prosecution. I notice that there is a deafening silence from SNP ranks now despite them baying for his blood a short time ago. Perhaps this silence is due to the leader of pack baying for blood, Margaret Ferrier, having reappeared at Westminster. Just saying.
  13. Well there ye go then, SNP noses in the trough too then eh!. All the same south and north of the border. Interestingly, I was reading a while ago that an MEP only has to serve two terms and has no cause for further worries about his pension. He's cracked it! Maybe, just maybe, that's why so many want things to remain as they are, able to delve and wallow in the vast trough of money surrounding them in Brussels. Plenty of corruption here and a damned sight more among the Brussels bureaucrats.
  14. The Tory poltician is mentioned here, so is the the little green man. Why though no mention of the SNP politicians here, I would have thought their support must have been significant when contract awarded????? No murmurs of protest from them as far as I remember. Possibly a bit of dark dealing here too in the Holyrood chambers. The same as elsewhere, just kept a bit quieter in Scotland by our rulers.
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