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  1. Joke continued: from the porn channel to the fishing channel, and it's driving her round the bend. She eventually says: " For Christ's sake leave it on the porn channel, you know how to fish!"
  2. One for the women! Middle-aged couple sitting in the lounge and he keeps flicking the channel over from the fishing channel to the porn channel, from the porn channel to the fishing channel, from the fishing channel to the porn channel,
  3. That's fair comment George re both Gaelic and Norn, if we wish to go that far back. Apart from that I have to commend you on your analysis of good grammar and the excellent example you gave, re "helping uncle Jack off his horse." or other amended grammatical version. Hilarious! Thankyou for that!
  4. Well George Gaelic certainly has its place, and I would like it to thrive but only in the areas where it belongs. Shetland isn't one of them, Norn is, and though some words survive it is pretty well lost, sadly! We don't need gaelic road signs in Shetland, there's more people speaking Chinese here, and Chinese has as much historical significance. The English language is used universally and many people seeking sanctuary choose to come here for exactly that reason. It's a wonderful language and spoken by more people on this planet than any other.
  5. Spelling IS important though George, call it nitpicking if you wish, but unless we uphold standards we will all be at the mercy of modern textspik. Dear God! The very idea is horrifying, and reading as a pleasure would become a nightmare. Spelling of the English language is sadly under serious threat, the threat is real. Too many of our citizens are happy to dismiss it as of no importance. Mainly because they can't be bothered.
  6. It might be an idea if Tarsus learnt how to spell "grammar" before making comment on it.
  7. Irishman taking a driving test. What does a single yellow line mean? No parking at all. What does a double yellow line mean? No parking at all, at all.
  8. Hello again George. My results from Living DNA:- Scandinavia, 18.6% Orkney/Shetland, 31.9% Ireland/Scotland, 22.6% England, 26.9% I'm happy with that.
  9. Well George, I wonder about the original source of your DNA, have you checked that out? You might be foreign too, perish the thought!
  10. I see Durham police are looking at fresh evidence re Dominic Cummings, with possibility of prosecution. I notice that there is a deafening silence from SNP ranks now despite them baying for his blood a short time ago. Perhaps this silence is due to the leader of pack baying for blood, Margaret Ferrier, having reappeared at Westminster. Just saying.
  11. Well there ye go then, SNP noses in the trough too then eh!. All the same south and north of the border. Interestingly, I was reading a while ago that an MEP only has to serve two terms and has no cause for further worries about his pension. He's cracked it! Maybe, just maybe, that's why so many want things to remain as they are, able to delve and wallow in the vast trough of money surrounding them in Brussels. Plenty of corruption here and a damned sight more among the Brussels bureaucrats.
  12. The Tory poltician is mentioned here, so is the the little green man. Why though no mention of the SNP politicians here, I would have thought their support must have been significant when contract awarded????? No murmurs of protest from them as far as I remember. Possibly a bit of dark dealing here too in the Holyrood chambers. The same as elsewhere, just kept a bit quieter in Scotland by our rulers.
  13. Quite right to point this out George but that's the way things are in the UK nationally. One has to wonder about all or politicians after the hash Serco made of running the probation service when it was privatised some years ago, and the scandal when they were running the criminal tagging process. The probation service is now back to government run, and Serco was fined millions for fraud when the tagging scandal broke. They were even claiming for people who had died. Despite this, the Scottish government puts this company in charge of the Northern Isles ferries. They got the contract despite other parties offering a better deal. What's going on behind the scenes here then?
  14. There's corruption in politics everywhere, there's no purity in politics. One thing however is certain, that lunatic Trump needs to be removed from the position he now holds. Hopefully the US electorate will remove him from office, for all our sakes.
  15. Well yes George, there is an awful lot of people, (or a lot of awful people whichever way you want to look at it), now in Shetland that vote SNP. Oil has brought new wealth to Shetland and it has also brought changes many of which have been for the better. It also has its downside. Shetland has always been very different to mainland Scotland, throughout history, and I dont fully understand why people would wish to change that. Clans, kilts, and tartan tam o shanters have their place in mainland Scotland and should be left there. The SNP which belongs mainly in the central belt, is interested in Shetland only because of the oil, gas, and fishing wealth that is concentrated here. To pretend otherwise is pure fantasy, politicians are all the same they will look after themselves and their cronies. The SNP are being torn apart from within, despite and partly because of the iron hand of nippy Nicola and her husband. This will get worse before it gets better. Banner waving, anti English rhetoric, and tartan kilted terrorists should be confined to that central belt, and Shetland should be allowed to continue in its historically welcoming way to all comers. Shetland should not have to change its ways to suit anyone, whether from mainland Scotland, Ireland, Wales, or England. Or incomers from anywhere else for that matter.
  16. I see a second Trump golf course has got the go ahead at Menie in Aberdeensire. This whole project came about due to Alex Salmond sucking up to Trump when he held a position of authority in Scotland. The first golf course has lost substantial amounts of money but Aberdeenshire council have still given the go ahead for the second. This is despite objections from SEPA who exist basically to protect the environment. The sand dunes at Menie have now lost their status as an SSSI due to the damage done already to the area, but the destruction continues. Alex Salmond is no longer in that position of power but nippy Nicola is. Perhaps the SNP would like to step in here and try to address this issue by halting further destruction on this scenic area. Or is Nicola and her unelected, top SNP executive/CEO/husband/advisor, also in cahoots with Trump, as Salmond was before them? The locals are furious about this but of course their opinions matter little, bit like the Viking wind farm really. Any downsides for a few locals, however serious, are of no importance. Tis for the greater good, the wealth of the few. As Trump might say, "Let's drain the swamp."
  17. Well fair enough! But hey! if the russians were so eager to get Trump elected in 2016, and apparently they were interfering, would it not be fair to assume they would like the imbecile to get another 4 years?
  18. Is this the same story posted by Macenemy or whatever her name is? Trumps woman with the facts???? Apparently her posting of a story such as this has been removed from twitter and elsewhere due to serious doubts about its origin or its facts.
  19. Yes George I have considered the UK government record and this just proves politicians are all the same. The SNP portraying themselves as whiter than white has come back to bite them. They are as crooked and as guilty of hypocracy as the rest of them. Politicians as a species are interested mainly in their own short term financial benefit, and will say or do anything either publicly or behind the scenes to achieve that personal goal. As we have seen, that applies to both Westminster and Holyrood.
  20. Well lets have a close look at the criminal fiascos at Holyrood shall we George? Our Nicola and Salmond enquiry, Salmond's dodgy behaviour generally, Margaret Ferrier and her justifiable attacks on Cumming then her own more serious sins, Mackay and the grooming scandal, (like Ferrier still on full pay), and other SNP politicians who have been through the court systems. "Let he who is without sin.....etc."
  21. Well George, I really dont think Shetland, (or Orkney for that matter), have any reason to be proud of any links with Scottish nobility, we certainly have no reason to be grateful. James lll was a pretty useless monarch by all accounts, and if we have a close look at James V and that bar steward son of his Earl Patrick, we have every reason to despise Scottish nobility. We must demolish Scalloway and Muness castles as they were built using forced, slave labour by our Scottish masters. I remember an SNP man holding a photoshoot at Scalloway castle. Bit of an own goal that really.
  22. I read now that a French fishing captain has said we are facing naval battles if we walk away without a deal. It has been said many times by remainers that the fishing industry is only a tiny part of the UK economy, and really not worth getting excited about. It seems the French are prepared to enter into battle over it. They must feel it's a major part of their economy eh? They certainly seem excited about it!
  23. It has been said that "Conceptual Art" is basically practised by those that can't draw. Maybe that's unfair! I am assuming that the latest eye-opening exhibition by Shetland Arts falls into that category. One exhibit shows an artist posing in a converted greenhouse wearing what is described as "wearable art." Tracy Emin's "unmade bed" made headlines some years ago and the modern art world has not improved significantly as far as I can see. This latest exhibition by Shetland Arts is presumably funded by us and is intended to make us think about things. I have thought about it and have come to the conclusion that if you want "wearable art," buy a fair isle joopy.
  24. All SNP supporters have now witnessed the second Cumming! Aka Margaret Ferrier.
  25. I agree with you yet again George, it has little to do with us. However that doesn't stop those in these isles who seem determined to highlight the whole thing, therefore encouraging more marchers and protesters and more chaos. The protest marchers should be pointing to affected communities worldwide, insisting they need to look inward to solve their murder rate problem. They need to change their attitudes and face the fact that they need to connect with police to take the gunslingers off the streets. The police and the community need to work together, the hoodlums need to be brought to book whatever their colour. And looking at the murder rate the main problem is with the black communities. That fact needs to be faced.
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