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  1. Yeah Cossie3k I was just about to say that. [***Mod edit - Content removed, please see T & C's***] My car is mostly fibreglass. It has a big wing. It has exapensive wheels. It's loud. It's Japanese meaning it's mostly standard. It's also my pride and joy and costs me more than the average morgage each month to run. Being tar'ed with the "boy racer" brush is very upsetting. I'm a car inthusiast. [***Mod edit - Content removed, please see T & C's***] We all have our hobbies and interests.
  2. i completly argee about people and roundabouts up here. also normaly on a roundabout the road possitioning of the car gives away the direction they want to be heading in..... most people dont see this. if there taking the 3rd exit they will stay hard to the left... it should be hard to the roundabout itself. i supose when the older generations done there tests there was no trafic lights or roundabouts up here
  3. shetland motorsport club is trying to promote road saftey......... the council dosent seem to want to let them do it though as they wont be making any money out of it
  4. latest was there battling with planning permition.
  6. what is he doing? i mean thoes 50cc scooters can do 30mph flat out!?!?
  7. And you're so special because you drive an Audi ! You cheeky little toe rag ! How dare you slate other drivers because of the car they drive ! Wash your mouth out ! Or I would love to do it for you........... wee got a biiteerrr
  8. theres a bit of a scrappy in yell. id love a proper scrappy though!
  9. is that even with private hill climb compititions?
  10. yeah hill climb events would be brilliant. drag drift sprint
  11. theres always one!.... anyway ive added it on FB, cheers peter
  12. hi there, im setting up this thread to chat about the club. i have heard that there is a meeting in cunjo hall next week about starting it up again. does anyone have information about times and dates as im sure there will be a fair few interested in this. cheers
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