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    sludgegulper reacted to Frances144 in Alistair Carmichael "slammed for taking £10k from billionaire arms dealer"   
    Ethics!  Is that like Sussex?
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    sludgegulper reacted to NullVoid in Covid 19 / Coronavirus   
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    sludgegulper reacted to Evil Inky in Covid 19 / Coronavirus   
    That's exactly what the inhabitants of the hollow earth want you to think! Open your eyes, people, before it's too late!
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    sludgegulper reacted to Evil Inky in Covid 19 / Coronavirus   
    A bit alarmist: there have been fewer than 3,000 deaths in the whole of China, which is much less than 1% of the population of Wuhan (11 million).
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    sludgegulper reacted to Wheelsup in Inter Island Ferry Service   
    The Electric Train from Sumburgh to Brae stopping at Lerwick would be excellent.
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    sludgegulper reacted to Urabug in Sullom Voe Terminal   
    Am I not correct,that the future of SVT depends on whether they send the oil from the Clair Oil Field (2) to Sullom Voe or load it offshore.
    If SVT dosn't get this oil,it might not be viable to keep it open and then they will not require a power station,or very little power at all..
    I agree that the energy from the flare stack could surely have been "captured" and used for something ,rather than being wasted and causing more pollution , but it is something I know very little about.
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    sludgegulper reacted to Nigel Bridgman-Elliot in Black Gaet roundabout?   
    > Main point being is all your doing is moving half the junction further up the road, and thus the problem still remains.

    Which problem is that specifically ?
    I thought the problem was difficulty in coming out of the turning and seeing to your right ?
    Is there another problem of folk turning into the turning such as shown in your video ?
    (A problem one could say is the same for any turning !)

    You could solve that one by the same kind of approach as Spaghetti Junction !


    > Second you have to fill all that area to make it level with that section of road. It’s also got a ditch in that area for land draining.
    > I don’t think the land owner would be happy to have a flooded field.

    You could install a pipe / tunnel for the water to travel through to solve the flooding issue, or build the road on stilts.

    I thought also one of the issues was the steep turning road, with the output moved you could end that steep part before you hit the main road, allowing for a nice long stretch of flat road for people to stop more easily in bad conditions.

    All this talk of junctions reminds me of the Tesco car park entrance and associated lead afterwards into said carpark, not being wide enough for two vehicles to easily pass enough other..
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    sludgegulper reacted to cicero in Black Gaet roundabout?   
    How about driving with more care and attention.
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    sludgegulper reacted to Ghostrider in Poll - 2019 Shetland MSP by-election   
    Talk of the devil......
    SIBC Headline.
    Like a stuck record......sausage, no entertainment this time.
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    sludgegulper reacted to Ghostrider in Poll - 2019 Shetland MSP by-election   
    Where does the Lord of Forvik stand on all this?
    Would they even allow him on the boat to go back and fore to Holyrood if he won?
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    sludgegulper reacted to Claadehol in How can you get an aerosol up here?   
    There is an aerosol up here, he has been vandalising cars in Lerwick.
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    sludgegulper reacted to Colin in What happened to news print media?   
    Haven't bought the Times in a lot of years but, I can remember when no work was done on a Friday because everybody was reading the paper and the Classifieds section had higher prices than Sotheby's !
    Access to the internet has brought a massive change in the way we do everything..
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    sludgegulper reacted to BigMouth in Local Food Reviews - Dining Out & Take Aways   
    Magno - superb range of ice creams - including parma violet!
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    sludgegulper reacted to suuusssiiieee in Polecats   
    Quite a few indoors at Lerwick Toon Hall. that need sorted out too.
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    sludgegulper reacted to Shetland_boys in Hay’s Dock Cafe Restaurant closes   
    Such a shame. I can see a few more closing in a year or two, there are too many restaurants in Lerwick.
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    sludgegulper reacted to Colin in Hay’s Dock Cafe Restaurant closes   
    To many eateries chasing to few eaters ?  Classic over-provision perhaps ?
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    sludgegulper reacted to tarsus in Is there a God - or isn't there?   
    Wow , This is interesting, now what about reincarnation and past lives.
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    sludgegulper reacted to Colin in Is there a God - or isn't there?   
    Is there a Santa Claus or a Tooth Fairy ?
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    sludgegulper reacted to Colin in Sea Scouts   
    Not into that sort of stuff myself but, wouldn't this be a great opportunity for the Charitable Trust to buy the building for them ?
    It's what it's there for isn't it ?
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    sludgegulper reacted to Ajamieson358 in Vape batteries   
    Cheers for the reply’s guys, iv searched the island far and wide, but nae luck Tesco does do vapes but it’s whole ones, and they aren’t the very good ones, there’s also a shop on commercial street but that didn’t sell batteries either, cheers
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    sludgegulper reacted to trout in Pugs   
    Most of the pug / random breed adverts that pop up on Shetlink are unfortunately scam artists from lands far far away! If it looks too good to be true / dodgy in any way please report it immediately and we'll endeavour to take it down and ban that individual. Sometimes this process can be quick sometimes may take a little time to do - so please bear with us and keep yourself aware!
    With that, there are genuine people on here helping to re-home dogs. The user Mazeemoo for instance can on occasion post various dog breeds and is definitely a real-world person! So there are adverts you can be assured are honest and truthful!
    Hope this helps.
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    sludgegulper reacted to hakama in Smoking is carcinogenic and it kills   
    After doing their body in they then expect the NHS. to fix things so whatever you do it does impact on other people.
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    sludgegulper reacted to George. in Smoking is carcinogenic and it kills   
    Why, when we have all known for decades that smoking is carcinogenic, do so many people continue to smoke tobacco? Not just that, why do so many people, be they children, teenagers and even adults, still start smoking when they know fine well what the result will be?
    Why is it still legal to sell tobacco, why is it still legal to buy tobacco and why is it still legal to inflict cancer on both yourself and those around you. Why it quite legal to destroy your lungs with COPD or asthma?
    NHS Shetland has agreed to add its name to a national charter for a tobacco-free generation.
    Hopefully tobacco will be made illegal, whether it be to buy, sell or smoke - for ever.
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    sludgegulper reacted to Roachmill in Local Food Reviews - Dining Out & Take Aways   
    How long is it?
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    sludgegulper reacted to mikeyboy in Shetland's airports (and parking)   
    "Hial don’t own the road. It’s the SIC"
    It is a public road so belongs to us all but is administered and maintained by the council on our behalf.
    So hopefully we won't see any barriers built on our property.
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