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  1. My wife has always wanted a campervan, so that’s one easy way.
  2. (I do realise that your post is nearly five years old - so please forgive me if you have since left Shetland or are no longer a vegetarian, etc.) Did you get any feedback about a Vegetarian Dinner Club on Shetland?? I (and my wife) have been vegetarian about 32 years (and our children were vegetarian since birth) and are hoping to move to Shetland in the next few years, so would be interested to hear whether anything took off. Whatever your answer/silence, no problem. All the best Philip
  3. I think I might be getting my thanking for which post crossed. Sorry Needless to say. Thank you all. It’s good to get such positive (and constructive) feedback.
  4. Thank you. Good food for thought. In some ways, we prefer the colder weather - pale skin and ginger-ish (although my hair (what there is of it) began turning white in my mid-20s !). Where we (currently) live isn’t brilliant for weather either - being on the wrong (geographically) side of Dartmoor means that we do get a lot of rain, plus, as we are in a valley, we see -10 degrees quite often (during winter) and we have less (not compared to Shetland) light. I much prefer having to wrap up warm that being too hot. But I can understand the problems you mention. Really good idea about renting. We did that with our current location - but based it on school for our children - we bought a house and then (because of the atrocious pastoral care) they moved to a new school (13 miles away) within two years !! Again, thank you for your time (and as always) kindness at reaching out.
  5. [my first reply disappeared, so apologies if I repeat myself] Yes, yes, yes. Thank you for your reply. We both spent our childhoods in a very working class part of Yorkshire, but have moved all over the country since then, following our own education and work. As such we’ve never had the time to make friends and we have no family (except our grown up children at University). We’re also non-drinkers, vegetarian and don’t like (particularly mainstream) sport. We like art, cars [i used to have a Caterham 7 and ride a BMW mitorbike], theatre, music, comedy, films, dogs, cats and pigs (having had three pet Kune-Kunes for 13 years), good food, craft, museums, etc. and have put everything into our children and their education. Having worked in a community myself (as a Community Development Worker and (separately) the manager of a Volunteer Bureau) I have spent a lot of (wonderful and rewarding) time with people who have severe learning and physical difficulties, promoting inclusion and equality. So, we’re looking to be a part of a community and make friends and finally (at the age of 52), settle down. We’ve been plagued all our working lives by politics (with a small ‘p’) and want to be somewhere that has an open mind, heart and arms (!?). We’re somewhat eclectic and have never seem to find the right “jigsaw” to fit into - we now hope its going to be Shetland. As for places to settle, we’ve actually looked (online) at Brae and it seems to be a good mix of amenities, housing and community. But, as you know (especially now) the housing market is a little static (!). But, I’m also concerned about Radon gas, having lived in an area of high levels (Dartmoor) for the last fourteen years (added to my own anxiety and depression problems) it always is an issue ??? I’m into Agatha Christie books, films of Luc Besson and have collected pens and watches until recently (although I have had to sell them all to help our children with their university fees and living expenses). My wife is looking forward (!) to working in a new area and although I realise that there is a finite range of jobs within the NHS, her tremendous experience, qualifications and expertise will (hopefully) go a long way... I myself though, am now retired - partly through my business drying up and poor (mental) health, but would I love to take on some voluntary role. Anyway, that’s me/us - one of my biggest problems is that I am far too honest and open [see above] and this, in the past has either been used against me or, instantly, puts people off - plus I am extremely socially awkward and my anxiety stops me doing most things. I’ve always been proud to be bohemian/“weird”, but it does lead to isolation sometimes. Thank you again for your time and best wishes.
  6. Thank you. That is really interesting. Communities/countries have always evolved (not necessarily in a positive way), there are always ethical and moral issues that should be taken into account. Keeping an open mind and listening is a vital part of life if we, as a race, wish to survive. Migration can destroy or make communities stronger (or something in between), but I believe that we can all learn from each other, we all have differences and things will always become more complicated when emotions become involved. As this pandemic has proved, we all need each other and should work together to better society and the world, in general, be less selfish and understanding. Being human, should be about caring for one another and not forcing your own agenda. Life is tough at times... ...as we all know “interesting times” can also be a curse !!! All the best Philip [sorry if that’s a little confused/political/idealist/meandering/cliched - it is 04:30 and insomnia takes its toll ! - none of this is meant to be negative or disparaging - so I do hope that I haven’t caused any offence]
  7. Thank you both. It is fantastic to hear something positive for a change. Hopefully, we’ll get our house on the market soon and then our new adventure can begin.
  8. Hi, I wonder if anyone can offer advice ?? My wife and I are looking at moving permanently to Shetland - in the next few years (the sooner the better). My question is, How open/welcoming is Shetland to incomers (especially the English - although we haven’t thought of ourselves as English for the last 30+ years!) ? We want to be a part of the community and make friends - sadly, over the last 25+ years, we’ve never really fitted in anywhere - especially given the fact that we have moved 13 times (because of work and education) and so have never really set down any roots or, with work, the time or energy. My wife will look to find work - she’s a Community Matron/District Nurse Manager, but I have retired - having myself, been everything from a Composer, Lecturer in IT/Music, NVQ assessor, Community Development Worker and finally, a (State Registered) Music Therapist - for children with a Physical, Mental and Learning Difficulties. In my search for information about living in a Scottish Island, I messaged Skye’s “Tourist Board” and was told, quite plainly that we weren’t wanted and that it was, because of incomers, that none of the younger generation could afford to buy a house. I could understand the sentiment, but hadn’t expected it in quite that tone. Our children are both grown up and at university one in London and one in Dundee, so we’ve got a bit more freedom. I’m also rather shy/socially awkward, having suffered from Anxiety and Clinical Depression most of my life. So, now heading towards our mid-fifties, we want to break free and finally live life - can we do this on Shetland? So please, does anyone have any advice ? All the best Philip
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