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  1. i have not named her yet, iam open to any suggestions tho. whats all this racism talk about? has something bad been said?
  2. i was thinking to break out the lawn mower today since the green pick is coming back but with the crippleing fuel prices i didnt bother so i have invested in a wooly godess to trim the lawn, she is a very friendly creature and iam slowly falling in love with her hope she enjoys staying over in the garden but iam not sure if i need to get one of this fancy tags for her or will i get in trouble if i dont?
  3. get over it, look on the bright side it will brighten up your grotty grey street. maybe we should all get some spray paint and have a go
  4. dis voe pies are just no balluddy use
  5. the hot water bottle or the flattie? or even the 40oz?
  6. i would love a can but i have the shakes that bad i dont think i could pick it up without spilling it, i pull upon him to try an keep me away from the pub but it only lasts a few minutes
  7. i cant stay away from the pub, do i have a problem? all i can thin about is drink and all i do is drink, what can i do to get out of this? please help
  8. how about you get everybody to but a volvo with running lights then you mite stop moaning about it
  9. hows aboot we set up a fund for a few outboards for when dat time comes
  10. should the lifeline ferries for the isles suffer huge cut backs to pay for the running of mareel?
  11. what is it we dis weather, when is it goin tae dry up! i cana get me tattie rig ploughed for lyin tae da balls we da old tractor
  12. have you tried closing your eyes?
  13. voe pies went doon hill when they started using the horrible cubed chicken which i wid say came oot oh a tin, it was good when they used real bits oh chicken
  14. when your thrown out for somebody else trying to fight with you then some understaning wouldnt go a miss
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