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  1. Hello Andy The Thule gamers meet every Thursday night at the Isleburgh center at about 1830 to 2130. There is an active Facebook page is you are on that. There is also a Sunday club which also meets at the Isleburgh which mostly plays Games Workshop style games.
  2. Looking at just at the export of cattle is only seeing part of the problem. The major cause of deforestation is the growing of Soya which is used as animal feed.
  3. I use the Northboat a fair amount and think it is pretty good to be honest. The service and food is better and they shut the bar at night now. However I have never used a pod as have never had any problems booking a cabin.
  4. Going to be open on Sunday which is a plus.
  5. The only red tape at present is Excise Duty on the alcohol. For still wine, the first 90 litres you import is tax and duty free.You can only bring in 60 litres of sparkling wine Excise duty free. Well thanks for the info but I will not be ordering anytime soon. Is that the level of discourse here? Somebody points out the facts on one of your bizarre statements and you seemingly think it is funny. I would be embarrassed.
  6. If we ever manage to leave the EU I'd hope nobody in the UK would want to buy their wine, or anything else from them, but if they did, I'd expect the EU to only be willing to sell us bottles of water masquerading as wine. Let the EU leaders drown in their damn wine the way they've carried on. Old Junker (any relative of the JU 88 maker?) is well on his way to doing just that by all appearances. The rest can follow him as quickly as they can. Your comments are just ridiculous!
  7. Strange i though all agreements had to be voted on by all parties,why did "the deal" fail three times I suppose to many the SNP, Libs, Labour and all the other parties would have come up with something better . Lets remember who is calling the tune here and it might seem like a UK political party was in charge but IMHO it was the EU representatives who were in charge all the way through and still are. It would not have made one iota of differ which party was negotiating ,but someone more "powerful" than May would have got us there a lot quicker . If the EU wants us to leave they just have to push us out and close the door ,but there is no sign of that, no they need somewhere for there boats to fish ! The Tories with their DUP allies had a majority! So obviously didn't all vote for Mays deal. The other parties may have come up with a better deal but never got a chance. Come to think of it the SNP proposal was pretty good. What you expect the EU 27 to roll over and give the UK whatever it wants? Maybe you did as that is what Gove etc promised that this would be the easiest deal ever done. Someone more " powerful " , now we just needed to take the negotiations seriously. When did the EU say they wanted us to leave? As for fishing do you honestly think that is all what this is about? But then you maybe do as you think International trade is as easy as nipping to Tesco.
  8. Just asking you to explain your comment. At the time I remember it being in the papers that he was rebuffed but when I looked into it that didn't seem to be the case. Of course he didn't get everything he wanted but that is negotiations for you. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-politics-eu-referendum-35622105
  9. Yes Cameron started this, but the whole if parliament agreed to proceed I am asking you what changes the EU refused to give to Cameron?
  10. Really what did Cameron not get? The Brexit process has been driven by the Tory party the blame lies squarely at their door
  11. Just to be clear. I agree with this bit the rest is nonsense. "The only real difference of opinion between your average leave and remain voter is that a leave voter believes that the 'collateral damage' in the short term created by leaving will be more than compensated for by the longer term benefits of being rid of Brussels, while the remain voter believes the collateral damage is unreasonable and we will be worse off out than in."
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