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  1. This is hilarious! It is Mays deal! She handicapped herself by losing her majority, ridiculous Red lines and not facing up to the ERG. The Tory party owns this situation and it is they who are destroying the UK.
  2. No we just have to accept that a referendum is advisory unless it specifically says so in the legislation. The only progress that an election would bring is that a no deal Brexit would happen on the sly.
  3. The only option that has been attempted is Mays deal and she couldn't get that through parliament. Did the ERG vote for it and thus achieve Brexit?
  4. Who do you speak for? What exactly are you threatening?
  5. End democracy? What are you talking about? What do you think Boris is trying to do?
  6. "We're in a very unusual if not unique situation. The referendum produced a 'leave' majority, yet a subsequent election produced what appeared to be a 'remainer' majority parliament, which wasn't promising for getting anything done. May, an apparent 'remainer' tried for three years to push through just about every alternative to a 'No deal' there is, and couldn't get it past either parliament, the EU, or both." No she really didn't! may constrained and handicapped herself right from the beginning and finally with no ideas and no wiggle room she just kept trying the same old deal.
  7. Almost correct the judicial review was won due to Leslie Evans seeming bias. Nothing to do with meetings with Nicola Sturgeon. Not sure if it was incompetence but seems strange that Evans ignored the investigation procedure that she wrote in tandem with head of HR who's name escapes me at the moment.
  8. "I was only suggesting that having screwed the SNP for half a million" It has already been pointed out this is untrue, why do you persist in saying this?
  9. Yes that means that 51.89% of those that were able to or interested enough to vote voted leave. Which is not the same as the majority of Great Britain. But thanks for posting a reference.
  10. Or suddenly realised that they can't take the Shetland voter for granted anymore.
  11. Sounds more like he intends to fulfill his promises.
  12. It was about the meetings between senior civil servants and the people who eventually made complaints. Sturgeon reported herself to the parliamentary investigation which is not what the court case was about. So was the legal battle with the SNP or not?
  13. The legal battle was with the Scottish Government. Nothing to do with one party but how Leslie Evans handled the case.
  14. Not really just a candidate in a by-election addressing local issues which is perfectly normal. Be honest you were never going to vote SNP were you?
  15. There was some Manga in Cope last time I was there. A couple of volumes of Appleseed and something else.
  16. If you are signed in just click on the classifieds button at the top of the page and it comes up. Just tried it and works fine.
  17. I would have thought that Hamars Ness would be an ideal site for this?
  18. Interesting legal view on a No deal Brexit. https://ukhumanrightsblog.com/2019/03/19/no-deal-brexit-may-be-unlawful-a-view-from-rose-slowe/#more-102268
  19. The PM can make an agreement it just needs to go through parliament to change UK law. You know like the withdrawal agreement. I seem to remember that only all negative SI have to go to both houses but saying that I haven't been involved in working wit Legislation for over 20 years.
  20. That SI was laid before parliament and passed by the house on the 27th March.
  21. Have been eating in the Raba a fair amount the last couple of weeks. I must say that the food has been excellent and has really stepped up a gear. I couldn't help but think that the place is a bit quiet nowadays.
  22. If it's a charity, then why not state the name of the charity and the Scottish registration number? I suspect not, because the dogs are coming from Spain. Now it might well be the case that the individual is a volunteer for the Spanish organisation and there is an organisation for adopting Spanish dogs which is a registered charity in Scotland (is it the same one though?); the thing is, there is NO information on the advert to actually categorically state that it is on behalf of a registered charity. To me, there's far too many adverts for pets these days by ANY charity which really are emotional blackmail. They are run as a business; I have a friend in London who adopted from a medium-sized charity and before you know it, not only was she told which local vets to use, but also that she really should sign up for dog training classes with a specific individual ... and they weren't cheap and she ended up going to a different, better qualified dog trainer! It might well be the case that the person in Shetland isn't making a packet out of this, or, for that matter, this particular organisation in Spain but there are most definitely some adoption agencies that are basically big businesses. What does concern me are home checks and whether or not this particular organisation would take back a dog if things didn't work out; that's what is deemed good practice by decent dog breeders these days, yet sometimes I've seen people state on Facebook that they have an adopted dog and it can't go back to the adoption agency. That's strange, because with the larger UK dogs charities, it's a condition of the contract with them. Facebook doesn't permit pet sales any more (not that you'd notice!) and the Government are encouraging people not to buy pets over the internet so I can understand why some would rather not see this type of ad by what might well be an unregulated organisation here on Shetlink or it's new sidekick/whatever the pesky new ad section is called. If you are that concerned you should contact her like I did. I can only comment on my situation. My house was home checked after being interviewed on the phone and filling a questionnaire. The dog is still part owned by the charity and I have to contact them if I wanted to sell, give away or major medical procedure. The person in question is a volunteer for a large dog rescue organisation in Spain but also deals with rescues from the UK. I have met her and she seems a nice person and is genuinely an animal lover but is maybe not the most IT savvy person.
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