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  1. perhaps you could give us more tips on self sufficiency in that Forum??
  2. Do you mean personally Mikeyboy? This year I grew mange tout, beetroot, carrots, herbs, potatoes in bags (test) leeks, toms and cues didn't do so well. This was my first year growing veg up here, very different from South East England... Was very pleased with the results, all grown in my little council house front garden. Interesting, Mangetout did that grow outside? We tried to grow beetroots as well but they came out like thin carrots? How much land do you have to be self sufficient?
  3. Ahh I see perhaps a bit too obvious who we were talking about.
  4. What sort of things do you grow in fetlar Voicebox?
  5. I see the thread on the airport cafe vanished while I was sleeping. What happened? Did somebody say something they shouldn't have?
  6. This is the bit that worries me. Are you serious this guy is one of the best cooks you have ever worked with? That just beggars belief. By the way who called him an [***Mod edit - content removed***]?
  7. I shouldn't have to complain to anybody to get decent service or food, Should I? So we are in the wrong for not complaining to the guy and putting up with more of his attitude. a very strange attitude to take. There are 170 people on this rig all passing through Sumburgh and everybody mentions the food and the attitude of the guy. I would suggest that " Are you F****ing lot still here" is not a way to greet customers.
  8. I should say though that the dark haired girl with the glasses is always cheerful and polite.
  9. I am forced to use the cafe as I travel to work from Sumburgh. In the past I have had to wait 8 hours for a chopper. So have had to use the cafe for Breakfast and Lunch. I am always polite to the chap in question and always will be. Hopefully someday this will rub off and he might actually develop some common courtesy. I haven't actually complained to the management as I am always wary of the potential knock on effects to that individual. But I don't think I should have to complain to get decent food and treatment. I had hoped there would be an improvement when the Hotel took over the contract again but I am afraid this is not the case.
  10. Has anybody eaten in the airport cafe recently? I have been forced to use it quite a lot this year and every time I do it seems worse. The food is absolutely awful and the service is worse. [***Mod edit - content removed***], I know a smile is asking to much but you could try a please or thank you. I feel sorry for any visitor who has to use it. What a lovely memory of Shetland to take home.
  11. Whats the going rate for a Sheepskin rug anyway?
  12. Plenty of folk homebrewing. I used to buy my stuff from the net or off Roda and line when it was still open. But now I just hang off and stock up when South. Any of the Tesco extras sell load of homebrew stuff.
  13. This is as much of a massive sweeping statement as saying all Poles are crooks. Sorry that sounds a bit harsh and antagonistic. But for every law abiding hard working Eastern European immigrant I have met I have also met others that are lazy and dishonest. I would however say that the chaps comments should be reported to the Police and let them tell you if there is a case or you could speak to the citizens advice bureau.
  14. I wonder how the crisis talks went then?
  15. I was chuffed to find one of her albums in the Clives sale. Got it for £1.50
  16. Thats interesting because the bullying was the reason we didn't use Brae. We know first hand of quite a few incidents but it does make you wonder if one kid was at the center off it. Bad apples and all that.
  17. I never realised Sandwick had a high school. I suppose that would be doable but Scalloway to Aith might be a bit of a trek. By the way Millie I wouldn't advise you to send your kids to Brae. I have heard that the bullying there is very bad. My son attends the Anderson and I will be asking him about what has been going on at lunchtime. Although i do know that he wouldn't stand by and watch an old person person be abused.
  18. There is a skills shortage in the offshore industry at the moment. This has been caused by the usual boom and bust carousel of the operators. As soon as things go quiet they lay people off. Then when things are booming as they are at the moment they can't get the people to come back. Regarding the gas plant or Sullom Voe in general. All I can say is that there does seem to be a reluctance to recruit local labour. I tried to get a relative of mine a position with the company I work for. Even though they were advertising in the local press and I spoke directly to the chap doing the hiring they would not take on a local.
  19. What other High school is available?
  20. Did I hear on the radio that the Shetland Fudge company had their windows smashed?? I hope that wasn't over this issue.
  21. I can't get enough of this crazy lady
  22. Why don't you check out some of the radio stations available on the internet. You can do a search by genre. If you like the sound of something take a note of the name of the band and then look out for more of their stuff.
  23. I bought a solar floodlight from lakeland plastics. It was pretty cheap under £20 or so. You could put the solar panel on the roof of the shed with the floodlight and the sensor inside. Then the light will come on when you open the door.
  24. Bulter and Mulhearn by far. They aren't the cheapest but are reasonably priced and have a high standard of work. They are quite busy though. Best to phone them quite early in the morning or visit Derek in his office.
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