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  1. Also Bulter and Mulhearn for general building. Not the cheapest but bloody good.
  2. More to the point why would you have a guilty conscience about something that happened before you were born?
  3. I have always found Stewart Ainsworth very good. He is reliable,quick and trustworthy. Unlike other plumbers he always turns up when he says he will.
  4. Anyway back to low flying aircraft. I quite like seeing them as you get a chance to see what all that tax money is paying for.
  5. Get real Claudias if the Taliban had one they would use it. If we were in Afghanistan or not. There weren't any troops there when they took out the twin towers was there?
  6. I wasn't born in 45 so am not guilty of allowing anything to happen. You can feel as guilty as you want but don't speak for everybody else. Hiroshima was a result of the Japanese not knowing when they were beaten and saved hundreds of thousands of American and British lives.
  7. Unfortunately it looks like we can't look after our own affairs. This council staggers from one disaster to the next at the same time treating the public purse as a way of funding their own pet projects. Like any other citizen in this democracy I have the right to protest peacably and that is in no way mob rule.
  8. They probably didn't like the look of you. Were you wearing that baseball cap?
  9. There is a kid near me that is home schooled. Although I don't know what he is learning out on his bike all day.
  10. Depends what you mean by gay friendly? I would imagine Shetland is no more/less gay friendly than anywhere else.
  11. I second centreparcs. Whinfell forest is nice with lots to do.
  12. Just wondering how much land you have? Good idea though so mind and tell us how you get on. I would be interested to find out what problems you have and how you get round them. Cheers
  13. whos this sex offender in Firth then?
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