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  1. I got a rescue dog from Loving homes dog rescue Orkney the other year. The cost was almost £200. This charity is run by a couple from their home. They have raised money to build proper kennels etc. Not sure if they are on £180,000 year but I suspect not.
  2. Why would the moderator take it down? what rule is being broken? It is a charity not a business.
  3. If you do Facebook this page may be a more suitable place to ask questions. https://www.facebook.com/groups/livingworkingshetland/?source_id=202955506387424 Just out of interest what has attracted you to Shetland? Please don't mention the Gaelic you don't want to get off on the wrong foot do you?
  4. Are you suggesting the person who wrote that piece is a paedophile. Have you taken your evidence to the police?
  5. The idea that men die earlier due to overwork has been discounted for years. http://www.bbc.com/future/story/20151001-why-women-live-longer-than-men
  6. Hi. Times are 1830 to 2130. If you reach out through the Facebook page loads of members meet up for gaming at various times.
  7. The co-op are selling off their white goods.
  8. George Robertson delivers and installs plus takes your old washing machine away.
  9. Hello there. The Thule gamers meet every Thursday night at the Isleburgh center Lerwick. If you are on Facebook you can check out the Facebook page.
  10. Yeah! we were are the table but our opinions carried about as much weight as a fart in a force 10 gale. Beat me to it Davie, complete stoness! More and more this place is just an echo chamber for certain people. Too much uninformed opinion on this forum dressed up as facts. Don't tell me they are alternative facts. As they say I am out.
  11. Is that your evidence? Can you come up with some figures that show that every single country in the EU is stripping our seas bare?
  12. UK had a seat at the top table shaping and writing those regulations. As always your post is short on facts.
  13. No not really. https://fullfact.org/europe/eu-pinching-our-fish/
  14. That statement isn't really true though is it George?
  15. The toll gates are as you come out of the two main car parks. Loads of cars parked along the right side of the road and in that wee car park at the monument outside of toll gates.
  16. I am sure there was a court case in Glasgow a couple of years ago where NCP had to pay damages. This was after cars were damaged by fire I think. I have looked but can't find it on Google.
  17. Repeating the line was a cut and paste error which I edited absolutely nothing to do with being passive aggressive.
  18. I think you have missed the point or are you just moving the goal posts? "I do object to May pampering to the EU and promising that we'll adopt a load of existing EU legislation" The point I am making is that this EU legislation is already UK law. The UK had a hand in drafting and voting for the directives. Then the UK parliament debated, amended and then voted on the UK legislation.
  19. Barroso the then outgoing president of European Council did say that it would be difficult if not impossible for Scotland to join the EU if another member didn't approve. But what country would that be? Spain is often cited but the Spanish government has never to my knowledge said this. Would the UK have objected?
  20. I don't think May is a Remainer she is just incompetent. She identified Remain to keep in with Cameron and keep herself as home secretary where she was terribly out of her depth.
  21. "Civil servants do the background work regarding goods/services, taxations and tariffs, safety thresholds for products, etc. Embassy staff have traditionally promoted British firms/goods but it's been the individual firms themselves who have bid for the majority of contracts, got their goods in shops abroad, etc. The problem we're faced with is that those previously working at the DTI got re-deployed to Brussels. The other problem has been the amount of manufacturers who have lobbied the EU for changes in legislation/EU Directives that made things more favourable for them." Not sure where you are going with this? I don't think anybody has suggested anything else than that individual firms do the actual trading. What the governments do is decide tariffs and standards. Not background work but essential. So you realise that we don't have thousands of trade experts to negotiate all these wonderful trade deals with countries that we already trade with through the EU. I am still at a loss to understand how anybody thinks a medium sized country is somehow going to strike a better deal than a large trading block. Sorry I don't understand your last sentence in the context of Brexit. "I do object to May pampering to the EU and promising that we'll adopt a load of existing EU legislation, like on the Environment, into our laws before even negotiating on trade; it's none of their business! You don't see Japan/Australia doing that when they negotiate a trading deal. You don't see Japan/Australia agreeing as to what standard goods should be manufactured to that aren't going to be sold outside of each of those countries. May should have told the EU where to go jump and let us decide later which bits of legislation re the Environment, for example, to keep, with due process through Parliament." Applicable EU legislation has already been adopted into UK law since 1972. This was confirmed by the European union withdrawal act. What is happening now is a tidying up of British law through hundreds of SI which will come into effect if we leave the EU. All passed through parliament with due process. "There's another post doing the rounds on Facebook, one that reckons we can trade with the EU for up to 10 years under WTO rules should we leave the EU without a deal ... so if that's true (and heck, who knows, anyone?) then why the hell are we attempting to set up trade deals now? It does work both ways, and whilst the EU might collectively together be our largest individual trading partner (44%), that still leaves 66% elsewhere. Had we had any backbone and said that we were leaving without a deal and prepared for that from Day 1, I don't think the EU would be being as bullish as they are now." What trade through WTO rules and give up our sovereignty to an unelected undemocratic cabal! Although we are members of the WTO we still need to negotiate with them to trade and I believe any individual member can object and hold things up.
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