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  1. Had lunch in the museum the other day. They have a new system now where you have to go up to the counter to order and pay. The service seemed very rushed and the manager was practically running about the place in very loud shoes. Not sure why as the place was deserted. Waited ages for our food to arrive. Had the chowder and a smoked fish kedgeree. The chowder was OK but a bit bland, needs either more smoked fish or to be seasoned. The Kedgeree started off nice being a poached egg and smoked fish on top of the rice. The Fish was good but the rice was very clatchy. It had an overpowering taste off Turmeric I think. Very unpleasant! Normally I would have got a coffee and pudding but couldn't be bothered going and standing at the bar again. While I was there 4 people who didn't realise they had to order at the bar got up and left. I think this new system is part of a costcutting/streamlining exercise but to me isn't working. The front of house staff are rushing about but achieving very little meanwhile the kitchen is crazily overstaffed for the amount of covers.
  2. The usual hyperbole! None EEC immigration far outstrips EEC immigration to the UK. The UK government has and always had 100% control of this immigration. The UK has always been able to decide who we let in from the EEC but decided to not put in place the safeguards that other EEC countries did. Absolutely nothing to do with Brussels. After all Brussels just puts in to place the policies that the UK along with the other EEC countries helped shape.
  3. The Thule gamers are presenting their annual open day on 6th October 10-4 in the Isleburgh center Lerwick. A mixture of public participation war games, Role playing and card games will be displayed. Free admission!
  4. I Yeah but they'll be doing it in the healthy sea air with the benefit of a good view, so good for the soul! I think I'd prefer it if the NHS did the job properly they're there to do, look after bodies, and leave the looking after souls to those more specialised in that field. Isn't that is what this is doing? Encouraging people in the hospital to get out and have a walk and a bit of fresh air is surely a good thing. I walk around there quite a lot and don't see the alkies, smackheads and adolescent teens that you describe.
  5. It was a tongue in cheek reply to this line George "Don't know if they tell them to behave in the same way in Europe but we're out in March so what they do will be up to them." Not sure what fishing has to do with cycling but there you go https://www.google.co.uk/search?q=fish+cycling+meme&rlz=1C1KMZB_enUS564US564&tbm=isch&source=iu&ictx=1&fir=TkE9PSK_zUedhM%253A%252CvksKdMlC_GWAGM%252C_&usg=AFrqEzfP5vmNUVnRel3riUm4WcRLwl7LvA&sa=X&ved=2ahUKEwiTmb_dl7PdAhUML8AKHeYACscQ9QEwA3oECAAQCg#imgrc=NgnosQXCp4B9-M:
  6. I guess anything that gets people out and about walking is a good thing healthwise. They have probably tapped a source of funding from central government or EU that is ring fenced.
  7. Please justify your claim. Hopefully we are not actually leaving Europe George Wheelsup you seem to be blissfully unaware that the Government is porting over EU legislation into UK law on Brexit. Read this it may enlighten you: https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-politics-39266723
  8. Really? Yes George, somebody on here recently mentioned that they were scared to post due to negative comments. You immediately trolled their comment!
  9. I think the clue may be at the end of the video. One of the men had recently retired so perhaps the video was made as a wee reminder for the guy.
  10. Maybe an age thing. Certainly one I've used, and heard used often going back a good way. I was sure it used to be spelled 'cacque' and all, so its good to see someone else using that. As when I figured I'd best check I was remembering the spelling right, google was giving nothing for 'cacque', and all the hits were coming back for 'cack' - Which to me is the slang version, used by folk who can't spell properly in the first place. No as far as I am aware always cack handed. Being one of those words that came to Britain through the army in the Middle East where people wipe their bums with their Left hand and thus are cack handed. But of course off topic so apologies.
  11. So you can't then. What you could have said is that the Scottish parliament authorised the Scottish government to request a transfer of powers to hold a second referendum in 2017 but you didn't. Who do you speak for when you say most of us?
  12. Can you tell me when the Scottish Government defied democracy and aimed to split the UK?
  13. Speak to the guys at the Brae building center. They build sheds and may make something to suit your specific requirements.
  14. 88 Commercial street https://en-gb.facebook.com/thestringshetland/
  15. "Hial don’t own the road. It’s the SIC" It is a public road so belongs to us all but is administered and maintained by the council on our behalf. So hopefully we won't see any barriers built on our property.
  16. I always thought that there should be an ability test. If you can hold the torch up safely for x amount of time then you can join.
  17. Seems to have been a bit of coming and going in Mossbank recently and I know of 1 house that has just been vacated.
  18. For those interested I notice that the CO-OP in Lerwick has a small supply of Bamboo toothbrushes. Should just mention that the Hillswick shop has a good supply of environmentally friendly products as well.
  19. The Grey lidded bin is not reserved for plastics, but is for plastic bottles, Tins, Drinks cans and drinks cartons.
  20. autoglass come to your door in shetland just the same as anywhere else Didn't come to my door either. They did however drop me in town and then picked me up again when the job was finished.
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