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  1. Pretty sure these folk are not all on the 'licensing forum'. I think some of them could just be the ones who turned up as many licensed premises were asked to.
  2. Lovely to have a tree back at da cross but truly hellish lights!
  3. A few years ago I had a cooker I'd bought fae da Hydro and da fan geed in it while it was still under da guarantee. I phoned dem and somebody fae Domestic & General phoned me back tae tell me dat dey would send a man round tae fix it. It was a boy dat was working at da Malakoff dat cam - but after hours (not through da Malakoff). He had da contract to fix things we either da Hydro or Domestic & General.
  4. I've bought loads fae dem in da past too and never had any cause to complain. Shop staff are always very nice and helpful and recently ordered a bit through them for a broken appliance and they couldn't have been better. Very worried though that if my new kitchen equipment goes feet up I'll be left high & dry! Have you advised NEFF that they won't deal with your repair?
  5. The original post worries me greatly! Mainly because my new kitchen came with all NEFF appliances (and I paid extra for an extended guarantee)! If Geordie Robertsons are the NEFF agents up here do they not have to fix anything that is still under guarantee and charge NEFF for the job? It's not like they are loosing out - NEFF should be paying them for their time and business is business, whoever foots da bill.
  6. Agree aboot Lerwick DIY - guy is very helpful. Was in there yesterday and got most of what I need for a DIY job this weekend but unfortunately one of the essential items was not in stock. While driving past F. Williamson's this morning I saw their staff there so phoned to check if they were open. Nope, closed to get things ready for the 'big sale'. I told them I knew exactly what I needed, where it was, that it would take me 2 mins to pick it up, explained that without it I couldn't do any of the rest of the job and would pay cash so they didn't have to switch on their till but they wouldn't let me buy it. I phoned Anderson & Cluness and although they weren't open Ivor was nipping to the shop anyway so I could come down and pick up my purchase no problem. Well done LK DIY and Anderson & Cluness on superb customer service
  7. What works for wan dusna work for da next! I have in da past tried most sprays we nae luck as I get eaten alive by da peerie buggers! I tried skin so soft and dey never touched me. I watched dem hovering above my bare arms but dey never landed. Did get bitten though on da back o my neck where I'd forgotten to spray!
  8. Do's fairly right Neon - I didna go yun far intae da booking bit! In answer tae dy question - I have no idea!!
  9. Joost been on da mareel.org website and didna see any mention o an 'earlybird' ticket! (Possibly never noticed but I was looking through the different packages)
  10. Fry onions & garlic in butter till soft, add white wine & bring to the boil. Put mussels in a steamer above this and put a lid on the pan and steam till open. Remove steamer and add a little cream if you like (nice with or without the cream), salt & pepper and serve poured over mussels with nice crusty bread to dip in sauce.
  11. The Freefield Centre would easily fit that amount of folk.
  12. I'd lik to think dat da Folk Festival committee think da 'Folk' bit is 'music for da folk' and dat da folk will enjoy. I for wan am glad it's no joost a 'folk' festival. Dat's a brawly specific genre (and no sure if even Shetland Traditional music would come under dat catagory). I doot dey widna fill Clickimin for even 1 night we dat concert! I mind hearin a 'real English folk' band aboot 15 years ago (canna mind exactly when - I'm been going dat lang da years aa merge together!) and it was certainly not my taste. It does lighten my heart dat whit started aff as a moanin thread has been turned aroond to a good een!
  13. Saw a different thing from where I was sitting!! It was the Rangers fans fighting among themselves! Then pc plod came along and telt them aa to calm doon, which they did until they got ootside the Marlex and da same eejits started on wan aidder again!
  14. Now, now bairns let's not turn dis into an Old Firm Bashing thread jambo6 was joost windering whar to watch da Newcastle game!
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