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  1. Thanks Justme, and there was me thinking I was late getting the info out into the public domain!!
  2. Peter at the Brae Garage is good, he can sort alarms etc
  3. I recently had the most amusing phone call, a guy from Microsoft telling me that my computer was at serious security risk and that he needed to help me save my computer, so I went along with him to see what he was going to do then once I knew it was a scam I handed the phone to my 4 year old son who spoke for a while until he got bored and did not want to talk to the guy any more because he was talking French! (he was from India) then I told him that he was trying to scam me and that he was not to phone me again and hung up the phone. He phoned back and started calling me some very very nasty names and was telling me that I should do nasty things to my wife and children. So I told him that he clearly did not work for Microsoft as he would not be allowed to talk like that to a customer, then he started being racist to me calling me a British ******* so I told him I was contacting the police and trading standards and hung up!
  4. Both unleaded and diesel have gone up 1p south!
  5. So the fuel prices in Shetland seem to have dropped over the last couple of days, a few days ago when I last checked the difference between Shetland prices and Aberdeen prices there was a 17p difference in Diesel and 18p in Unleaded, and as of today the prices are: Unleaded at Leasks is 140.9 and at Morrisons in Aberdeen it is 130.9 which is now a 10p difference and Diesel at Leasks is 147.9 and at Asda Bridge of Dee in Aberdeen it is 138.7 which is now a 9.2p difference What do you think is the cause for this reduction? Is it the impending investigation into the high price? Is it the 5p reduction in duty being applied early as a couple of outlets did? Is our fuel price now fair? Will it stay this difference for long or will it slowely creep up o 18p again within a short space of time?
  6. I have stopped going that way because of the mess and debris on the road.
  7. We have qualified for a new heating system for our house through the Scottish Government's Energy Saving Trust. We had Dalex Systems along our house today sizing up the job. I am a bit worried about the standard of work because of some of the things he was saying today. Has anyone had any experience of this company?
  8. If I was stuck on a bus with a cat or dog I would suffer for hours afterwards, as I am alergic to them, so I would be quite happy if no pets were allowed on public transport!
  9. Rachel was fantastic too, hope she comes back soon!
  10. Wot you gonna get a nose bleed from being so far away from town or something?!!!
  11. I have tried to use it on the way to Yell the other day, just to see how it worked. And all I got was a box up asking for a password If you leave the password blank it should work.
  12. Wow, that SICGUEST free WiFi at ferry terminals is fantastic, wasn't it very nice of the management of the SIC Ferries to provide it for the public?
  13. There isnt a person who drives at high speeds on the main road north every morning and night, and that person does not drive a silver car!
  14. The one that passed me this morning and most mornings certainly shifts!
  15. Ah this is the blink and you miss him guy!! If you see him in your rear view mirror you will not see him for long. Vrooooooom!!!!!!!!
  16. Have a look at this video: http://www.shetland.gov.uk/ferries/news.asp
  17. The journey from Ulsta to Vidlin should take about 40-45 mins.
  18. Don't listen to jane_dsuza (above) IT IS A SCAM and this person is obviously part of it. BE VERY VERY CAREFUL WHEN GIVING CREDIT CARD DETAILS OVER THE PHONE AND INTERNET. Don't be pressured.
  19. Sorry Shoogler but you are talking rubbish, fuel up here is priced day by day, there is no lag. And duty is effective at the same time for everywhere.
  20. What I find really helps is pictures!!
  21. Yep it can all be done here. Speak to Steve Henry at Shetland Motorbike Training on 01595 695354 or mobile 07768 654459, he will be able to sort you out. Not sure on prices as I passed my test years ago.
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