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  1. Ian Blackford's expenses seem to be similar to Aliatair Carmichael's, which is not surprising as they represent some of the most remote constituencies in the UK..https://www.theipsa.org.uk/mp-staffing-business-costs/your-mp/ian-blackford/4390 https://www.theipsa.org.uk/mp-staffing-business-costs/your-mp/alistair-carmichael/1442
  2. The Co-op was the only shop in Brae before it was expanded. In my opinion if the Co-op want to open a new branch in the Central Mainland they should do it in Tingwall. There is no shop there and it is expanding faster than Scalloway at the moment.
  3. Rearo are still going strong. I had cause to phone them a few months back to see if they would accept back a gas cylinder I had got from them 25 years ago. They said the only way to get rid of old gas cylinder was to return them to their depot as the SIC won't accept them at the dump.
  4. The output from a diesel generating station can be regulated to a certain extent to cope with demand. They can boost output immediately when demand surges. The classic example I saw was when tv soaps finish at 8 pm every evening the demand for power surges as people switch on the kettle to make a cup of tea for 8 o'clocks. By contrast wind generator output fluctuates wildly. I read a while ago that car charging systems are regulated by software that responds to those fluctuations and smooths the output for the other electricity users.
  5. The Orkney one seems to be a private experimental network rather than one of the main phone carriers. I think there is something similar planned for the windfarm.
  6. The Shetland Visitor site allows you to search for accomodation that welcomes pets. https://www.shetlandvisitor.com/search?name=&accommodation-type=&area=&star-rating=&sleeps=0&internet-access=&pets=Yes&disabled-access=&smoking=
  7. Some carriers have 5g in Aberdeen which seems to be as far as it's got.
  8. I've had a look at the various Viking Energy bodies (LLPs, Ltd companies) on Companies House and it seems the SCT had put in a fixed sum and won't be putting in any more. I've not yet seen if anything comparable for SSE is available. I'll leave it to a time when I'm a bit more awake.
  9. Not any more. They still have a stake but it's a small one as they didn't want to risk putting up money for the construction.
  10. Shetland For Words promote John Graham's wan, an it's widely available in bookshops. I most admit I wiz forgooten aboot James Stout Angus until du browt my post forward.
  11. Dat's da wye da world is movin. Nae mair experts!
  12. Yes that works but it is slightly longwinded and not obvious to a new user.
  13. Can you reinstate the new content button please.
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