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  1. Shetland For Words promote John Graham's wan, an it's widely available in bookshops. I most admit I wiz forgooten aboot James Stout Angus until du browt my post forward.
  2. Dat's da wye da world is movin. Nae mair experts!
  3. Yes that works but it is slightly longwinded and not obvious to a new user.
  4. Can you reinstate the new content button please.
  5. If you go the SIC planning applications page you will find links to over 500 documents relating to the spaceport including the environmental impact study.
  6. From that article SNP MP Drew Hendry said “The fact is that the authors themselves stressed that their analysis covered only the impact of trading costs but excluded post-independence economic or fiscal issues and other important factors - including taxes, inward investment or migration. It bases its findings on an independent Scotland not using our powers to change a single policy – or that we would accept the damage caused by the Tories' hard Brexit – and that we would sit on our hands and act as though nothing has changed. “As an independent member of the EU, free fro
  7. Opinion polls in recent months have shown a consistent majority for independence following the SNP's decisive approach to tackling the coronavirus epidemic, as opposed to Boris's dithering. Nicola Sturgeon's approval ratings have been streets ahead of Boris's as well. 62% of Scottish voters voted to remain in the EU and we were told in the 2014 referendum that if Scotland wanted to remain in the EU we shoiuld vote to remain in the UK union. Those seem to me to be grounds to have another referendum on independence.
  8. Is this because most of the chocolate is consumed in the UK and import red tape means it is far simpler to make it here.
  9. The flaw in his arguement is that using fishing boats proved very dangerous. 44 men and many refugees were lost during the period of fishing boat operations. In October 1943 three fast modern American submarine chasers were provide for use in operations and over 100 missions were carried out without the loss of a single life.
  10. Norway is so closely aligned to the EU that it is practically a member without any MEPs.
  11. I believe the EU already had trade deals with some of the CPPTP countries.
  12. Ted Cruz tweeted: “By rejoining the Paris Climate Agreement, President Biden indicates he’s more interested in the views of the citizens of Paris than in the jobs of the citizens of Pittsburgh. This agreement will do little to affect the climate and will harm the livelihoods of Americans.” https://www.independent.co.uk/environment/climate-change/aoc-ted-cruz-biden-paris-climate-agreement-b1790701.html
  13. The gas plant wasn't touted as a green project, Viking is.
  14. I suspect a lot of people thought we would get rid of those Brussels bureaucrats and foreign fishing boats but everything else would carry on as before.
  15. Shetland Isle Toy & Model Soldiers Co was based at the Toll Clock centre a lot of years ago. The owner was married to a local but they parted company and he moved south.
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