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  1. Putting temporary signs on a lampost for an upcoming elelction is not illegal unless a council specifiacllay bans it. Many Scottish councils have banned them.
  2. I've had the same problem. The site works fine some days then I get the same error message.
  3. Scotland voted overwhelmingly to remain in the EU. Remain Leave 1,661,191 1,018,322 https://www.electoralcommission.org.uk/who-we-are-and-what-we-do/elections-and-referendums/past-elections-and-referendums/eu-referendum/results-and-turnout-eu-referendum/eu-referendum-results-region-scotland In Shetland Remain Leave 6,907 5,315
  4. I've just had a quick look at Northlink's website and there is no mention of it. However if you look at the Streetview tour at the bottom of this page you will see a gentleman sitting at a desk in front of what looks very much like a scanner to me. This just seems to be for left luggage and luggage put on a trolley rather than carry on bags. https://www.northlinkferries.co.uk/the-journey/aberdeen/
  5. As far as I mind it wiz Anderson's.
  6. We got some good gair fae da Whiteness shop a peerie start ago.
  7. They have an Ollaberry number. It will be a small operator that has other businesses.
  8. It is the B9073. As you head towards Scalloway it is the two lane road that goes off to the left just before the road to Scalloway turns right to the sharp bend at the Scord. As you come south from the Brig o Fitch look left and you will see the shooting range at the other side of the valley and a bit further up the hill on the right of the road you should glimpse some sheds.
  9. They seem to come out of the garage complex on the Black Gaet from time to time. That site is so well landscaped to stop passers by seeing into it you can't tell if there are a lot of vehicles there. The business's address is Wormadale but they don't keep any vehicles there.
  10. I beg to differ. A petition against the Scalloway Coop with about 360 signatures was delivered to Planning and the Community Council formally made an objection. A number of individuals wrote in with objections. As chair of the Scalloway Community Council I addressed the Planning meeting to draw attention to some of the objections. The application would have gone through solely on the recommendation of Planning if there had been no formal objections
  11. This could be him. This person died in Inverness and is the right age. https://bayanne.info/Shetland/getperson.php?personID=I26467&tree=ID1
  12. I've just looked at the online planning application and the Roads Department have made no comment on increased traffic in the area after the shop opens. It's almost as if they just expect the same number of customers to use the shops.
  13. The oil industry brought a lot of money into Shetland which was invested in infrastructure and businesses. But it has had its day as a driver of the world economy. Unfortunately the alternatives are not fully developed. Renewable energy is all very well but it just produces power at the moment when conditions are right. A lot more development needs to go into storage solutions such as batteries or hot water storage for district heating schemes. Oil companies should be making the transitition into these areas instead of trying to defend their ground.
  14. A quick look on Google for Shetland jobs revealed a long list, from CEO of a local charity to relief handypersons, with a bias to social/healthcare. I only found one working from home job but I guess anyone advertising that kind of job wouldn't advertis in a specific geographic area. Conservation of peat is a hot topic here at the moment, as a 103 turbine windfarm is being built on peatland and more are proposed. The windfarm was originally proposed as an investment in the islands to maintain the income steram to the council that would be lost as oil ran down but there is a strong suspicion that any financial gains will not match the environmental damage being incurred.
  15. Shetland's biggest problem at the moment is lack of housing. There are plenty of jobs but few places for incoming workers to stay. The problem has been exacerbated by people selling up south and discovering how far their money can go in Shetland. Since th 1960s Shetland has sailed through every recession more or less unscathed and there is nothing as yet on the horizon that will end that.
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