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  1. This is his family page on the North Isles Family History website. https://www.bayanne.info/Shetland/getperson.php?personID=I64242&tree=ID1
  2. MuckleJoannie


    The only archery I currently know of is at Asta, near the caravan park and the golf club.
  3. There is a Shetland Boxing Club Facebook page but nothing seems to have been posted for 18 months. https://www.facebook.com/ShetlandBoxingClub/
  4. I thought the same but then I wondered if there would be a spare driver available as most of them will be out on tourist buses.
  5. This was a fortnight ago. The steel framework for a shed has gone up. https://imgur.com/gallery/LnUCiOa
  6. This web page says the post office was near the pier. https://wikishire.co.uk/wiki/Papa_Stour
  7. Before the Band were the Band they were the Hawks, backing rocker Ronnie Hawkins. Hawkins had moved to Canada from Arkansas along with his band. The rest of the group left apart from drummer Levon Helm and were replaced by Canadians. The Band drifted away from Hawkins when they got too good for him. Listen to Robertson's lead guitar on this track. He was only 16.
  8. This forum seems to have been taken over totally by spammers. Time to let it finally die?
  9. I took a run right up to the north of Unst today. The frame of a large building has been erected along with a water tank. Work of a less obvious nature was going on as well.
  10. If you scroll up the page you will find a link to a Facebook page that is still active.
  11. I'm going to Unst on Friday so I'll report back if I get the chance to see the site.
  12. I would think after 14 years they would have got the names sorted.
  13. The post you quote is from 2009! Shetland Cricket has a Facebook page but there seems to be very little recent stuff on it. https://www.facebook.com/p/Shetland-Cricket-Association-100065680201848/
  14. I think it was the oil companies who complained about so much of their profit being drained by Shetland.
  15. Shetland Accomodation https://www.facebook.com/groups/284411785003452
  16. The oil industry did indeed pay compensation to Shetland - there is a document called the Disturbance Agreement signed in 1974. This is the document that offered the legendary 2p per tonne of Sullom Voe oil to the Shetland people. The sums received went into the Charitable Trust and have been invested in Shetland infrastructure and industry, plus being paid out in grants to the needy.
  17. You could try Shetland Property Lets. https://www.shetlandpropertylets.com/ Or Arthur & Simpson https://arthurandsimpson.com/ There are also Facebook pages you could try.
  18. Quite often it is a condition for commercial developments that the developer pays for infrastructure improvements, eg a roundabout, which is a benefit for the local population.
  19. The gas plant is almost invisible. About the only place in Shetland you can get a clear view of it is Ollaberry. Those of you who think the windmills are not intrusive have you been to Aith. It feels as if they are right on the edge of the village.
  20. According to a news item on Radio Shetland there was one other local authority not declaring a public holiday for the coronation. I agree with Convenor Andrea Manson's statement on the same programme that it would give the wrong message to pay staff for an extra day off and pay others extra to come in to cover for the ones on holiday when the SIC is cutting services.
  21. Da Harbour Cafe and da Weighbridge are still on the go.
  22. My flippant answer would be that everybody on Whalsay can afford a car.
  23. There is no charge to use the ferries leaving Unst and Yell but you will need to pay again to return.
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