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  1. Ask jimmy chung fe aberdeen!!
  2. Remember seeing on tv, a village in the northwest of england where the vikings had settled using the same word..
  3. Yep thats the one im after, i was clicking the link here on shetlink.
  4. How come when i listen to radio shetland online i can only get 6 mins? when i used to be able to listen to the whole prog? also some of the start is missing.
  5. Thanks for the advice, my pc has never worked smooth since zone alarm and avg were installed.
  6. Yes i noticed microsoft blocking thing that zone alarm was ignoring, thats why i was wondering if i need zone alarm at all?
  7. If you are using microsoft for your browser, is the security that comes along with it "antivirus and firewall" sufficent for protection? At the moment i have zone alarm firewall and avg antivirus, both of which is supplied in the windows package so it made me wonder. Help please.
  8. Does anyone know of a book dedicated or related to the lairds of shetland? was needin a bit of info. Heard a story that in those days when any couple were getting married then on the wedding night the laird had his wicked way first. This surely cant be true?
  9. Does the word "Sink" mean Damn? eg (Sink de ta hell) (God sink de) ???
  10. For the sake of your eyes dont buy cheap sunglasses. if they dont filter out the harmful rays properly and you are not squinting due to wearing them it can worse than not wearing a set. or so ive been told.
  11. Can anyone tell me what the dominant star about 30 degrees in a southerly shape at 21:00 hrs? i was thinking it was venus but im no sure.
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