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  1. Hi, I have numerous calls and emails about PPI from various different companies, most of them have been blocked now.....However I was wondering if anyone had actually used any of these companies or knows of a reputable one that I could use that won't rip me off. Many thanks in advance.
  2. can someone help by translating the following quotes in to Shetland Dialect please, it's for a christmas project, Many thanks A baby is a blessing a gift from Heaven above A precious little angel to cherish and to love. Cuddles, kisses, snuggles and love That is what baby girls are made of. A wee bit of heaven drifted down from above A handful of happiness.....a heart full of love. Many thanks to those who can help.
  3. Thanks for that, I will be keeping he camera handy as it sounds like its on the hill at the back of our house, might catch a glimpse Thanks again
  4. Are there Cuckoo's in Shetland? On and off in the Voe area of Shetland over the past 2 weeks my husband and I have heard what sounds like a Cuckoo, we just wondered if their were any up here. Thanks
  5. I didn't hear anything on the news, what's happened?
  6. Da 3 bairns me and the hubby guid to Mareel for the first time last night.........i had a brilliant night, staff wir really pleasant and friendly. place was fantastic, my 7 yr old said to me "mummy it feels like im on my holidays".......as far as im concerned its great it will be a regular treat for wir family........brilliant thankyou for a night where all my boys guid hame wee a smeeg and left over pop corn thanyou x
  7. What a breath of fresh air it is to see some positive feedback for a change on shetlink.
  8. sunnyday3

    Womens Rugby?

    I would so be up for that, love a good game of rugby
  9. hi, I missed the saturday and the first Thursday and I wondered if it was still okay to come along next thursday, I am really keen to join thanks
  10. The Brae Doctors side is but the Brae Dentist is NHS
  11. Does anyone know whats on for Brae Hop night?? any bands/disco on? cheers
  12. I was asked to go to the GBH by my doctor last week. When I got there I was treated so nicely by the staff at the reception desk, the nurses and the doctor that treated me, In the years I have used the NHS in Shetland from having my babies in maternity to taking them to A&E for bumps and bruises, attending the dentist and my GP, i have never been judged, frowned on or ever felt I was waisting their time. From reception staff, nurses, doctors, cleaners and all others in NHS service I praise you. Thankyou
  13. Absoutley brilliant, looking forward to seeing many more acts coming to shetland, just hope the negativity wont stop you bringing them up. keep it up.
  14. Not an excuse, dumping it where ever you please for kids to hurt themselves on ect, its disgusting there are skips placed everywhere, one in lower Voe just a few miles from the place it was dumped, one also in Brae and stuff was dumped at Mavis Grind, if you cant move it phone the council and ask for help. I know EXACTLY!!!!! the cost of fuel, not stopping my husband from taking old stuff from our house this week to the dump. Disgusting behaviour!!!!!!
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