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  1. This is a very interesting story, questioning the Science and methodology of measuring Carbon and other Greenhouse Gases. Not very encouraging. From Radio 4 no less. Oh, dear. http://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/b0901fqy http://www.bbc.com/news/science-environment-40669449
  2. They have a chance to get this right. Or totally lose control of it!
  3. Another SIC marine fiasco, not the first involving boats is it? And once again it demonstrates all the traits of a typical Government contracting disaster. The contracting process is so so fraught with irrelevant rules and even more irrelevant stakeholders, that by the time the committee completes its designated task, it has been over-run with people who couldn't tell one of a boat from the other. And then they wonder why the whole thing fails? Because they are a bunch of stupid fools, following stupid rules, led by stupid people. I wonder if anyone involved the crews that operate them to pa
  4. Gaelic has as much relevance in the modern world as Klingon. Hold on, there's probably more Klingon speakers in the World. Hey, who care about the cost - it's just Government money that appears magically from space, or somewhere.
  5. I understand the Lidl on Forvik has got all flavours of Pringles on sale for 50% off. Also a massive stock of Christmas sprouts.
  6. So this is the latest agenda of the Scottish Government? The SIC is closing schools and slashing it's budget in order to stay afloat and now they are going to have to make tuition in Gaelic available? My child would like to be taught French, Mathematics, Chemistry or PE in Gaelic please? Interestingly, they would have to be taught Gaelic in English, because they don't know how to speak it. What a load of utter ballcocks! Bring back music lessons - the international language.
  7. Oh dear. http://www.climatedepot.com/2015/11/29/skeptical-climate-documentary-set-to-rock-un-climate-summit-film-to-have-red-carpet-premiere-in-paris/ Don't you just hate it when the consensual scientists become non-consensual. Politically (and financially) motivated scientists, fuelling the needs of politicians. There is a lot of practical sense in trying to reduce emissions and protect the environment. There is also a lot of completely valueless rhetoric and political investment behind the current attempts to make a difference. India is dramatically increasing its coal fired electric g
  8. Shetland is one of those places that you either love or hate when you first move there - it rarely changes from that first impression. If you like it, it will only get better, the longer you stay. You'll get to know amazing people, see amazing things and get more and more embedded into the community the longr you stay. Welcome to Shetland and enjoy your time here - there's a very good chance that you may never leave...
  9. Agreed. Just like education cuts, etc, etc.
  10. If this process of condemned structures rising from the dead is for real, we could be quids in! We won't need to do all the restoration work on the Town Hall (bet's that a consultant wrote that plan?). The great thing about Government is there is NO accountability. It is unlikely you could round up any of the culprits (councillors or employees) involved in the last move, nor penalise o hold them responsible in any way. It's just Government money anyway, and there's always lots more where that came from, just ask anyone (anyone even remember the Norrona, Bressay Bridge, AHS 1,2 and 3, sacked
  11. north

    Parkgate Pizzas

    http://www.shetland.gov.uk/planning/documents/ShetlandLocalDevelopmentPlanAdopted26_09_2014.pdf Whilst I don't disagree with the necessity to have an overall plan for development, the document then tries to solve all the World's problems, including Climate change! In fact I would even go so far as saying it is actually a very comprehensive and well constructed document. Considering that people from all over Shetland already drive into Lerwick to get a Curry, Chinese, Fish and Chips or simply a pint, what is wrong with any restaurant being located wherever it's owners feel they want to locate
  12. It is almost unimaginable that this travesty is continuing in this manner, but is perhaps completely understandable when the foundation of the Governance is considered. What a colossal continuing rooster up!
  13. Err, they both have a "W" in their name?
  14. The proposed separation of Scotland from England, displays many of the features of any of the former British Colonies as they departed from the Empire, when it was happening 50 or more years ago. Essentially wealthy, resource rich, organized, educated, well governed and policed countries with a developed infrastructure and infinite possibilities for the future where handed over to their indigenous and democratically elected Governments with huge hopes for the future and goodwill from all sides. These new Governments were filled with idealists, leaders, the educated and uneducated and many
  15. If I were a Coo, I'd hope to be eaten in September!
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