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  1. This is a very interesting story, questioning the Science and methodology of measuring Carbon and other Greenhouse Gases. Not very encouraging. From Radio 4 no less. Oh, dear. http://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/b0901fqy http://www.bbc.com/news/science-environment-40669449
  2. They have a chance to get this right. Or totally lose control of it!
  3. Another SIC marine fiasco, not the first involving boats is it? And once again it demonstrates all the traits of a typical Government contracting disaster. The contracting process is so so fraught with irrelevant rules and even more irrelevant stakeholders, that by the time the committee completes its designated task, it has been over-run with people who couldn't tell one of a boat from the other. And then they wonder why the whole thing fails? Because they are a bunch of stupid fools, following stupid rules, led by stupid people. I wonder if anyone involved the crews that operate them to participate in the process? I am wholly reminded of this song written by Gibbie fae Sudderland. When I was a lad I served a term As office boy to an Attorney's firm. I cleaned the windows and I swept the floor, And I polished up the handle of the big front door. Chorus. He polished up the handle of the big front door. I polished up that handle so carefullee That now I am the Ruler of the SIC's Navee! Chorus. He polished up that handle so carefullee, That now he is the ruler of the SIC's Navee! As office boy I made such a mark That they gave me the post of a junior clerk. I served the writs with a smile so bland, And I copied all the letters in a big round hand. Chorus. He copied all the letters in a big round hand. I copied all the letters in a hand so free, That now I am the Ruler of the Queen's Navee! Chorus. He copied all the letters in a hand so free, That now he is the Ruler of the Queen's Navee! In serving writs I made such a name That an articled clerk I soon became; I wore clean collars and a brand-new suit For the pass examination at the Institute. Chorus. For the pass examination at the Institute. That pass examination did so well for me, That now I am the Ruler of the SIC's Navee! Chorus. That pass examination did so well for he, That now he is the Ruler of the SIC's Navee! Of legal knowledge I acquired such a grip That they took me into the partnership. And that junior partnership, I ween, Was the only ship that I ever had seen. Chorus. Was the only ship that he ever had seen. But that kind of ship so suited me, That now I am the ruler of the SIC's Navee! Chorus. But that kind of ship so suited he, That now he is the ruler of the SIC's Navee! I grew so rich that I was sent By a pocket borough into Parliament. I always voted at my party's call, And I never thought of thinking for myself at all. Chorus. He never thought of thinking for himself at all. I thought so little, they rewarded me By making me the Ruler of the SIC's Navee! Chorus. He thought so little, they rewarded he By making him the Ruler of the SIC's Navee Now landsmen all, whoever you may be, If you want to rise to the top of the tree, If your soul isn't fettered to an office stool, Be careful to be guided by this golden rule. Chorus. Be careful to be guided by this golden rule. Stick close to your desks and never go to sea, And you all may be rulers of the SIC's Navee! Chorus. Stick close to your desks and never go to sea, And you all may be rulers of the SIC's Navee!
  4. Gaelic has as much relevance in the modern world as Klingon. Hold on, there's probably more Klingon speakers in the World. Hey, who care about the cost - it's just Government money that appears magically from space, or somewhere.
  5. I understand the Lidl on Forvik has got all flavours of Pringles on sale for 50% off. Also a massive stock of Christmas sprouts.
  6. So this is the latest agenda of the Scottish Government? The SIC is closing schools and slashing it's budget in order to stay afloat and now they are going to have to make tuition in Gaelic available? My child would like to be taught French, Mathematics, Chemistry or PE in Gaelic please? Interestingly, they would have to be taught Gaelic in English, because they don't know how to speak it. What a load of utter ballcocks! Bring back music lessons - the international language.
  7. Oh dear. http://www.climatedepot.com/2015/11/29/skeptical-climate-documentary-set-to-rock-un-climate-summit-film-to-have-red-carpet-premiere-in-paris/ Don't you just hate it when the consensual scientists become non-consensual. Politically (and financially) motivated scientists, fuelling the needs of politicians. There is a lot of practical sense in trying to reduce emissions and protect the environment. There is also a lot of completely valueless rhetoric and political investment behind the current attempts to make a difference. India is dramatically increasing its coal fired electric generating capacity, and if you've ever been to China, well what can you say? Indonesia is burning itself up, and has had a direct and very local impact on its neighbours for decades now. Without bringing everyone to action, you are simply pi55ing in the wind! With subjective and politically motivated "scientific" analysis and facts being delivered and adjusted to meet the agenda, there will never be a credible advancement toward a measurable decline in global emissions, which is a goal I can certainly support without the politics involved. The most interesting local development is all the third world nations who are choking in self generated pollution, and are making no attempt to reduce their own emissions, but are lining up at the door with their hands out looking for cash to mitigate the effects of climate change!
  8. Shetland is one of those places that you either love or hate when you first move there - it rarely changes from that first impression. If you like it, it will only get better, the longer you stay. You'll get to know amazing people, see amazing things and get more and more embedded into the community the longr you stay. Welcome to Shetland and enjoy your time here - there's a very good chance that you may never leave...
  9. Agreed. Just like education cuts, etc, etc.
  10. If this process of condemned structures rising from the dead is for real, we could be quids in! We won't need to do all the restoration work on the Town Hall (bet's that a consultant wrote that plan?). The great thing about Government is there is NO accountability. It is unlikely you could round up any of the culprits (councillors or employees) involved in the last move, nor penalise o hold them responsible in any way. It's just Government money anyway, and there's always lots more where that came from, just ask anyone (anyone even remember the Norrona, Bressay Bridge, AHS 1,2 and 3, sacked Chief Executive and all the other old stuff)? And now we can return to the Library, back where it always should have been all along!
  11. north

    Parkgate Pizzas

    http://www.shetland.gov.uk/planning/documents/ShetlandLocalDevelopmentPlanAdopted26_09_2014.pdf Whilst I don't disagree with the necessity to have an overall plan for development, the document then tries to solve all the World's problems, including Climate change! In fact I would even go so far as saying it is actually a very comprehensive and well constructed document. Considering that people from all over Shetland already drive into Lerwick to get a Curry, Chinese, Fish and Chips or simply a pint, what is wrong with any restaurant being located wherever it's owners feel they want to locate it? The Customers will decide the fate of any business, not Government. It appears pretty obvious to me, that the only solution is going to be to forcibly relocate all the inhabitants of Shetland into "Da Toon" and a large wall will need to be built to contain the occupants - it could even be guarded by armed Vikings, and the enthralled tourists could be sailed in from Aberdeen in Galleys. This will dramatically decrease Climate changing emissions as there will be NO commuting, ensure an excellent centralised education system and ensure that EVERYONE will be able to have full access to the eating establishment of their choice, by push bike or shanks pony. There are thousands of workers living in ships and barges all over the place working on expanding Oil and Gas construction projects, personnel staging through in aircraft and ships for the offshore business, tourists coming in from all over the World to experience all the fabulous things Shetland has to offer, going to remote places like Hermaness and Sumburgh Head (try that in your bus) and we are focused on the literal interpretation of a planning document that although containing fundamentally good policies and intent, throws in little "issues" like Climate Change, sustainability and transportation like this, that make the entire planning process pointless. This is exactly the kind of new business venture that should be supported and the location is irrelevant. People already drive all over Shetland for meals anyway, because each establishment offers a different choice and experience. The reality of this application is that it will succeed, as the full Council will have to rule on the recommendations of the Planning Committee and they will over-ride them just like all of these issues that arise. I can't wait for the Restaurant to open and see what they are going to offer. Good luck.
  12. It is almost unimaginable that this travesty is continuing in this manner, but is perhaps completely understandable when the foundation of the Governance is considered. What a colossal continuing rooster up!
  13. Err, they both have a "W" in their name?
  14. The proposed separation of Scotland from England, displays many of the features of any of the former British Colonies as they departed from the Empire, when it was happening 50 or more years ago. Essentially wealthy, resource rich, organized, educated, well governed and policed countries with a developed infrastructure and infinite possibilities for the future where handed over to their indigenous and democratically elected Governments with huge hopes for the future and goodwill from all sides. These new Governments were filled with idealists, leaders, the educated and uneducated and many experienced professionals who genuinely desired to lead their Nations to independence and prosperity. They promised unlimited wealth, freedom, opportunity and independence from their past. Is that what happened? No. Invariably after the first generations of leaders disappeared (and sometimes before), the Countries slipped into the hands of opportunists and despots, driven by an unrelenting thirst for power, control and benefit for their friends, cohorts, supporters and families. To make this happen, it required the complicity of the military to enforce their strategies and goals, although quite often the military figured out that they actually marshalled the real control, and just took it over themselves, either removing democratic government entirely, or making it subservient to themselves. To these ends, the system engendered making the players not only powerful, but also exceedingly rich. In order to maintain this control; corruption, nepotism and favourtism becomes rife. Poverty blossoms, as the wealth that should be used to benefit and grow the Nation, is syphoned off to benefit the priviliged few. Education falters, as a strategy to ensure that an uneducated population will not rise to take over Government, but become more reliant on it to resolve their issues and dependent upon it for jobs and welfare. The Military lack funding to maintain capability to defend the Nation (don't worry, someone will step in for free and protect us), but more importantly lack the capability to overthrow the Government. There is a significant risk of nepotism in the selection and training of future generations of Officers, as this is also a direct entry into senior Political, Government or Business opportunities. Police forces and other Government agencies become underfunded, leaving corruption and bribery as a daily matter of course in order to get anything done. Medical resources slide as exisitng infrastructure becomes static and obscolete, diseases that were previously managed and controlled, again become endemic. Food production declines, nutrition rates falter - countries that previously had efficient management and production of food and crops, including exports, see them fail and they become dependent upon imported produce. These changes often terminally affect the business environment, and political disagreements may leave Nations without their traditional markets and suppliers, opening them to external influence by other foreign Governments, some of whom may not have altruistic motives. Try attempting to build a business market with no trading partners - one of the driving reasons for so many trade agreements today, and the reason for their priority. Many of the core businesses and services are also owned by the Government, and may either be maintained and run for their benefit, or spun off into the welcomong arms of their supporters and associates. Sliding GDP and GNP, with resultant losses in financial credibilty, creating havoc for local currencies that will depend upon artifical means to maintain values, potentially driving a currency black market and further devaluation. With the declining tax revenues from a shrinking economy, tax rates must increase, which invariably results in significantly greater tax avoidance, and an exodus of legitimate business interests. Plus, if the majority of your population are in poverty and paid low wages in cash - there is often no means to tax them at source anyway. Then you get to banking - so many issues beyond the creation and continued role of a Central Bank and a domestic currency, but also attracting commercial banks that have the assets, resources and connections to fund the needs of a Nation, whether in business or for the general population. Credibility in the world of commerce, is the key to any viable economy, just take a look at what happened to those who failed. The advantages that so many of these newly formed Nations had, was that due to their geographical location and isolation, they had already developed indigenous, independent, capabilities for Governmment, Medicine, Law, Police, Military, Banking, etc. that were staffed by local citizens who were already in place, fully trained and just assumed control of an already functioning system. This is in no way a finite list of the hurdles to Independence, and in no way am I suggesting that what has happened in the past is a portent of the future of Scotland. But it would be a fool that hasn't balanced any view with reality and historical perspective. And do you know where the most corrupt occurrences took place? Anywhere where there is Oil; they promised the World on the back of controlling and harnessing an unlimited free resource!
  15. If I were a Coo, I'd hope to be eaten in September!
  16. Wow, that is a pretty eye opening story. Not only grossly overpaid, but with their own little tax scheme to boot! Amazing how Politicians have no issue with providing themselves with great benefits and deals, then spend all their time critiicisng bloated salaries and benefits in the real world, where all the taxes are generated that fund their lifestyles, workfree employment and huge pensions. What a joke...
  17. I think if the entire ferry fleet sailed with alll the Jarls squads from the last 10 years, that surely they could overthrow the Government and security forces of Forvik? I think this is a very viable solution and should be considered forthwith. Someone should be painting the Proclamation immediately...
  18. Probably the simplest solution would be for Shetland to join the Nation of Forvik. A kind of reverse take-over utilizing the Statehood that already exists with one of our closest neighbours. Maybe we could elect a King or something.
  19. For all the politically correct anti-gun, anti armed citizenry advocates out there - just think about what has happened in Crimea and the Ukraine in the last couple of weeks. The armed Government started shooting unarmed protesters, observing their right to protest against the same corrupt and unjust Government. No fighting back, just lay down and give up. A couple of weeks later, they are all Russians! No intervention from anyone in the West, just a bunch of Western politicians flapping their jaws, with NO teeth. Russia will see no impact from this action, no meaningful sanctions, no economic issues that can't be dealt with, no internal dissent from within the country - nothing. This action will also inspire other dictators and megalomaniacs, who will determine that if they are sided with the Russians, then no-one in the West will dare to intercede. This is not an anti-Russian, anti-Communist (are the Russians even Communist any more?) commentary - it is the real, live World we live in today, and the shameful lack of response from the West, or the United Nations, toward the annexation and take-over of one Nation, by another. It could never happen to us - could it?
  20. That'll be a cost effective repair, then?
  21. Get ready for some fancy SNP Scottish Government action on this topic. You will get to see them in all their glory as they grab back all the money they committed when they were in Shetland, feeling good and trying to convince the voters that they aren't a bunch of central belt, city dwelling, eejits... Fortunately this isn't simply an SIC screw up, as they would have just buried the issue, and taken some money out of the reserve to pay for it. There will be at least as much money spent on remedying this situation, as the original project budget!
  22. This SNP led drivel should be a firm wake up call for everyone regarding the future of an independent Scotland. The ruling Scottish elite, living the high life in their exclusive Edinburgh, taxpayer funded, city lifestyle, dreaming up half arsed legislation to make them look important and feel valuable. Scotland is potentially headed on a path to disaster, with this bunch of moronic clowns leading the charge. What a total waste of time. Better efforts would involve curbing violent assualts with fists, boots and heads by drunken idiots - maybe they should start by licencing or restricting those first? A far greater risk, and the statistics will fully back it up!
  23. From the title of this topic, I assumed it was specifically about women with hoovers!
  24. I was refused admission to the Legion by one of the clique that ran the place in the 1980's. I have never been been inside the place, never been back and never would - obviously not really my scene...
  25. I recall a very stern lecture in school many years ago, warning us against certain abhorrent behaviour, or we would turn out like Baby Face Nelson! The activity in question was buying Shandy at the local shop and pouring out the lemonade and guzzling down the beer. We were all extremely intrigued as to whether this could actually be done - in fact I still am. I never managed to separate the beer from the lemonade, nor turn out like that famous Bressay gangster who ran riot in Chicago. Or not, as the case may be...
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