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  1. Thank you Ann - I'll be in touch! Muckle Joan - yes there were 4 weaners that some neighbours fattened up between themselves.
  2. I take it daily, have done for many years. I used to to eat Settlers like sweeties before the ACV, now never have a need for them. My goats have ACV added to their water every day and I'm sure it keeps them very healthy and assists with rumen function. I order from Harbro for the goats and buy 5lt Biona Organic with the mother from Amazon for home use, not only do I drink it I make chutneys and pickles with it, it makes great salad dressing too.
  3. Sorry for the delay in replying and thanks for the input - no reply from Peter Hunter we rang constantly for two weeks. Muckle Joannie I live in North Roe and have no knowledge of any pig farm up here )
  4. Anyone know of anyone who keeps pigs? We are looking for a couple of happy fat piglets to rear
  5. Sadly due to an allergy, I am having to find a new home for my 2 boy budgies complete with new cage, toys and food. For the right caring home Sweetpea and Cedric will be without charge.
  6. Thanks for that Rob, the Spinner looks perfect!
  7. My current one wouldn't pull a 16 ft with trailer, but thinking of upgrading later.
  8. Thank you Trooter, would you happen to know how powerful a vehicle I'd need to pull it up the slip?
  9. Wondering if anyone with boating experience could tell me if the Shetland Sheltie comes in different sizes or preferably smaller than 16ft? I'm looking for a small two man boat which would be easier to launch on and off the slipway. Any advice appreciated.
  10. Thank you - yes we rang them and they do have dedicated pens suitable for small livestock - just charge an arm and leg for them!
  11. Has anyone shipped up weaners from sooth on the ferry recently? If so could you give me any info on how it works please? I'm talking to a pig breeder in Aberdeenshire who is willing to put a couple of weaners on the boat but she's asking about crates! Would the animals need a crate or do they get closed up in a pen? Any info gratefully received.
  12. Hello can I add my website and link to shop please? www.thecreativecroft.co.uk Thank you very much
  13. Went for a birthday meal with the family - haven't been before - went on recommendation. Disappointing starter selection, small steaks but the service was attentive and pleasant. Don't think I'll go again, much prefer Monty's and not much price difference. Oh and did I say don't go to the Hillswick Hotel?
  14. Don't go there to eat unless you have several hours to spare. Seems as if the Total contingent take precedence over locals who book in advance. Very disappointing these days - thank goodness the Brae Inn is open again!
  15. I'm looking forward to SS coming. Have used local opticians a couple of years ago and ended with useless prescription glasses!
  16. It does seem as if they're missing a trick doesn't it, but then I know that one of these establishments have been open for previous xmas dinners. Maybe the fact that they're no longer opening is indicative of how few folk actually want to dine out on the big day. This will be the first year that husband and I will be on our own and for the first time I want to go out and have xmas dinner cooked for me.
  17. Aren't Braewick Cafe and St Manus Hotel open for xmas dinner?
  18. Thank you for the help of Mary Isbister as a source and the offer of some eggs, I will get back to you when the weather cheers up!
  19. Hi - does anyone here keep 'Shetland' hens (crested and blue egg layers)? I'd like to purchase 6 to 1 doz for my incubator in a couple of weeks time if anyone can supply
  20. Sorry Amy I agree with previous post, sounds like onion rot - are you growing in the same area? And garlic sliced thinly, put on trays with baking paper and dried slowly in the range for a couple of days till hard and golden have a lovely smokey flavour.
  21. Have had a disastrous breeding season with current cock and hens, need to start again - does anyone have a young utility size cock, willing to pay?
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