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  1. I have used picasso painters in the past , and they were great , quick , good job and not too expensive ....
  2. The didn't spend a grand on a microwave, so you no you didnt read it correctly . But As you state , question answered, growth chance missed , alls well that ends well ...
  3. Well if you phone Neff , who I have just spoken to again , they say GR are still agents , so back to the start *lol* They also have appliance rescue , but give you GR first . I bought a fitted kitchen locally as it happens as I lived in Aberdeen at the time as well ! I am happy with Monkeys explanation , clears things up for me, obviously still some sort of a communication problem with them, Neff and their website but I am sure that will all be sorted in time . For now I am out ....
  4. If people cannot figure out the right light bulb to buy, then best not try to switch on a computer and buy something online, you never know what the postie might turn up with
  5. Thanks Monkey , if that had been explained to me yesterday , instead of gleefully being told I didn't buy it from you so you wont fix it , then perhaps you would not have lost a long term customer . I would suggest as well as changing your website to actually reflect the services you supply, that you do some form of customer service training with your staff . Obviously you are very busy and maybe losing a few customers makes no difference , but there may come a time when you have none left ! Thanks again for the response, Appliance rescue is going to look at it for me , and if it is beyond
  6. Neff also asked me to email them with the details, which I have also done .
  7. Yep , they were very surprised ! They gave me the number for appliance rescue in brae and he is going to look at it . Neff stuff is good , hopefully you will have no issues during the warranty period . When we built the house the only thing not bought locally was the kitchen , main reason being we lived in Aberdeen at the time so it was easier to deal with the kitchen company down there . All the neff stuff coming with it . American fridge / washing machine / tumble drier / boiler etc etc was all bought up here .
  8. Yeah , and the manufacurer advised me to take it their Shetland authorised agent , George Robertson, who refused to look at it , and had a poor attitude . Had they looked at it and advised me it was beyond repair I would have ordered a new one from them . It cost 1k . I would have thought that part of being an authorised agent would include repairing appliances people had bought as part of a fitted kitchen etc . Obviously there would be a labour cost , which would have a % of profit built in. I have bought other items from them in the past , but not this particular one . Certainly not be bu
  9. I have a Neff Microwave / oven combi that came with my fitted kitchen . Microwave stopped working, phoned Neff who advised I take it their Authorised Agent in Shetland, George Robertsons . Disconnected it , got it in the car and took it as advised . When I went into said shop it all went wrong .. When I told the customer service agent behind the counter of my plight I was immediately asked if I bought it from them, No I said , it came with my kitchen . I thought so she said , we only look at things bought from us ! Well your website says you are a neff agent I responded . It also says we onl
  10. I am involved with Jigsaw at work, and as usual a lot of people on shetlink are spouting a lot of **** about something they know nothing about. I have seen jigsaw land on our platform at night, been involved in medivacs when they have been with us in 1/2 hour . I have seen them land an engineer on our heli-pad with a broken down chopper there as well . They are out training & landing on platforms every day, if they cant get it down on Unst then there is something seriously amiss !! Also as rescue choppers the coastguard can call on them anytime . we are not a BP platform, but still h
  11. I am guessing the miserable keyboard warriors from this thread wont be able to pull themselves away from their computers long enough to watch a film, what an embarrassment this thread is, can't believe people would spend this much of the summer arguing about nothing on the internet, and slating something that doesn't affect them .. If you dont like it dont go .. It's not rocket science !! I am looking forward to parking my car somewhere within walking distance, putting one foot in front of another and attending the various events and supporting Shetland arts where I can .. I think this t
  12. Quarff garage is supposed to be good with electrics ..
  13. I bought a hand blander from Geordie Robertsons, it burnt out after a couple of months, it was an expensice one . I had lost the receipt, but took it in to ask what the crack was . They replaced it straight away , with a similar quality one as they had sold out of our model . Perfect service .. Re. The HDMI cable question originally asked . The more expensive cables are better as there are different standards / speeds , but with a technika TV it wouldnt make any difference . We have tried all sorts of cheap TV's at work and none have proven watchable . Goodmans the worst I have seen !
  14. Grant field had a card pump , not sure if they still have it .
  15. Red tape ruins every thing now ! The blue sunbeam was owned by the same guy who had the black one iirc , from spiggie ?
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