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  1. Can you vote for Juncker? Can you vote for Tusk? Can you vote for Shultz? The only questions that matter, as so eloquently put by Tony Benn: 1. What power have you got? 2. Where did you get it from? 3. In whose interests do you exercise it? 4. To whom are you accountable? 5. How can we get rid of you? The last is of paramount importance, and particularly when the EU fails to address this last point so badly - the European Commission, take note.
  2. Lets get a Shetland Poll going , it is apparent there will be a certain amount of Strategic voting as Scottish Nationalist will hope to trigger a second Scottish election. Folk with solid socialist principles will be voting as David Cameron and the Royal Family suggest, strange times indeed...... everybody has their view ....?
  3. The collapse of the E.U. has already begun, all across Europe people are flocking to the anti E.U parties, the most recent and extreme of those being PERGIDA which is worrying. The E.U. leaders brought this on themselves due to the undemocratic nature of the commission and the extravagant Champagne lifestyles they all enjoy.
  4. https://www.superstation95.com/index.php/world/884
  5. My coherent fact Mr Staney Dale is that I spent years dumping hundreds of thousands of pounds worth of good edible fish to live within E.U. law and then had to leave the industry penniless due to that management regime which continues to destroy large quantities of Shetland's food resource to this day. Mr Joannies various establishment tabloid examples fails at this first particular hurdle - Why if Norway , with their excellent infrastructure, high level of social services and control over their vast marine resources, are struggling so with E.U law do they not join ?? Please furnish me with the coherent facts you have accumulated thanks to your superior I.Q. and intellect.
  6. What a LOAD OF CRAP - Muckle Joannie ! Who are you ? Jonathon Will's ? How prosperous is their fisheries compared to the Uk as a whole ? Back up your sweeping statements with real facts why dont you !!
  7. Leave without a doubt , you should attach a poll to the thread Redrobbie.....
  8. This needs a major review . The planning department is not fit for purpose.
  9. Get a grip George , pilot whales are not endangered and they are eating them. You are just being a sensationalist fairy. If you want to get all self righteous about abuse of the planet why not go for something that is having a global impact ? The monoculture of palm oil & the eradication of huge swathes of the planets tropical jungle to grow soya to feed all the cattle which the bulk of the human race over-eats. This faroese tradition is sustainable and they have every right to do so if they wish.
  10. Very interesting George.... Just a thought though......, Mars is not some pristine garden of eden waiting for us to exploit. I think we would have a hard job making it inhabitable first before we then poison it and move on. I have my doubts if any thing like that will be happening in 30 years time !! Anyway , I totally agree with ReesMogg . If yourself and Arabia Terra are correct then it will becurtains for all of us!!
  11. Interesting thoughts on climate change about 5 minutes in.....
  12. http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-europe-32977814 One Norwegian politician stating the UK is better of paying for membership of the E.U. is just typical of the types of story the E.U. sponsored mainstream media is going to bombard us with until the referendum. If it were the case surely Norway would have joined already?? Amazing how 476.5 million euros can just dissapear . That missing money is the tax which comes of the wages of the proletariat ( We the people !)
  13. http://rt.com/shows/keiser-report/263157-episode-max-keiser-764/ any thoughts on this?????
  14. Full Fiscal Autonomy - will mean a multi billion black hole which would require tax rises or increased austerity. See the Scotsman newspaper. etc...... The SNP realise this would make them look as true to their manifesto as the Liberal Democrats in 2010 That is the correct answer to your classically flippant answer suggesting to ask the French ambassador. FroM flippant answers to back peddling , of course you suggested all the unsavoury bigots, racists or other unsavoury types vote solely for UKIP. That has been the on going tactic of the left leaning and pro E.U. mainstream media and latched upon by main stream media drones. No doubt UKIP has support from unsavoury people , call them bigots , fruitcakes or what ever you want but I must argue that it is an ignorant generalisation and the main way, those with no answers to UKIP's valid questions about democracy , self determinations and the cost of government, dodge the question . I am sure the SNP is supported by unsavoury English hating nationalist of limited intelligence and of course a sizeable wing of anti austerity welfare bummage, but it does nothing to further the debate so that is the last time I will make reference to it. In the highly unlikely event of a by-election I will be voting for Carmichael , even though he is pro E.U. I feel he would better respect Orkney and Shetlands democratic wish following the E.U. Referendum. Also as an ex-member of the last Conservative / coalition government he should be better connected than dAnus
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