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  1. Quit stirring Hentilaget. You can't prove it was me. Anyway, ewe still haven't explained why man wi rubber boot is hanging round your farm..
  2. I have indeed been doing some yowe-ga All for ewe Njugle dearest. Any chance of removing the branks so that I can practice some of the more complicated postures?
  3. Hooray! You made the right decision Njugle. I told you she was no good. Always gossiping and stirring trouble. It's not true what she said about your glimmer for her gimmer is it?.... Anyway, can I make dinner for you tomorrow? I've got some fresh hay and a couple of neeps. After that maybe we could go back to your crø and get cosy. X Hentilaget, you can keep your bad advice, you're just jealous. By the way, whats man wi rubber boot been doing up at your farm so much lately?
  4. Njugle, surely you're not going to listen to that foosty fleeced old crang are you? She's always had it in for me and I don't think she really wants you at all, she just wants to mess things up for me. She may me reliable but she must be due to be cast fairly soon and wouldn't you prefer a firmer hoch even if it means a little unpredictability? I suppose maybe not after the way I've treated you . Damn you Hentilaget, I hope you get ticks and the skoor. Don't give up on me Njugle! Not even if I have to share you with Hentilaget. Eventually you'll see I'm yowers.
  5. So theres a chance? And you've been taking care of the twins all this time? I bet you're doing a really good job. I feel so guilty, I've let you all down. Well, stick a brank on me and tether me up(good and tight). Whatever it takes. How about I watch the twins this weekend while you go out and have some fun. By the way.... my fleece is softer and muskier than ever... Xxx
  6. Njugle, Njugle, wherefore art thou Njugle? I should never have left you for flossie the floozie. I can see that now. I've been a stupid yowe.
  7. Hay Njugle, is there still a hope that you could want to share your crø with a foolish moorit yowe? It didn't work out with flossie. Things got so bad that we ended up fighting in the middle of the road while the humans sat there in their cars and looked on in disbelief. She left for the hill and said she'd never return. The twins have grown up and left to live on the west side. They don't keep in touch(have you heard from them?) and I'm just praying they won't be affected by the cull. Winter is closing in and I'm all alone with my memories. It sure would be nice to cosy up next to you and nibble your nuts once more. I'm here if you want me.
  8. Me and my brother had stuff called Popoids. God how can I describe it. It was like stretchy tubes and attachments that you could make all kinds of strange monsters out of. Does anyone know what I'm talking about? Lego has to be the best ever though. Still as popular as ever.
  9. If she had swallowed it she would probably be secretly pleased with herself. I can hardly beleive she did it with her bare hands. She must have had sharp nails. I really hope he deserved it! (I had meatballs for tea two days ago)
  10. You can't beat a dodgy werewolf/vampire film. I had The Howling but was persuaded to put it to the 2nd hand shop. The Company of Wolves is the best though, not getting rid of that one.
  11. 3:55 I think thats the tune to pigeon street.
  12. I love the music to Roobarb and Custard, it's hilarious
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