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  1. Streamline seem to refuse t actually bring onything up tae wir hoose! They obvoiusly duna want t hiv t open da gate and bring it up da hill! They joost leave it at wir neighbours hoose at da bottom o the road, which is a pain in da bloody muckle sphincter when u hiv t drag things up the hill in bad weather kis they canna b ersed t tak it up!
  2. Does onybidy think dat Osla's his gone servearly doon hill recently? Its never been brilliant, but the last time i was in there.. We were asked for our order about a minute after sitting down, then after sending the waitress away we had to wait for a good 20 minutes for service again. They would walk around our table, look at us, see we were looking at them, but no service! There was about 6 of them working... (5 being new young staff) and there was clearly NO communication between them. Our table was dirty and when someone came to clear it, we still had to ask for wir order t b taken!! Now, being a waitress myself, i was getting unbelieveably annoyed.. I didn't want to seem rude and wave them down for an order to be taken, because it annoys me when people do that to me. Once we finally got our order taken, it took them a good 5/10 minutes to bring a lemonade and a hot chocolate.. Which came a few minutes apart from each iddr!!!!! The same with out food.. Tables that came in after us had ordered and been served before us! Food came a good 5 minutes apart from each other! Its not like the quality of food was very good either, the staff also don't seem to understand any alergy orders taken either!! They all need some good training! There is no way, you would have that many young new staff on at once, when they all needed training.. Yeah, it was a saturday, but it wasn't very busy and the amount of staff in there, for such a terrible service... Lets say i wasn't happy!!!
  3. Lol i think everyone saw yun number plate! It did bring up some funny conversations at the good auld Hilsook Hotel though!!
  4. Brainstorming business idea's. What do you aa think o a business that could design the interior of your house? Help you design what you want it to look like, and then create it for you. Would you have any interest? Do you think it would be any success?
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