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  1. Police out stopping and checking cars about the harbour area last night.
  2. George Hunter lives at Brindister is good. 01595 696589.
  3. Putting up signs doesn’t carry much weight here. Sign of desperation. One canvassing candidate got a flea in his ear. So I voted for Bryan as well.
  4. An anidder thing. police say it’s vandalism to destroy political party notices posted on local lampposts. Do you think it is vandalism? Can anybody just stick an advertisement placard or sign on a lamppost? Do you think Bill Posters should be prosecuted.? Or is he innocent.
  5. Da Flea is anti-Sandwick so dat leaves me wi Peeriebryan ta vote fur den.
  6. What I was trying to say, is. We have some control, in as much as we have operating standards and pollution control monitoring, compared to some countries with leaking pipelines and possibly poor working practices.
  7. It appears that Putin has manoeuvred us into leaving the EU. No doubt aided by his oligarchs greasing the palms of the Conservative party. The current clique running the Tory party, and thereby the government, no longer seem to be Unionist, in the way they speak of the smaller nations of the UK. The EU by comparison seem to have woken up to the world situation and are handling the Ukraine crisis well. Perhaps its time we rejoined the EU, and for that reason I will vote for Scottish Independence for the first time when next we get the chance.
  8. One minor difference, Putins method involves killing thousands,if not millions of people.
  9. Putin is worried that western democracy infects his Russia. It’s ok for the wealthy class in Russia to go to the West and enjoy their billions. Ukraine was in danger of becoming a wealthy European nation and that would create discontent among their friends and relations over the border. They’ve already stripped their own Russian populace of wealth, so when they want to splash the cash they come to places like London and keep our (Tory) government in treats, parties and expensive holidays. It looks as if it’s Moldova next. He’s also threatening neutral neighbours like Sweden and Finland. And yes it looks like you either join NATO or start learning Russian.
  10. In view of recent events it strikes me that we (UK and Europe ) should step up our own gas and oil production. It seems a falsehood ceasing our own production to fight climate change, and then buy from despots and dictators. Surely it is better to have our own controlled source, than to support unscrupulous foreign oligarchs. Until the renewables are all built and commissioned the only way reduce oil and gas usage in places like Shetland is to switch off electricity, never mind go electric.
  11. To get out in a squad you also have to be invited, if there is a vacancy. Each squad has a capped number of places (depending on historical numbers) so very difficult for any new members to get in and there's usually a waiting list. Its unlikely there will be any new squads allowed as capacity has been reached, unless a squad pulls out. Therefore anybody wanting to join in, male. female or something else will have difficulty. Our squad is based on the original families that set it up, so father to son etc. So if the committee says females are allowed, its the squads themselves who decide who they want in. So its not really one organisation to deal with but maybe 60+
  12. I think if things do not change then it will continue to be an albatross round the neck of the committee, which will only continue to rot and fester. Legal advice which obviously has been sought?, could well be proven wrong or overturned if it is seen to be discriminatory. Even the law evolves. Surely better to try and keep control under the committee's terms rather than be forced to change at some future date.
  13. There might not be a written constitution? Someone mentioned in the media it is a charitable organisation? I wonder if that’s right. If so they would probably have to submit a constitution.
  14. Perhaps they could get Liz Truss to come and negotiate a deal.
  15. He’s a smiling snake, used to think he was a comic, now he appears to be a vindictive character. Almost Trumpesque. Yet the longer he remains as PM the more damage he does to the tories and has probably done more for Scottish Independence than the SNP.
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