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  1. The Supreme Court can only look at the law and simply say if it’s within the law or outside it. Currently, apparently, the law can only be changed by the UK parliament. I would suggest that this needs amendment as unless the rUK wants rid of Scotland then that can not be achieved. If in fact indyref one had voted overwhelmingly to leave the UK, it did not mean independence automatically and it still would have to be discussed and agreed by the UK parliament. Although I am not sold on Scottish Independence, I agree people have the right to self-determination , and this refusal to allow a referendum is a great rallying call for the independence parties. It is all very divisive, especially as the people’s of the different parts of the UK are so interconnected by business and family.
  2. No need to apologise for Putins actions. The only need for NATO or an EU army is the fear of Russians trying to get the ex Soviet territories to rejoin his union. The EU and UK made the mistake of buying oil and gas from Russia. As well as market forces, probably hoping that by doing so the Russians might pass on some money to their own people, which would in turn enable them to join the capitalist world and buy goods. (Tory Dream)
  3. The council should build a few wind turbines and either sell the power to help local people, or build community wind turbines to serve the public.
  4. I use a MacBook, you can install Firefox or chrome, shouldn’t cause a problem
  5. Yes the similarities between Westminster and Holyrood are great.
  6. Unless for Ian Blackford and his group, I don’t think anyone else is pushing at Westminster for a referendum.
  7. And if, we have a referendum, and if it fails, when will the next one be?
  8. Police out stopping and checking cars about the harbour area last night.
  9. George Hunter lives at Brindister is good. 01595 696589.
  10. Putting up signs doesn’t carry much weight here. Sign of desperation. One canvassing candidate got a flea in his ear. So I voted for Bryan as well.
  11. An anidder thing. police say it’s vandalism to destroy political party notices posted on local lampposts. Do you think it is vandalism? Can anybody just stick an advertisement placard or sign on a lamppost? Do you think Bill Posters should be prosecuted.? Or is he innocent.
  12. Da Flea is anti-Sandwick so dat leaves me wi Peeriebryan ta vote fur den.
  13. What I was trying to say, is. We have some control, in as much as we have operating standards and pollution control monitoring, compared to some countries with leaking pipelines and possibly poor working practices.
  14. It appears that Putin has manoeuvred us into leaving the EU. No doubt aided by his oligarchs greasing the palms of the Conservative party. The current clique running the Tory party, and thereby the government, no longer seem to be Unionist, in the way they speak of the smaller nations of the UK. The EU by comparison seem to have woken up to the world situation and are handling the Ukraine crisis well. Perhaps its time we rejoined the EU, and for that reason I will vote for Scottish Independence for the first time when next we get the chance.
  15. One minor difference, Putins method involves killing thousands,if not millions of people.
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