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  1. Whit, Privacy on Skerries? if you want anonymity go an bide in a big city. I doot the time is running out for the Royal family. Maybe be useful as tour guides at Buck House etc. but should be written out of Government.
  2. Yes Boris has not set a high standard. He is the SNPs biggest asset.
  3. Some folk get on better with the dialect than others. In the eighties I was speaking to a Filipino bar lady who had a perfect Shetland accent. I remarked on it and she said " Da trouble is whan I spik English its idder Shetlan or Glaswegian, so da English fokk dunna seem me. " I was queuing at the ATM a good few years ago, and a couple of East Europeans were chatting away using pidgin Shetland to communicate. I think one was Polish and the other Russian. "Hoo muckle are day payin at da catch eenoo" wan said.
  4. We had the ceiling plastered in one room . Seemed to take weeks to dry and so we had the next room plasterboarded. I.e. overlaid the original ceiling. Slightly more expensive by much much quicker.
  5. I was told by a Dane that their pension was tied to Carlsberg. So drink up and help our pensions!
  6. I have already paid for my state pension over nearly fifty years but if the government have squandered it away..... however I also have company pensions - some of which were also raided by the government
  7. The jury is out as far as I’m concerned. It’s in the interest of both sides to sell their own position. All politicians and lawyers have a lot to gain from winning. The Tory/unionists are being “led” by the rambling cocky Boris and the Nationalists come across to me as cunning and sleekit. Remember they are all politicians and their main instinct is to strengthen their own positions of power and/or wealth. If and when independence arrives any ensuing shambles will be left to ordinary people and business owners to sort out. My biggest concern will be what happens to my pension. I will
  8. In the event of Scottish Independence joining the Euro wouldn’t be all that bad. It will necessitate growth in the Shipping business as we will probably end up importing and exporting directly from Scotland to the EU so a single currency would be advantageous. We will soon trade less with England as the red tape will be prohibitive.
  9. If he asks/accepts (for) a pardon, is that not an admission of guilt.
  10. I am still swaying a bit over the wind-farm myself, however i think any jobs created should be given more priority. I get the impression that the same people who object because of its effect on the natural beauty, putting off tourists, also don't want too many tourists either. especially off cruise ships. And again the antis seem to be mainly people who have moved (retired?) here. Just my opinion of course.
  11. I am not surprised by the problems so far discovered with Brexit. It was inevitable and may well have been a huge mistake. However I'm sure that Boris and the Brexiteers will do well out of it whatever. When Scotland becomes independent, they will need to have a referendum on joining the EU, and I'm not convinced that the majority will go for it. A hard border with England would probably be even worse for companies in the Central Belt.
  12. trying too hard to be intellectual I guess. perhaps educated but lacks basic communication skills
  13. Of course its grim, but hopefully we can continue to trade for goods, as long as our Leaders don't muck it up and as long as the planet's ecosystem can support the effects of transportation. However it would be better if we could grow more of our own fruit and veg, e.g. using greenhouses and polytunnels.
  14. We could be near self sufficient in Shetland if need be. It would take a little work to get market gardening up to scratch. We'd probably need to import wheat flour from England, and modify our diet. Perhaps we'd need to at a little more fish and lamb. But while its cheaper to import from all round the world, we'll continue to do that. My next door crofter neighbour some twenty years ago hardly went to the shop unless for bread.
  15. Rasmie


    Perhaps there is a need for definition of Scottish Citizenship, other than whoever happens to live there at the time. Once independent it would have to be for people holding Scottish citizenship only, to vote. (or EU citizenship when Scotland joins up)
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