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  1. I recently found hundreds of flies coming out of two previously potted Christmas trees i had planted in the garden. slightly different looking from the normal house flies.
  2. Nivver mind wind energy, I’m sure the gas in yun wind wid run da power station.
  3. There are very clever (racist) people on social media drip feeding their bile. Some of it is very convincing. Of course it happens on this platform too with anti-English comments.
  4. Do you think a vote for the Scottish Green Party is simply support for the SNP? Or are they hedging their bets, that they will have more power by supporting the majority party, a little like the Lib Dems and the Tories a few years ago? For my list vote I have yet to select a party/candidate. I lean towards the Greens but am concerned they will put independence before policy.
  5. They have apparently found "globally significant quantities" of Lithium in Cornwall. That should certainly ease some of the concerns, as long as we don't exploit the Cornish! However, I see that our governments seem to be anti-car, and perhaps there will in future, be less need for individuals cars in cities. (which would greatly reduce the need for charging points on streets.) Going to vote Green? I worry that people in retirement might not be able to financially afford to "step-up" to electric cars and thus have mobility decreased. In rural areas it will still be desirable to have
  6. I had THTC storage heaters, and realised they were giving me boosts when I didn't need it. Probably when their other demand was low. And still they were getting cold by 9 o'clock. Also working out the number of units used , found it would have been cheaper on a single rate from a cheaper supplier such as bulb or octopus. I also changed my heating to air to air, and for a while it has saved me up to £100 a month. I never use their estimated readings.
  7. Rasmie


    It makes sense. Sandwick's population has grown considerably and has probably overtaken Scalloway and Brae . Additionally there is Bigton, Levenwick and Da Ness to the South of it and Cunningsburgh just a couple of miles north. I wonder if The Sandwick Baking Company will concentrate on the bakery and Post Office. so it might even benefit from another shop nearby.
  8. ^^the difference is between plugging in at home, and, those prices are for superchargers or rapid chargers. If you have to charge up on the motorway it looks like you'll pay through the nose. Also the governments will have to claw back the tax they lose on Road tax and fuel tax so expect there to be some increased costs in future.
  9. I don't think there will be any choice. It will be drive electric, or get the (electric) bus. The price of diesel and petrol will be forced up so that people can't afford them. Most people will probably end up leasing as the cars are so expensive, and like a mobile phone will just be a monthly bill.
  10. https://www.edfenergy.com/electric-cars/costs heres a quote of 5p a mile from EDF
  11. The normal cost is 14-15 p per kWH, but I see my supplier Scottish Power stating they have reduced prices for charging vehicles overnight at home. My current diesel car costs about £5.85 for 55 miles. about 10.6 p per mile. So the price you are quoting, George, is bad.
  12. cicero said Which is all very well if we comply with the law and our government is benign. However that cannot always be taken as read. It would be nice to have another party to rival the SNP. indy or not.
  13. Do you think English people living in Scotland should be allowed to vote in an Indy ref and what about Scot living outside Scotland? E.g. England.
  14. What does the team think about the new Scottish party, Alba? Already had 2 defectors. Is this going to get us away from a 2 party system? Will it split the SNP vote or will it be right wing enough to attract Scottish Tories?
  15. I’m sure we can rely on Scotgov to protect us.
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