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  1. I will be interested to see what action (if any )is taken agaist ex Jarl "Big ****". Any other member of the public would be brought before a disciplinary meeting and banned from Up Helly Aa and all its other activities for at least 5 years. I fear however, this will probably be swept under the carpet!!!
  2. There's a major difference between people paying cash in hand to mate to fix a door compared to people like David Murray , Barry Ferguson etc, stashing away millions tax free, whilst ordinary people like myself trying to pay my mortgage and raise a family on £24k are in danger of losing their jobs. I praised David Murray for what he did for Rangers before all this rubbish was published. What a fool I was!! Tax Justice Network show that £25 billion is lost annually in tax avoidance and a further £70 billion in tax evasion by large companies and wealthy individuals. An additional £26 billion is going uncollected. Uk Uncut estimates the total annual tax gap at over £120 billion (more than three-quarters of the annual deficit!). Leaked Treasury documents in 2006 estimated the tax gap at between £97 and £150 billion. Uk Uncut argued that employing more staff at HM Revenue & Customs would enable more tax to be collected, more investigations to take place and evasion reduced. Compliance officers in HMRC bring in over £658,000 in revenue per employee. Sadly this is just a pipe dream. Employ good lawyers who will pick loopholes in the system so players earning more per week than the national average can pay no tax. Starbucks, Google, Amazon cheating the system (legally I’m afraid) were recently described as being morally bankrupt and Jimmy Carr who operated a similar scheme to Rangers to protect his £1,000,000 plus salary at least had the decency to stop his actions and apologise for his tax avoidance. The Channel 4 standup is reported to have used a legal tax-avoidance scheme that enables members to pay income tax rates as low as 1%. Do Rangers and their followers have any conscience on this matter? No – they claim victory over us the tax payer, even though they were found guilty on some cases.
  3. Pathetic!! Blinkered and unashamed. Obviously your job is not under threat. As I said I'm alright jack. All football now sickens me, It's corrupt to the core. P.S. Check out the UEFA website. Glasgow Rangers last game was on 13 May 2012 against St. Johnstone. The are indeed DEAD!!
  4. Seems they weren't after all, and it looks like rangerstaxcase website has deleted all but their most recent blog on the matter. Here is one written after the verdict. http://www.dailyrecord.co.uk/sport/football/football-news/after-rangers-biggest-ever-win-1447935 ''Rangers will be clobbered they had said. The verdict will be damning. Rangers will be shown up as cheats, they squealed. It’s clear now who the guilty parties are and Rangers are not among them.'' I have just been told my job is under threat due to public sector cut backs, while Rangers (the team I supported) openly practiced Tax avoidance to the tune of tens of millions. Remember that Frankie and all your other apologists on this legal loophole when your taxes go up to pay for this, the next time and every time you're looking at your payslip at the end of the month or using over stretched public services such as hospitals, schools, the soldiers you claim to support in Afganistan etc. Small businesses left to twist in the wind, no social conscience whatsoever, "I'm all right jack. Players on £30k per week paying no tax. Hang your head in shame the lot of you. I suspect however that you do not have a social conscience on this matter. If I tell my boss not to pay me any wages, just give me a loan and I’ll not pay tax on it, I can imagine what he would say. Incidently, it was decided by the court that Rangers were found guilty on 35 out of 111 cases, that is hardly an out and out victory. Rangers ended up where they deserved.
  5. On the other side of the argument - if we are liquidated and require these teams votes to gain entry to the SPL, any boycott threat will result in Rangers playing in the 3rd Division. Aberdeen only need an average of an extra 600 supporters at games to compensate for the loss of the two Rangers games.
  6. Dratsy - you may think your funny with the so called wind ups, but some of your posts are very offensive and bordering on illeagal.
  7. As a Rangers supporter who is not interested in the bigotry, your posts on here are embarrassing and it's people like you who blacken the name of the club. Please stop your messages of hate as I'm sick of it.
  8. My brother told me about the Hearts support. When he was at Edinburgh University he attended many Hearts and Hibs games. He said the sectarian bile the Hearts supporters sang and shouted was never highlighted or published in the press. I looked up a Hibs supporters website and it seems he was right. As the saying goes Hearts fans - Glass houses and stones.... http://www.hibeesbounce.com/forum/showthread.php?104141-Sectarian-singing
  9. Hearts - Sectarian element to their support. In this video they can be clearly heard singing billy boys, an outlawed and banned song deemed to be sectarian both by uefa and the SFA. Can I also remind them of an attack on the Celtic manager last season. http://uk.youtube.co...h?v=LOM2rx-NU-A Rangers - Sectarian element to their support. Celtic - Sectarian element to their support. When will fans of these clubs realise, they are all as bad as each other, there is no moral highground, you all have a vocal scum element to your support who will embarass you. Celtic fans for singing about the IRA is disgraceful, you are every bit as bad as these Rangers morons singing the famine song and the billy boys.
  10. I hear that the latest song bieng sung at Easter Road by the Hibs fans is "Flats, flats glorious flats, it's down at Tyncastle they live" Poor Hearts! - at least it takes the heat of Rangers for a while.
  11. Ans: I ignored it as irrelevant. Rangers are in court not me. When David Murray said for every £5 Celtic spent on players - they'd spend £10, I didn't think 40% of it would be paid by (us) the tax payer. It's not irrelevant if you're going to take the morale high ground though, is it? Same principle!! Cheers Hey Biglad. I liked the way you pressed my brother on this issue. He may be many things, but break the law? "Kirsty"? - I was hoping to learn something, I don't think he's broken any law in his life. He was bloody evasive though - Bloody goody two shoes!
  12. Over the last few years this website forum was excellent for getting all the results of the local football games, however this year it has not. Would it be possible for someone to keep us informed of results again asap please?
  13. I believe that Nial Bristow informed the association that he was only available to start training about a month before the county. I think this is a consequence of people asking too much of the county manager and hassling him when out socially. What were fridays scores?
  14. I notice you only expressed your "faith" after the game. Anyway it's great to be proved wrong on that comment, hope it's not the only oneI'm wrong about.
  15. As I said, I'm a realist and not biased. Just because Rangers are still in europe doesn't make us the better team. To be fair Celtic were out of europe before they got a chance to gell. I do not hold any hope of progressing tomorrow. All that proves is that we got further than them, but no cigar.
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