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  1. tarotangel


    The whole way through this the communication has been dreadful and quite often we've felt completely in the dark. What did they expect in the OPD block? There is so little space in there you have no choice but to put it in the corridor.
  2. Same problems in Bressa, although fine early this morning (7- but now on a go slow again
  3. This is what I got tonight from speedtest: http://www.speedtest.net/result/2955715298.png Whilst BT are saying that my download speed is 5.33 and upload is 0.35. Not trusting the BT one at all as having problems and I did the test twice on both. Anyone else having this problem on the BT checker?
  4. Thank you for posting all of this, it is appreciated. I've signed the IDS petition, I think it asks him to do it for a year but canna mind. Personally I'd want cameras on him 24/7 if he was doing that and the cooker or washing machine to break someway through it.
  5. I would like to say how helpful Lerwick DIY are. Very good customer service.
  6. Thanks for help. Going to call Vets first and see what they recommend as use a wheelchair, bit tricky steering chair and holding cat carrier. I did see MJ's thread last year but got a bit riled and decided to post when calmed down and then forgot about it. Hopefully will get to bus consultation if I'm able.
  7. Does anyone ken if either the Scalloway or Bixter bus goes near the Vets?
  8. The Co-op Bank has been one I've been thinking of changing to, so I'm fairly happy.
  9. What's folks reactions to this? Also has anyone received a letter from Lloyds TSB about this? I've not so far. On one hand I would've preferred to hear by email/letter from them than read it in the news but on the other hand that's all the letter would have said so possibly waste of paper/time. I am really glad that the staff will be retained. Sorry if it's in wrong bit, wasn't sure if here or Consumer Advice was best place.
  10. I've not seen it yet but if I do will post it on here.
  11. Brilliant night, thoroughly enjoyed it. I've a plan of going to one of his gigs down south and getting him to autograph a raffle ticket or would that send him into a nervous breakdown?
  12. I'm usually right in there with Eurovision but missed it passed couple of years. Next year will make a concerted effort. Anyone go to watch it at the Staney Hill Hall? Think it would've been a good laugh.
  13. The Karamel Sutra one was out a couple of years ago and I was disappointed when they took it off the market but glad to see it back. Yumm doesn't cover it! Not tried any of the other in the range has anyone else?
  14. There is the Bressay Hall, booking can be made contacting 01595 820 389. The only problem with that would be the cost of coming over and transport but worth considering.
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