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  1. My Mam might have served you that tea and toast in the morning she used to work on the boats. Aaah the much loved Brenda....
  2. We still have the bobbly wallpaper apart from my room which is peach. I'll just need to get the paint pot oot
  3. I'm contemplating a custom mod to wir pram for this very reason. I'd also add folk parking in disabled spaces when they're obviously able bodied. You are valid targets as well you lazy inconsiderate mofos I quite agree wi you there. There have been a number of times that I've seen folk park in disabled places and they are able bodied. I can get out and about with my wheelchair and can just aboot get it out of the back in a normal parking space but it's a but of a struggle.
  4. Doing it yourself is a fab idea but we don't have a scrap of white in the house unfortunately. I'll see if Mam and Dad would let me paint a wall white Having moved back up I'm needing lots of photo for ID so I might go to Camera Centre and get it done there. Is it both shops that do it or just the one?
  5. Thankfully not needed for Passports at the moment but will keep that in mind for when I do (two years time). My head is a bit on the small side too. *makes note to be nearer the camera*
  6. Thanks will keep that in mind when we head ower on Tuesday.
  7. Where is the best to get Passport Photos these days? We thought we'd try the een at Tesco but it's not working at the mo. Thanks. (***Mod Edit - Topic moved to consumer advice & resources***)
  8. I saw a TCM Doctor for a while who had moved over to Scotland. I felt although it didn't do much for my ME/CFS & the fainting it did help with the pain symptoms. I went while I had a bad chest infection and he told me to go and see my GP to get anti-biotics. I thought this was good of him he could have chosen not to.
  9. That's fine if you ken your going away holiday etc. but not so fine if you have to book at the last minute to visit hosptial, go to funeral etc and cant' afford the plane. However I do agree booking early is the best thing to do.
  10. I agree wi Fjool about the lids blowing off. We've got one that got blown off even though it was weighted down and have never found it again.
  11. While I do agree with a lot of what you said I think some blame with the housing market has to lie at the consumers door. I used to work as an Office Manager at an Estate Agents in Linlithgow and it seemed to me when it came to houses some folk lost all the common sense they had. Common example: They could just about to afford stay in Linlithgow and that's what they had their heart set on. Mention somewhere that was close but more affordable (and still a nice place to live)- not interested had to be Linlithgow which was fair enough, but they didn't give one thought about what would happen if the economic situation we have now came to light. I'm not sure if it was the same up here but folk weren't thinking long term about the ups and downs of the housing market. The housing market is such that it is never going to keep going up and up it will always go up and down (hopefully not as extreme as this the whole time).
  12. Having friends and family close Being tucked up in bed listening to the wind Sitting up a hill on a summers day listening to music and watching the world go by Getting a hug Having a good laugh
  13. For me it's all the strangers that have helped me when Ive fainted somewhere outside. Before all the whole fainting stuff happened to me, I went to help a lass in Edinburgh who was fitting and no one really came to her aid. I was thinking about doing a Free Hugs Campaign thing in Lerwick one day. Completely Hippy Dippy but I really think a hug can do wonders. http://www.freehugscampaign.org/
  14. Met Magnus Magnusson at Noss Open Day. Paul Young (The actor and fishing guy not the singer) at Scrabster. My brother met Princess Margaret when he was younger and thought she smelled of gin.
  15. Thank you Jeemsie1989, I see what you are getting at now. I do agree that the amount of money will not be able to be afforded very soon. But as pointed out before one or two pupils being added to a school role may not make much difference but when you are getting to 10+ it will do and that will mean having to build extensions and goodness knows how much that will cost and whatever timescale (given the councils track record of such things).
  16. Just it is begining to sound like this child is on his own. Sorry I'm just getting a bit confused. I know lots of folk that were quite happy with being at a smaller school, I was. Managed to interact fine with adults and children. There are lots of way to interact outside of school as well. School isn't always the be all and end all of child interaction.
  17. Can I ask what size of school are you speaking about Jeemsie1989?
  18. Although it was my parents that completed the questionnaire I read it and found it a poor excuse for a questionnaire - I'm surprised Mr Wills didn't have something to say about it considering his campaign for plain English. I'm worried they are just trying to get everything centralised at a time where I think it would be best if things were decentralised. I've friends in Edinburgh (where I used to stay) who are teachers and others that are parents going through the Education system there. They want smaller class number as they feel that their children do not get the same level of education with bigger class numbers. And as someone else pointed out where is the cash going to come from to extend the existing schools? It's amazing how much room just another 7 pupils can take up.
  19. As much as I like chewing gum myself it really does annoy me the amount that ends up on the pavement/street. It's not that hard to put it in a bin rather than the ground. I used to work in Taylors and we always had some job taking it off the floor, never mind the pavement. I'd be very interested to hear what happened with the machine that the SIC has/had got. I'm sure I've seen it in action a couple of years ago but not heard/seen anything about it since.
  20. Hope you get an appointment very, very soon Frances. I would just like Mr TA up in one piece for Christmas.
  21. I usually go 3-3-3-2. I have a few that I try and remember but that's about it.
  22. I've never been to the Cross either been in Bressa or at a party. We had a great New Year last year and got to bed about 8am. If we dinna hae anyone in by about 2/3 we usually go first fiitting wirsels.
  23. Due to moving back and stuff like that we're not "doing" Christmas this year but normal service resumed next year. Last year when we were Sooth we got most of the stuff online with a couple of trips to local shops. I imagine next year will be kind of the same but I'm determined to try and get presents throughout the year rather than starting off in October.
  24. They would have to have something to keep them down. When I lived in West Lothian it was quite often that the bins would be blown over the street. We never had any problems wi folk putting their rubbish in other folks bins at all. Can't say for the whole of West Lothian but I never heard any problems for Linlithgow. Personally I think it might be a bit impractical for up here.
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