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  1. *slaps forehead* should have spotted that, what happens when you're just on quickly lol
  2. Marlin can you help? I canna get the site to work and I've also went in again and put .uk in but to no effect. I'm really interested in this site as I'm setting up my previous business I had sooth here.
  3. If you didna manage to get along to the 'flu fair you can still get the jab if you call up the Health Centre and explain to them that you couldna get.
  4. As I said on the other thread they need to start doing something soon otherwise they are going to lose funding again and another x amount of thousands will be spent on "reports" and the like. Personally I do think that Bressa is thought of as an overspill of Lerwick by some people when the fixed link (in whatever shape it comes in). Before it was said that Bressa would get a bus service that would be in parallell to Scalloway. The way that the paper made it sound was that the bus service would end at the tunnel and folk would need to make their own way from the tunnel to their house. Although will be asking the community council about that to clarify. I did think that they could have run the exhibition a bit longer.
  5. If they're going to do it they need to get their fingers oot and do something soon. I agree that I think the northern isles should be done first as I think that their need is greater than Bressa. I'm just worried that with all this money that they have spent on this report and that report what money will they have for actually building it and will it have to be built cutting corners? I'm quite happy for the ferry service to be kept but if the tunnel is going to happen get something done about it. My main worry is how are they going to go about funding the tunnel. The Bressay ferry gets in money at the moment but if they swap to tunnel where is they money going to come from for it's upkeep? They can't put a toll on it as the precedent has been set by the SNP not to have charges on bridges so that would go for the tunnel as well if folk kicked up a fuss about it. I don't feel that paying a £1 each way would be bad but you can bet a few folk would.
  6. Yeah true that, but it does kind of rankle when this kind of thing happens.
  7. Thank you for the welcome. And I got to say I am far from perfect but I just think you can make life easier for yourself by thinking about those around you as well as yourself. Shetland to me seems built on this idea of others helping each other out. But you have to put in the effort to reap any benifits. I hope the original poster does find a way to get their dream life they want here in Shetland, if they put the work in then it will be a dream come true. I think if more folk did this (Shetlanders included, and I am one) then the whole world would be a far better place to live. [/hippy talk off]
  8. Guess that makes it in the interest of the Scottish government! Reading aa that just made my head spin. Since it's supposed to be a service for the isles, what is the point of locating it all down in Gourock!? I would imagine it would be a cost cutting thing but I agree wi Fjool makes it seem a whole lot less appealing and it would not suprise me if jobs started going at Orkney as well. So much for helping the community.
  9. I've heard o it used wi moaning an crying as weel.
  10. I went to the Maryfield on Saturday and the food was brilliant. I had Grilled Garlic Mussels, Sirloin Steak and Sticky Toffee pudding. Was glad I hadn't really eaten all day. Big portions but absolutely lovely. If I had to pick my favourite out of that it would be the mussels they were superb.
  11. I've not been to Tesco yet. Mam and Dad thought it was OK when it came but they've now prefer the Co-op for most things. I went to the Co-op last week and was very impressed with the refit they done (albeit so far).
  12. I'd love see the price being passed on to us but I doot it will happen. They're always happy to put the price up but never as happy to put the price down.
  13. Anybody had Freeview problems recently? We keep getting No Signal on various TV set (happened to all now) but none at the same time . You need to leave it for a couple of hours and search for the channels again. Cheers folks
  14. Originally I was supposed to be coming up in November but going round the FlyBe site and work out prices was a pain as I'd noticed that they had flucuated. In the end though I came up last week on Northlink the good thing being it's far easier to work out the prices and not have to worry about the amount of luggage you were taking (I took 2 suitcases up wi me)
  15. Woohooo!! Back in Bressa at last Biding wi Mam and Dad just now and hopefully Mr TA will be up at the back of next year all the saving going well. *Runs around place with t shirt around head then thinks maybe not a good idea being female and decides to try and grow up*
  16. Welcome. I'll be moving back on Thurs (well Thurs night boat).
  17. At the moment trying to get through to the Student Loans lot
  18. Wir planning to go down the chalet/log home route but don't think we'll be getting the one fae Argos. Just doing research into at the moment.
  19. We used to go picking Puffballs when we were peerie wi Mam and Dad. I winda noo as I winda ken if it was edible mushroom or a "can only be eaten once" mushroom
  20. Avast me hearties, talk like a pirate again.
  21. Oh dear I did actually ken whit yon meant den . I'm doitin.
  22. I ken a loch o folk dat say "a peerie meenute". (excuse spelling readin am good it writin' am no.)
  23. I mind Mam using Snibbitt a few times but no sure what it meant.
  24. Just looking for recommendations for moving stuff as we're moving home shortly. We live in a one bed furnished flat in Linlithgow so we wouldn't need a full load just a part one. We're moving back to Bressay but no too fussed if canna deliver to Bressay. Thanks in advance.
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