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  1. We give each other cards. But today was never really Valentines Day for me today it was going to see the Cardiologist (who was the most lovely doctor and kens loads about fainting). Mind you there couldn't really be a more appropriate day for going to a Cardiologist really lol. What we're doing tonight is getting a Chinese and watching and cheering on Aberdeen. Not to everyones taste but our idea of romance
  2. tarotangel


    Yeah Khan won. He was fighting against Gairy St Clair who was no walkover (well I thought so) They went all 12 rounds. I think St Clair's game plan was to knacker Khan out and hoping he'd make mistakes in the later rounds. Khan managed it but I thought St Clair was really good. I'm surprised that Khan won becuase he kept dropping his gloves but St Clair didn't use that opportunity.
  3. We haven't bought cheap chickens for a about 3 years now. We're lucky and have a farm shop not too far from us so we get the chickens from their farm and we occasionally have meat. Linlithgow is a pretty good place to live for organic food and the likes and there are farmers markets in Linlithgow, Falkirk and Edinburgh (although I have to say some stalls really like ramping up the price even though another stall sells exactly the same things cheaper). I miss being at home and getting fresh vegetables (and some fruit) out the garden that was great. As for cooking, even though I was the oldest by about 3/4 when I was at uni, I was so shocked by the amount of sharn that the others cooked. I managed to cook on a budget and did most of it from scratch. Doesn't take long at all. I think cooking should become a bigger priority.
  4. Our boat got cancelled and I'm glad it did. We got a 'phone call in the morning and rebooked which was good. My Mam who used to work on the North boats in the '60's said that the boat shouldn't have sailed in those conditions. I think lives must be taken into consideration also I agree with the folk that have said about the compensation culture is very true. There are far too many people that would jump at the chance to get money if something bad happened.
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    Anyone watch the Khan fight last night? Was it me or were the commentaters a peerie bit biased? They kept saying how great Khan was but the amount of times I saw him drop his gloves was unbelievable. I'm more looking forward to the Maccarinelli fight in March
  6. It's a wait and see fae me. I'm no overly convinced that it will be brilliant but I think probably maintain what is just now.
  7. Agree wi you and Auld Rasmie. I'd use both. It's great to see that Loganiar are looking a bit further.
  8. Why do bosses manage to sausage up rota's so badly? I think they do it deliberately at times. We're planning quite a few drams while we're up. The first one is Thursday night to go and watch the Dons. Brother says it will probably be Posers as I'll hae me wheelchair wi me.
  9. Meeee!!!! Sorry I'm getting all excited now. We're on the boat on Tuesday night and apart from deciding where to leave the car in Aberdeen we're all set. I can't wait until I move back home for for good. I'll calm down now. Anyone else heading home?
  10. My thoughts exactly I think it would do well for a few months and then decline in popularity. It's not something I would like to see. We never go near it down here and we have plenty to choose from but I suppose other folk might really like it.
  11. Waheeey another lass like me! I hate it, and that was afore all the fainting stuff happened! I'd rather be on a nice walk somewhere or in the pub watching sport.
  12. I do get terrible homsick even though I've been down here for 8 years now. I'm a complete wuss and cry everytime I leave. Looking forward to the day I come home.
  13. They did do that about 15 years because of the high unemployment rates then but I didn't think that they did that now.
  14. I was all I'll go to the cinema etc when I came down here. Nope not happened in fact I watched more films when I was at home than I do now. I miss being near the sea a lot.
  15. Filska brilliant emails, so many brilliant points. And she canna be bothered reading it! This wife is totally windin me up! Honestly she sends her email address in an expects folk to be alright an calm about it. Whit did she expect when "Shetlanders are hyper sensitive and militant" aboot it. Use dee common sense wife. Good grief min! She is entitled to her opinion but being so bloody minded aboot things is terrible The bit that gets me is "as an English person" to me it's sayin this is what aa English folk think. I dunna think they do it, in fact I ken they dunna, hit joost leads ta anti English feeling and stirs up trouble. I felt after reading it that to her using dialect means that you are a second class citizen and it really made me mad very mad. Who is she to say that. I don't really have a strong accent now. I did after working in a newsagents for a long while but moving sooth changed that especially when I studied Law and did reception jobs and I wish I had my accent back I really do (I suspect it may to the fore when I move back fingers crossed). Sorry it's a bit of a sore point for me.
  16. I think that it is possible and it can be done. I used to work in Accountancy Recruitment and if we did become like Cayman Isles, Jerset etc. we would probably have KPMG, Ernst & Young the big accountancy firms wanting to put offices up which in itself would generate some form of money I think but not 100% sure. As for letting the current council run Shetland no I don't think I would but then how many of them would want to run Shetland as opposed to the council. I'm not sure but if they were voting for that I think that the votes would be cast differently as folk would be thinking in different terms. I'd like to say thanks to Freyr, Dagfinn and Islandhopper as it's brought more great info to me. Thanks guys.
  17. It is a great way to communicate. Maybe we should all meet up one day or would that just spoil the fun?
  18. Yeah. Um I don't know what to say that at all. What did she expect?
  19. Just checked it was the Monday programme so you'll hae to listen quick lol
  20. I think it was either Monday or the Thursday afore.
  21. Any chance we'll still be in Europe when the schools break for Christmas? Maybe thats a little too much foresight, but I've never been so proud to be a Dons fan. "All the way, every night and day, singing a European song" I've been singing that a lot recently not that I've been playing it a lot, no no not at all We're through I think that qualifies as the scariest game I've ever seen! Canna believe it so happy.
  22. Going through the Listen again feature on Radio Scotland was it PeerieBryan I heard going through his songs on Radio Shetland? Great show, enjoyed it throroughly.
  23. I've never met anyone who had a vegetable mandolin. In our flat it has to be the deep fat fryer landlord bought a brand new one afore we moved in but we've never used it at all. I think the most useless thing is things that are over packaged be it food or toys (especially when I was a bairn and coudn't get into the damn things for loads of plastic and stuff). Also can I add wasps?
  24. We're up fae da 18th so hopefully will still be open.
  25. But then are liberal policies not brought about by liberal thinking ? I think I get what you're saying though... To my mind a true liberal thinker wouldn't blindly follow each and every liberal policy - by virtue of looking at the whole picture and balancing things up to come to their own opinion. Shame it doesn't always work like that and the nutters / zealots from both sides latch on to the bad apples from the "opposition" and quote them as gospel. Which brings me on nicely to something ArabiaTerra said: You are not alone. But let's face it - the internet would be a much quieter place without them I agree with what's being said. I would put myself as a liberal thinker as weighing up both sides of the argument and then forming opinions. I hate being wrong but will admit when I am wrong so does the trying not to admit I'm wrong even when I know I am mean that I'm also a bit conservative?
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