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  1. I was 5 at the time but vaguely remember something like that but can't be sure if it was that or not. Will ask Mam when she phone the night.
  2. Fort for me will be heading there when we get there at Christmas
  3. I mind going ta da Excelsior when I underage.
  4. When I was younger I mind seeing a lot o da peerie eens about but I dunna think I've seen een in aboot 15 year.
  5. Mr TA is a Firefighter and there are rules that they have to adhere. As far as I can ascertain they need to use sirens and lights when responding to an emergency. When they are not responding to an emergency they "should" abide by the normal rules.
  6. If there is to a be a new hospital it shouldn't be paid for in any way by the Charitable Trust. I don't really see why Cecil is getting involved in it.
  7. Aaah The Norsemans I had a good few nights in there.
  8. I couldna believe it last night, speechless doesna even cover it. I wasna watching just listening on radio. That was brilliant last night but back doon ta earth wi a bump da day. I think although achievable it's going to be very hard to get all 7 points but would love to see it.
  9. The problem is that there is going to be even more money spent on it afore there is a solution. Even with that tunnel solution you are still going to have to widen the roads.
  10. Can anyone help me persuade my other half that those seats are terrible to sleep in? He thinks they are ok and would sleep on them. How? I would like to ken, I don't think I've heard one good thing about them. I'm thinking o getting a cabin and letting him try it on his own.
  11. The thing is even though you said it jokingly I could quite envisage it being a bit hit. It was a throw away remark but being in the position he is, he should be far more careful about what and how he says things.
  12. Watched it last night. Family Guy is brilliant canna believe that I only started watching it this year!
  13. We have horse poo on the pavements out out way. I have to say if I had a garden I'd be oot wi da shovel and it would be on da roses. I blame my Mam for the way I was brought up lol.
  14. The furthest I've got is 90.381 but it took me two days to get it out the window.
  15. This is addictive you all been warned! http://flightsimx.cyclops.amnesia.com.au/
  16. No been yet but I'll be heading back home at Christmas so was thinking about heading there as it's doon the road. So will be waiting for reviews with bated breath.
  17. I've still got a calculator that I got fae Harry Hays at least 10 year ago still working fine got it for a £1. Mam goes for a nose quite a lot she's got a lot o good things over the years fae there.
  18. ^^^^^ So glad didn't see that after a twatree drams!
  19. Yes it was a terrible day but that had more to do with the property guide deadline than Friday the 13th.
  20. I've never really had that much problems reading dialect becuase we were never taught to write it but we were taught to read it but not taught to write it which I find a bit strange becuase if we were reading it then I think it should be natural to write it but I don't find that. Having said that the more I'm on the forums the more dialect is creeping out as I'm more comfortable in being able to use and not getting "telt aff" for doing so. I find I don't write how I speak I'm more formalised which I find a bit of a shame wish it was slightly the other way. I do text in dialect to family on the mobile.
  21. Wasn't sure where to put this but did anyone see the one show last night. We had the telly on as Mr TA was looking at the Ceefax and then heard that Fetlar were looking for folk to come and bide there? Anyone else see it?
  22. I liked that pity it's no done anymore. I remember the cat used to make a lot of unscheduled appearances in the '90's. Weel the wrongs buttons being pressed used to get blamed on the cat Rana or Rani I think it was. I also remember a coulple of guys for a April fool fun phoning up and saying there were a school of blue whales in the Bressa soond which was duly broadcast and then he got a peerie bit mad about that. The rant about the media when the Braer occured comes to mind.
  23. that's what my Dad was told back in the'70's that he couldn't give blood up here because they needed a special place to store it in the hospital. I thought it might have changed by now.
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